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Thread: "Jan Jagriti - An Awakening"

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    Ek Kadam

    Ek kadam tum chalo, ek kadam hum challein
    Mita dallo duriyan, Jat fullein aur fallein

    Hathhon mein hathh daal, Disha ek tye karein
    Saath-2 aage badhhein, saath-2 hum jiyein
    Vatavarn mehk uthhe,hum kissi ko na chhalein
    Mita dalo.................................

    Jagriti aaey nai, Pushpon ki bharmaar ho
    Kuchh aissa kar sakein, na koi lachar ho
    Mashal Navin bhai ki, hazzaron jalti rahein.
    Mita dalo...................................

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    Respected all

    I hereby announce that i will be giving a scholarship of Rs 12000/- per annum to a deserving Jat boy/girl for pursuing higher studies after schooling. The scholarship will be dedicated to my father LATE SH. KRISHAN CHANDER RATHEE As he has done a lot for JATs during his life and still wanted to do a lot before he departed for heaven in December 2002. It will be given from next session onward i.e JULY 2006.

    As to decide as how to give it and to whom, it will be decided by the members of JAT JAGRITI and Naveen Gulia & Shailender bhai sahib will decide the further course of action.

    Views/Suggestions of fellow members are also invited and the same can be sent to the honourary members.


    Rajesh Rathee

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    Thumbs up Too Good!

    Quote Originally Posted by raj2212
    I hereby announce that i will be giving a scholarship of Rs 12000/- per annum to a deserving Jat boy/girl for pursuing higher studies after schooling. The scholarship will be dedicated to my father LATE SH. KRISHAN CHANDER RATHEE
    Rajesh Rathee
    Dear Rajesh,

    It’s a very good decision taken by you and a nice gesture too!

    This money will go a long way in strengthening our younger generation and community as well!

    A few other members also have some similar plans; but I am not allowed to declare their names over here!

    Thanks for your support to “Jat Jagriti”!!

    - Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes, but no plans. -Peter Ferdinand Drucker

    - It is finally time to stop asking yourself so many questions and instead focus on finding the answers!

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    Dear Members

    Its good lots of people are coming forward to do something for our community and if the number grows like this than we can really create the difference , i know this is going to take lots of time and contribution and as indicated by Shailender Bhai we need people to support no matter by Tan, man and dhan. Making a calender for events is a good suggetion and now one more thing we can do is to select some talented kids from our villages who are really good in sports activities and we can sponsor them so that they can do better in future. Shailender Bhai as i asked u b4 also that r u guys going to register the Jat Jagriti or not. If so this will be a platform to get us all together and do something for our community people. Well at this time all looks good and i hope more people will come forward for this work.

    Abhimanyu Phougat

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    Thumbs up wonderful

    Dear Bhai Rajesh, wonderful! great!
    We can find deserving candidate by taking out add in local paper (amar ujala, dainik bhaskar, dainik jagran) asking for students to apply. We an also spread the word by mouth on our village visits and look for candidates ourselves. From the fin al list the team mem bers can select one candidate.
    Deserving candidate (my idea)
    1. economically weak 2. girl/boy - girl child should get priority 3. academic performance (result of 10th/12th)

    Bhai Rajesh- you have to decide
    1. Will you giv e sponsorship to a boy/girl till he/she completes education (which will be some years)
    2. If we chose a candidate every year, than at a time we may have a number of them after a few years.
    Navin Gulia

    "कर्मंयेवाधिकरास्ते = कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते = कर्म करनें में ही अधिकार है तुम्हारा"

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    Quote Originally Posted by devdahiya
    Ek kadam tum chalo, ek kadam hum challein
    Mita dallo duriyan, Jat fullein aur fallein

    Hathhon mein hathh daal, Disha ek tye karein
    Saath-2 aage badhhein, saath-2 hum jiyein
    Vatavarn mehk uthhe,hum kissi ko na chhalein
    Mita dalo.................................

    Jagriti aaey nai, Pushpon ki bharmaar ho
    Kuchh aissa kar sakein, na koi lachar ho
    Mashal Navin bhai ki, hazzaron jalti rahein.
    Mita dalo...................................

    Hope it comes true Dev uncle !

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    There are many factors which deeply affect to a student. These can turn his/her life completely. Some may be :-
    1. Parents
    2. Environment
    3. Teachers
    4. Goal.

    These above factors play a major role in a student’s life. So if we want to improve quality in education then we must need to work on these points by making them favorable to a student.
    1. Parents: Parents play a major role in student’s life. Student’s whole development depends on parents. Parents know his child better than other. They are much aware from his weakness and strengths. Parents can teach him good social values and their importance. I think social values are much essential for a student to do well in his/her life and this can be done in a better way only by his/her parents. Mother can inspire him/her to do something new in life while father can make him aware from his/her duties and responsibilities as a student. A Student can be motivated by his parents in better way than others. In rural areas parents understand their duty off only on admitting their child into school. They hardly talk with him/her about his/her study and progress. Parents in villages never visit in the school to check the development of his child. Yeha tak ki jab bacha school se ata hai to usko ate hi kehte hai beta jaa eh kaam kar wo kaam kar , padhai ke liye nahi kehte hai.. Here I am not saying that a student should not do work in farm but there should be a good time schedule for his/her study and other work and I think only parents can help him/her in this matter. This is why we first need to work on this point. We need to make the parents aware that time has changed completely and to make their child more competitive with rest of the world they will have to change their attitude toward their child. Parents need to involve themselves in the progress/success of his/her child. Parents should try to find out their child’s weakness and can help him/her to come out from his/her weaknesses.
    2. Environment: It is also an important factor which is not student friendly specially in our rural areas. A student can do well where he/she has good friend circle, good opportunity for better education, friendly competition among students, good sports facilities for using spare time. Such type of environment can bring many brilliant minds from our rural areas. students pass their important time by sitting under tree or GATA (choupal)even in school time by doing smoking or sharing nonsense jokes and in other silly things. To change this system we should discuss with the villagers. We need to motivate students.
    Teachers: Less said is better about them. I think in present time they are not doing justice with their job. Education system ki aisi taise kar rakhi hai in mastaro ne to.. bhoot bigadh gaye hai yeh.. sabse pehle to iniko sudharne ki jaroorat hai.. . They have forgotten what is their duty.. They have nothing to do with the interest of students. Inko to sirf mehine ek tarik yaad rehti jab payment milta hai… na to yeh school maie time par ate hai.. and jab ate hai to bi apna time politics gupsap maie pura kar dete hai…hamare samaj ko netawo se jyada khatra to in logo se hai . They force the students to take tuitions. My uncle (who is lecturer in chemistry) earns more money than his salary through tuitions, and if any student doesn’t come for the tuition he may loose practical marks. So to improve quality in education teachers activities must be checked by a system and I think villager can play a good role in this side. We can organize a team of some villagers (non-politician) those can visit in schools regularly to check the presence of teachers and their role.
    Goal (Lakshya): without goal a student is like a fish without sea. Student must be aware of his goal if he/she wants to reach at peak. It is pity said that a 10th pass student don’t know what his/her aim in life. Almost student are not able to answer this question due to lack of career guidance in rural areas. If a student can decide his/her goal during primary stage than I think he can put his/her best efforts to achieve the goal. We can talk with students friendly to help them to find out their goal and can provide basic guidance to achieve it. Motivation can play very important role here as a tonic.
    There are many brilliant minds in our villages, those can enlighten the name of our community, hame sirf chalni lekar channe ke jaroorat hai…. It feel proud that many people are coming ahead to make this dream a reality.
    Raj bhiya ji thanks for your offer. This is what we need. Scholarship exam can be good option (in my views).
    In our first step we should concentrate only on one village to make it a role model for our future programs.
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    “Lead me, follow me or get out of my way”

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    Dear Navin Bhai and all the Jat Jagriti activists,

    I am back to my karm bhoomi after a break of almost 3 weeks.

    First of all I extend my sincere thanks to Navin Bhai his equally good half Khushi bhabhi and very actively supportive parents, brother and Col.Kataria for his guidance and full support for the Jat Jagriti.for putting in so much efforts for organising the meeeting on 25th Dec at Gurgaon.

    It was so strengthening and empowering to meet so many dedicated and motivated jat brothers and sisters. Each one present there had the spark and
    tremendous energy to be directed for the well being of our community. I wish I could name each one individually.

    Due to unavoidable cicumstances I was unable to be present on 27th (the real work) for which I sincerely apologise.

    It is my privilege and pleasure to be associated with this mission.
    However we people who are away from our matrbhumi can contribute very little.

    Just two points to share:

    1. Let us concentrate our efforts on 1 or 2 villages intially.
    2. And focus on the specific areas that we decide.

    Once we are better organised we must broaden gradually area of our work.
    Shubh Kamnao Sahit,

    Gajesh Dhariwal (Ex Raist Ist Batch)

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    Dear Rajesh Bhai,

    It was so nice to have met you in Gurgaon. I could easily make out during so little time we spent together that you are one of the strong pillars of this mission.

    The scholorship being offerred by you is big boost. Let the deserving candidate be selected carefully and the scholorship should be linked to his or her performance during the course.
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    Shubh Kamnao Sahit,

    Gajesh Dhariwal (Ex Raist Ist Batch)

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    Thumbs up

    Bhai Mukesh, The points you have mentioned are the points for spreading awareness. When we plan visits to villages/ village schools these points can be addressed. Would you be willing to visit some village schools?

    Gajesh Bhaisaab,
    Thanks so much for your appreciation and support.
    Student scholarship - a) My suggestion is that besides going for good student, we should go for a needy student from a poor family with little support.
    b) We will together make sure that we get a very deserving candidate.
    c) One student will recieve a scholarship on the name of Late Shri Krishan Chandra Rathee, Father of Bhai Rajesh.
    d) We will work on more students in near future.

    "कर्मंयेवाधिकरास्ते = कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते = कर्म करनें में ही अधिकार है तुम्हारा"

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    Few suggestions

    My dear Navin, Shailendra and all worthy members associated with Jat jagriti,

    I have a few suggestions, purely for consideration and not neccessarily for implementation.

    1] Though any thing good done by a human being/group of people in unplanned manner through a gesture of goodwill too is a great service and finds mention in the records of God almighty but still when we plan to involve ourselves in an organised manner then most important ingradient after the WILL/BHAVANA will be DISCIPLINE. Unless we have a strict charter with plans afoot, things won't move in a desired direction and results may not be as pictured and hence there will be an urgent requirement for office bearers, who can be for a fix term or life term. Having done that, there will be a need for a fool proof constitution of the welfare body with a possiblity of ammendments as per the needs of the time. Blue print of a task is very important for a group to multiply and progress.

    2] Utmost Honesty and Devotion: I have no qualms about that as very able and upright people have initiated this cause and hence that requirement seems met.

    3] Transparancy : This is one aspect where a lot of heads have to scratch because people will be curious to know the results/utility of their association/work done/contributions made etc-2. At the end of the day this happens to be the most defficult and challanging tasks of all. Thus a spotless record of every thing needs to be maintained.

    4] Faith : this is yet another problem area as faith is not so easily put in place. People tend to be spektical of the intentions of any undertaking freshly taking off and frankly there is some merit in their concerns because of bogus organisations running on every street and corner of even small towns. The faith ofcourse will come by the deeds and practical performance and as such can not be thrust into the psych. Still a proper attention needs to be paid.
    5] Registeration Registeration of this organisation will really kick start it and thus every endavour should be made to get it authenticated [ may be if using Jat with Jagriti meets some objection, we can always use word like KISSAN etc]
    6] Donations: I suggest that a proper account be opened in the name of the orginisation straight away so that interested people can send DD/cheques directly to the account, so thay funds are readily available towards implimentations of various planned activities.
    7] A BOOKLET: I will request the WHO'S WHO to bring out a quarterly/half yearly booklet summarising all the activities of the organisation as it will keep people informed of the activities.

    These are a few which i thought to share with all at this point of time. I will contribute to this organisation whole heartidlyand without any questions asked. Wishing Jat Kaum all the best !
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    I salute you all who have taken this nobel path. May the Almighty bring success to all your endeavours.
    JAT - Justice And Truth

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    Thumbs up Rajesh Rathee......A Great Gesture

    Dear Rajesh bhai,

    I dont have words to your kind and great gesture that u have shown, for other members here to emulate.Once the society is registered i dont think funds will be a problem, and shailendra bhai will keep everyone informed about that.


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    Quote Originally Posted by navingulia
    Would you be willing to visit some village schools?
    Navin Bhiya, Yes, I am always ready.
    “Lead me, follow me or get out of my way”

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    Question hmm

    Dear Dev Sir,
    Your points are 100% of what is needed, we are working on it.

    Mukesh Bhai, thanks.
    where are you based? jaipur.
    which place/village you belong to?

    Dear Members,
    I want suggestions from you all, as to How to promote english language in our students so that they can get good jobs. ---Imp

    "कर्मंयेवाधिकरास्ते = कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते = कर्म करनें में ही अधिकार है तुम्हारा"

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    I can think of two things as of now :

    1. We should try to establish a library in each of the schools and inculcate the habbit of reading. We can volunteer to go there on weekends and read them books.

    2. We should try and get books which are in Hindi on one page and English translation of the same on the other. This way they can learn it faster and it will be very effective. I was once approached by such publisher here in Hyderabad for implementing this in schools supported by Asha. I think if we can get the same for Hinidi English ti can be a very effective medium.

    Anuj kadyan

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    Thumbs up

    Dear Members,
    hmmm, after days of pondering i have come up with some ideas, suggestions and plans.

    1. We should continue working on the village and expand from there.
    2. As for the core issue 'Improving the quality of education'. I feel we need to do something on a larger scale. We need to do extensive campaigning. Some help from government policies and some common support we can make major progress.
    It is very important to work on promoting english in schools and personality development. The discouraging point is that even the teachers cannot speak english.
    I think even for future teacher selection there should be more importance given to personality test besides qualifications.
    Campaigning in schools (even one visit can make a difference) is a good option. I am willing to devote my full time for it but there would be monetory aspects involved in terms of travelling and literature(pamphlets, booklets, banners if any).
    I think we should work on this option and come what may, make it a success.

    i would request the Other members to discuss and decide.

    Bhai Anuj, good suggestions. Libraries an d books are a must

    Navin Gulia
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    "कर्मंयेवाधिकरास्ते = कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते = कर्म करनें में ही अधिकार है तुम्हारा"

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    Hi Navain,

    Good to know that you want to make sure that we succeed in what we started and not leave it mid way.

    I think as you have mentioend the best option would be to start with one school or one village at a time.

    They way some of us work here is that we have formed a group of 5-6 people who volunteer to teach on saturdays at a school

    That way there is a continuity as even if some cant come there will be 2-3 ppl who wuld go each weekend.
    We can very well talk to the teachers and make saturday an activity day where we get all the students involved in activities like learning english, reading books and publick speaking etc.

    About monetary help required for this. I think all the volunteers will have to bear some basic expenses on their own and for things like printing of stuff and getting books etc I am sure we have a big enough audience here and raising some money to start a library at a school would not be a problem.

    We can start a new thread regarding that once we know what will be our exact requirement and how much funds we will need for that.

    Also we can seek help from NAJC chapter and Kapoor singh bhai sahab can be contacted for that.

    Anuj Kadyan

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    dear Bhai Anuj,
    Yes, we have already started with one village and i have taken on giving my time to the needs there. This one village wouldnt require much funds. Books and all i can collect here without any problem for one village.
    If we decide on extensive campaigning over large number of villages then it will require funds.
    In the past i ve been working in the direction of motivating the kids and it really works. Kids have a very impressionable mind and a little motivation can do wonders on them.

    "कर्मंयेवाधिकरास्ते = कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते = कर्म करनें में ही अधिकार है तुम्हारा"

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    Yes Navin bhai you are right.

    With the right guidance, encouragement and motivation the children can do wonders. And having a Limca record holder for motivation !! No one cna beat that

    I think we would need a bigger volunteer base incase we want to go ahead with plans of covering up more than one village.

    We might need a website and a registration , but I thinkw e shuld give all these sometime and continue with the one village model for sometime.

    Anuj kadyan

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