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January 29th, 2005, 08:39 PM
Hi everyone

We all need to be sensitive to the fact that personal attacks are not acceptable here. The moderators have their hands full trying to contain the ruckus that is caused by unncessarily controversial posts and comments.

If you have a personal issue, please take it offline. Please exercise restrain in terms of what you post.

Please also realize that the judgement of the mods (self included) needs to be implicitly trusted and respected. Its not possible to please everyone at the same time. If you have an issue with a moderation decision, or want to bring something to their attention, please send a PM to one of the mods, rather than posting in the forums.

Please don't take things personally too quickly and make petty comments. Fun is fine, but let it not become distasteful or flippant. At the end, what you say reflects on you... So just think before you post.

And please do not ascribe other motivations to the actions of moderators. They have no personal axe to grind or favors to grant. We hope you appreciate the situation.

Warm Regards

February 2nd, 2005, 12:25 PM
i found the view posted by an honourable member sujata ji, very RELEVANT .

I have been on this site with a true identity and never got into any personal attack, Infact it helped me to find some great friends.the thumb rule is Your own respect is in ur very own hands.

please do not take things seriously, life is not flawless and so do is everything here. accept the way people ARE and respect them for their individuality.




With that distinction clear we must bear in mind that within this cohort exist people marked by refinement in taste and manners as well as elements offensive to moral sensibilities and injurious to individual reputation. However, by any stretch of imagination, no one, no single entity should have the right to indiscriminately bar a member, or delete a post. With that understanding it is also incumbent upon the members to post language only acceptable to the big family (attention Sonali). Personal attacks on any one, of any kind should be out of norm for this forum. And since we are talking about decorum there has also been an undercurrent of dissatisfaction among members, who, unable to offer or implement recommendations tend to move on. If I may, I would like to elaborate on a few pointers from a fair and equitable mind.

true we need decorum on the community Chaupal, and I reluctantly a[/B]dmit that I hate Tsunami erů.Sonali's guts for her ignominious expressions quite not palatable to the Jatlanders, but how many of you out there are persons of exceptional holiness in the ranks of Saint Francis or Mother Teresa? One should have witnessed the frenzy the moment avatar Sonali reincarnated with her alluring and enchanting enigma. We have double standards, and as the famous saying goes, we want to eat as well as have the cake, a fact ever so eccentric to the human nature. Why then is it that the decorum in such instances suddenly becomes the holly grail? We know how to pick a lathi or a hoe at the slightest conflict but we have not learned to contain our emotions. Then who the hell are we to even remotely imply ownership of the community or to strip someone of their social rights?

We take charge of morality without any hesitation and demand accountability without any attention to our own drawbacks, and therefore it comes easily to us to label someone as a hypocrite or insensitive, or to slap someone on the wrist. I for one emphatically endorse that freedom of speech doesn't call for indiscriminate use of language such as sometimes used by Sonali but if I am correct, despite her rotten phraseology she makes more sense in principle than some of you. She is downright funny and makes us laugh just as she nauseates us with her sometimes offendish belligerence. And that's the problem with Sonali; she gets misunderstood for her unruly cyber appearance. But she is far bolder than some of you ever will be, with your entire intellectual and educational arsenal. I think you should be willing to see beyond the surface.

a large contingency of brilliant minded youngsters with fair and moderate views? I have observed them to be contributing actively and not get swayed by impulse, or compromise principles. That does not in any way shape or form imply others to be of inferior quality, or being unethical. For once I have concurrence with Mr. Kulkhande about the Sonali fiasco; she is not all that monstrous you have made her seem to be.