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Thread: "Jan Jagriti - An Awakening"

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    Dear Navin Bhai,

    As we discussed during Gurgaon meeting we need to do something concrete to help our village students children improve upon thier English with more emphasis on spoken English.

    Dear Anuj has given couple of good suggestions.

    For the village where we have started our work can we have a weekly class to help them with this. We can hire a teacher to do this job and one of our vounteers should also be present (by rotation). Use audio and video tools will make it interesting and effective. Let this class be not totally free but highly subsidised.If this facility is provided totally free they required sincereity may not be there and the children may not value it.

    We may subscribe to couple of English magazines for the students of this English Learning class.
    Shubh Kamnao Sahit,

    Gajesh Dhariwal (Ex Raist Ist Batch)

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    Dear Gajesh Bhai saab and Vinod Bhai,
    Yes, i agree with your points fully. Since i am decided to give my full time to this work. I will take on a lot of task myself. and organise the rest.
    Every ones advice, suggestions and guidance will be great.
    Yes, we need to have a larger volunteer base and the registration is in progress. We ve to progress towards having a larger volunteer force.
    Navin Gulia
    I would request all members to remain involved and not to make it a dormant thread.
    The progress of the work will be posted here.

    "कर्मंयेवाधिकरास्ते = कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते = कर्म करनें में ही अधिकार है तुम्हारा"

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    Jat Jagriti

    My Ram Ram to all the Members,

    My joy sees no end on being a member of this club. I had only been talking to have such a forum without realizing there is already one.(we need to popularize this by every means of communication).

    Every one knows that to execute the marvellous ideas to promote brother hood and its betterment we need money.

    To start with i suggest all the members can volunteer to pay atleast 1% of their earnings per month to a common fund which can be utilized for giving shape to all these ideas.

    it is a delight to see every one helping getting jobs to jats.(sadly couldn't find much from Jats settletd abroad on this front)

    Another suggestion is that all the Jats abroad try and settle atleast one Jat(either by marriage, adoption or employment in their area). This will make us financially strong.............Ashok Kinha

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    Dear Friends,
    Education wise-
    Me and Khushi have decided to go to village barhana every Sunday and hold classes for English speaking and reading for the students/children.
    We will register the students and take proper classes.
    However, after discussing with the people there we have realised that we cannot charge a fee if we want more participation because as it is the fee in village pvt schools is about rs 40 and parents wont be willing to pay for any such course. We would there fore be conducting free classes. In fact we will be providing notebook, pen and reading material free of cost to motivate the students to come in. While they can keep the notebook and pen, they will have to return the reading material for use by others.
    I am also sure that soon we will be able to provide them 2-3 computers as well.
    Sports wise-
    Bhai Vireshwar Ahlawat has agreed to sponsor the cost of goal posts for a new better handball court.
    I am setting up 2 volleyball courts and a football ground for the kids to play. (I personally can still play volleyball, so that’s my interest there J )
    I am sure that we will be able to make a lot of progress soon and then we can emulate the same in other villages we take on.
    All members interested in joining this weekly visit are welcome to get in touch with me.
    With Warm Regards
    Navin Gulia

    "कर्मंयेवाधिकरास्ते = कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते = कर्म करनें में ही अधिकार है तुम्हारा"

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    Bhai Navin,


    Just one point that you should raise and discuss with the village elders rather forcefully. Anything 'Free of Cost' loses its effectivenes after sometime. Just ask village elders as to how much money they spend on Drinking Liquor each day? Let them give up drinking for one week per month for their own children. In fact put this condition. Everything can happen and we don't have to run around for copies and books.

    Is it asking for too much? I don't think so. Let them also take some steps and sacrifice for the betterment of their village. Free ki aadat mat lagne dena Bhai.

    I am sure you understand the correct motive and aim behind this post.

    Keep doing good and God will bles you and Khushi with all the hardwork & happiness.

    God Speed.

    JS Malik

    (Ein Volk - Ein Reich - Ein Fuhrer)

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    Thumbs up

    Dear All,
    This issue has been coming up again and again but the need has come to raise it again.
    I request every one to give their feedback.
    The villagers have had a very negative reaction to our naming as "Jat Jagriti" because in the villages it is a touchy issue since the people are Jats, Khatis, Chhipis, kumhar, baniya.... and they live in absolute brotherhood.
    I am myself feeling bad because i had myself advocated naming it "Jat Jagriti" without foreseeing this. I therefore request permission to recommend "Jan Jagriti" (Jan as in janta i.e. people) as an alternate name. Our purpose and mission remains same.
    The decision remains on every one's advice.
    Navin Gulia

    "कर्मंयेवाधिकरास्ते = कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते = कर्म करनें में ही अधिकार है तुम्हारा"

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    The beautiful girls of Barhana and their problems

    Dear Friends

    I am back in Toronto after spending some quality time in India. I apologise for my late response to this thread. Main culprit is lack of internet connection at home and my unwillingness to spend my precious time chasing the mtnl guys to fix a broadband.

    Apart from the usual little frustrations, it was an enchanting visit back home. Over here i would discuss the Barhana visit. As you all have already written and read, it was a great initiatives.

    Straight to the point, the issue to be highlighted here is school girls and their problems. The girls in Barhana were simply amazing in their enthusiasm to talk to about things to a complete stranger like me. The fact that i spoke their language was a huge facilitator.

    Firstly- lack of direction, an example- I asked a girl who was in her 12th standard on what she intended to do after she cleared the exams and she said 'i dont know'. We had some more conversation and what i feared was true. Her parents wanted to get her married off and she did not even know what she should fight for or against.

    The second issue was absence of means to learn english. The girls said that there is no english teacher in the school and that they get their lessons from other makeshift teachers or sometimes from the english teacher from the nearby private school. They also mentioned that in the village environment it is very hard for them to learn english properly.

    The other issue was regarding the attitude of parents towards allowing the girls in sporting activities. The problem here is dominence of boys in limited sporting spaces available in the village and the conservative attitude of the parents and the villagers.

    the second issue could be handled by the govt. or the local education authorities and it would be great if somebody could highlight this issue to the local authority.

    The first and third issues are mainly related to social and psycological pressures on the girl child. These could only be handled with social change which comes with attitude change and a growing conciousness of importance of education for girl child. For this I think the best way to go forward is to put some examples in the village which other girls can aspire to and from which parents can derive strength to support their girls for further education and development.

    I would request the jat jagriti group to always include a focus on girl child education and rights. This was something which i felt was missing from the visit. But i understand that this is just the beginning and hopefully much more is to be established.

    I was discussing this initiative with some of my development sector friends who have huge practical experience of working in the villages and a good suggestion was to setup a small library in the village where the children can find 'chetna' oriented books. Also, books from great writers on social issues like munshi premchand. We have a rich writing culture in India and am sure that if nothing else, reading occupies creative minds and introduces them to the outside world and new ideas.

    The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation provides funds for setting up small libraries in villages. The criteria for getting the funds are very simple. Navin, we can start this with Barhana. I can work on the list of books which should be in this library and also find out about the RGF grant. Seriously, this a tangible and simple task which can bring some good results....

    More later...
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    Hi Navin I totally agree to this.

    We can only focus on working in our villages but we cannot afford to brand us as onlya Jat seva group as we can not and should not differentiate between the under privilegded children in these villages.

    Also going forward when we would seek help from a bigger community it makes us for acceptable.

    But yes our main focus should be to help these children in our villages.

    Priti: I totally agree to the suggestion of a library there. Incase its too long a process of getting things done thru RCF I think we can ourselves create a pool pf money and use that to set up a library.

    As I had mentioned earlier we can get english books as well and volunteers can read these books to them during their visit to the schools.

    And there are bilingual books, with Hindi and English of the same text on the same page. That wat it makes easier for them to read in hindi and then read the same text in english. It can help them learn english very quickly.

    Anuj Kadyna

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    Dear Priti,
    Yes, i agree with the points mentioned about the girl child. I was focussing more on education and had missed out the fact that the girls would require a seperate playing area in the village.
    Khushi will be there with me and will interact and work on the girls activities. Ofcourse the lady members from jatland who are aroun d nearby can also join in.

    Dear Vinod and Priti,
    There is an existing library in the village and we can add books. It would only require a few thousand rupees to get study material, where as chasing funds from rgf or govt is a back breaking experience(if it can be done easily then its fine).
    Besides, i also feel that we will have to organise activities to bring the children to the class/library. Only the existence of the library wont help. Just like Vinod suggested, readin g books to them and making them read.

    "कर्मंयेवाधिकरास्ते = कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते = कर्म करनें में ही अधिकार है तुम्हारा"

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    Yeah Navin thats even better then.

    Incase one of us can come up with a list of books and the price we can post a message here and I am sure we would definitely be able to raise the required money.

    After the meeting how many of the volunteers plan to visit the school on regular basis, apart form you and kushi ?

    Just curious to know as to how much we can scale up our efforts.

    Anuj Kadyan

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    My dear Navin,

    I have some good collection of books on various subjects. In addition i have other healthy literature with me and would like to send it to you in first instance. Also i wish to meet you in person shortly to strengthen your resolve. Keep up the spirits.......Nobility demands sacrifices and has to undergo an acid test...and then only it shines from behind the clouds. My whole hearted support will always be with you. God bless you and the orginisation. As regards to name of the organisation is hardly nmatters untill it is watered by pure deeds and hard work. Even JAGRITI itself will do.
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    NAJC and J Jagriti

    Dear Anuj

    Thank you very much for reposing your trust in NAJC. J. Jagriti can certainly expect financial contributions from NAJC; especially for projects that resonate with NAJC’s objective and goals.

    NAJC, with a membership of 67, provides more than 20 annual scholarships, amounting to approx. 6 lac Rupees, to bright jat students. But, it’s worth mentioning here that NAJC runs quite a few projects in India that are aimed at improving the lives of people, irrespective of their caste or creed. Some of NAJC’s such non-caste based projects are:

    Free School in Kalirawan, Hisar – Sponsored by Mr. Ram Arya (NAJC’s Founder)
    Free School for Girls in Rathora, Uttar Pradesh - Sponsored by Dr. Jagbir Singh
    Free School in Nagauri, Uttar Pradesh – Sponsored by Mr. Jaipal Rathee
    Shri Sidhanti Memorial Trust, Barhana, Jhajhar – Sponsored by The Ahalawat Family

    Navin had asked for Rs. 12,000 for purchasing equipment for the handball team. Mr. Vireshwar Ahlawat, whose family runs the Shri Sidhanti Trust in Barhana, has agreed to sponsor the items through NAJC..

    Best Wishes


    Quote Originally Posted by anuj_kadyan

    Also we can seek help from NAJC chapter and Kapoor singh bhai sahab can be contacted for that.

    Anuj Kadyan

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    Thumbs up

    Dear Vinod,
    As of now no one has volunteered for this sunday's visit. We will be going to Barhana this sunday to work on the planning and organising part. The class may start from next sunday only or maybe even a little later than that.
    We have bought some books and are already working on the lesson plans/activities that can be conducted.

    Dear Dev Sir,
    Thanks for offering the books.
    It would be a pleasure and honour to meet you. Looking forward to it.

    Dear Kapoor Bhaisaab,
    Nice to know about all the activities that NAJC is carrying out, wonderful.
    I am financially not in a position to contribute much except for the 1000/2000 i can manage from my approx 8000 salary. But i find myself lucky to be in a position to work physically.
    And my services are available to NAJC, fora and Jagriti and every one.
    I have been fortunate to meet so many nice people on the net and now with the collective energy we will really be able to bring some results. I am very confident and sure.

    Warm Regards
    Navin Gulia

    "कर्मंयेवाधिकरास्ते = कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते = कर्म करनें में ही अधिकार है तुम्हारा"

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    Navin bhai you are addressing me as Vinod i guess

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    Yes anuj, absent minded mistake, happens after a certain age. :-)

    "कर्मंयेवाधिकरास्ते = कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते = कर्म करनें में ही अधिकार है तुम्हारा"

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by navingulia
    Dear Vinod,
    As of now no one has volunteered for this sunday's visit. We will be going to Barhana this sunday to work on the planning and organising part. The class may start from next sunday only or maybe even a little later than that.
    We have bought some books and are already working on the lesson plans/activities that can be conducted.

    Warm Regards
    Navin Gulia

    Dear Navinji,

    I will try my level best with u on next sunday. Sorry not possible on this sunday. My 3 servers r down which is very urgent.

    HEY what about the other people who have off on saturday and sunday. I personally request them to come forward and give thier services. U all should contribute in this upliftment of our villages. Being navinji is on a wheel chair is doing so much. why should'nt all member mainly our YOUNG BRIGADE come and join him.

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    Rspctd navin sir,cann't we people do something constructive,for eg to provide facilites &proper guidance to all the brlnt & willing studnts,esply in villages & 4 grls.if u people r hvng sm kind of group,plz let me know,i'm willing to,as much as possbl.
    with regards,
    sunita hooda.
    Quote Originally Posted by navingulia
    The begining of "Jat Jagriti- An Awakening"

    Dear and Respected Everyone,
    My trust and faith in the community's goodwill and the society's goodwill is further strengthened today. The way everybody came together to make this event a successul begining, is motivating and inspiring. I had just visited the 5 schools to inform the principal's about this event and our plan s and all of them were present at the venue in full strength and with full support. People came forward volunteeriingly and selflessly to take on various responsibilities.
    A brief account of the day:-
    1. We gathered together at Bahadurgarh and at 11.30am headed for the village, where we were given a warm welcome with hot Tea.
    2. There after we were taken to Sidhanti Bhawan for meeting/discussion with the village elders and sarpanch. The important points brought out by village elders -
    a) The unavailability of any fund in the village to do any developement work despite the current government being in place for one year. I would like to bring this point in the kind notice of Bhai Dipender Hooda.
    b) Principal of the school - brought to our notice that very good students spoil their performance after 8th/9th grade in the absence of guidance. He also complained that the parents dont allow their children to be punished for mistakes and also that the parents dont allow to make the children do some community work.
    c) Vaid Jee, brought out the need for moral education and promotion of work culture in students.
    d) Our group members assured the people of support in improving quality of education and encouraging sports.
    3. There after we were taken for the much awaited Desi Lunch - bajre ki roti, saag, chane ke patte ki chatni, bathue a raayta, churma, chawal, daal, seet
    4. we went to the compound of govt girls school where the sports event were taking place. There was a huge crowd of children, young and the elderly too. The races for different age groups were con ducted. But the superhit run was that of the elderly (over 60yrs) an d it was too good, they could have competed with the 18yr olds and beaten them too.
    5. There after the handball match was conducted in which some national and international players took part. The prize distribution took place in which the prizes were given away by Bhai Shailender, Priti, Ramesh Lakra and myself.
    6. Ramesh gave a talk to the gathering telling them about the work we intend to do and also inpiring students to do well in their studies. I gave a small motivational talk to the children.

    IMP:- I will request all members present to bring out their opinion an d feedback about what we all learnt from this event and what we should do in future to take this cause forward.
    I have lot of pending work today so right now i am not adding more. I will be writing more soon.

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    What a start !

    It was great to be a part of Gurgaon meet. But its worth regretting not to visit village and contribute there (emergencies happens). Hope to get some more chances to carry on for such a noble cause.

    Missed what happened on Jatland as well for more than a month (infact 2 months since I came back to India)

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    Jan Jagriti

    Hi All,

    few days back i got to read this article in frontline
    below is the link
    people from rohtak can get us more details about this.



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    keep it up

    hi all
    keep up the good work. there is a jat kalyan sabha in gurgaon which is also promoting young talent. great to know about such activities.
    A smile is a curve that sets many things straight

    Manisha Katarya

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