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Thread: My Biggest Mistake

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    My Biggest Mistake

    Hello Everybody
    This is Neeraj
    This mail is for those who send their post on some kind of technical help , in the hope that somebody will reply them........
    I am telling my own experience..........
    i posted a thread abt one month back regarding if any IT professional can suggest me any idea abet my MS project.....
    sofar i didn't get any response from anybody though abt 56 people have visited it..........
    i think most of the member of this forum are IT professional i mean at least 60% are there........nobody cares......thats something strange
    I agree tht may be they guys don't have particular topic but they could suggest some idea atleast..........but who cares......
    haan if it would have been any general mail ragarding Ch Bhupender singh hooda did this.........jats are fighting for rights or some other time pass material then definatly i would have got atleast 10 reply.......
    and intresting part come here.............somebdoy asked me to join yahoo'REDDYONLINE' group realted to some reddy community of south india ........i posted the same mail..........and those guys replied me with different ideas........
    this is really shameful..........wht do u guys feel
    after all this wht I am feeling is ,this was my biggest mistake tht I expected something from
    i feel sorry if i got harsh at some point..........but think ur self
    DON'T reply me think urself as i am not asking for any kind of clarification
    With Regards
    Neeraj Malik

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    Dont Feel Hurt Dear

    Neeraj you are right when you feel that you were not heard by people at this site and i am feeling sorry too. May be that people were not able to offer help [those who read your post] as i myself can't advise about IT being clueless about it. But yes you deserved a better deal. I am sure many Jats will come out now and offer their help.Afterall things are not that bad and Jats too are not that bad. Sorry that you got hurt in past. Cheers! It people kindly pour in your advise for Neeraj. Thanx.

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    Dear, Please don't be Angry.

    Hi Dear,
    Please don't be such angry.
    It happened generally if we don't get reply especially in urgency.
    But don't be angry as it happened to me also several time & I don't have any tension in my mind regarding JatLand.
    May be the concerned members be busy in some work.
    May be they r thinking about your MS Project.
    May be u will get +response even.

    As I m from core telecom field(not software), so can't help u the way u want.
    But I can suggest u to make some project on Opticle Fibre Communication System(I did it as running model without any help, u please try some softwre application to it (SDH Framing etc)) if u think it right.
    And in case u don't get any help please do find urself. Try & Try & Try....
    If u make some project by ur own u will be having definite proud & confidence which will be unique.
    I have some friends in Huges & Infosys.
    I can talk to them if u need.
    Best of Luck Dost

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    Neeraj Bhai... cool cool..... it happens many time with every one... so take it easy.... Hope it won't happen next time....
    “Lead me, follow me or get out of my way”

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