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Thread: "Jan Jagriti - An Awakening"

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    Thumbs up "Jan Jagriti - An Awakening"

    *** Name changed to Jan Jagriti ***

    The begining of "Jat Jagriti- An Awakening"

    Dear and Respected Everyone,
    My trust and faith in the community's goodwill and the society's goodwill is further strengthened today. The way everybody came together to make this event a successul begining, is motivating and inspiring. I had just visited the 5 schools to inform the principal's about this event and our plan s and all of them were present at the venue in full strength and with full support. People came forward volunteeriingly and selflessly to take on various responsibilities.
    A brief account of the day:-
    1. We gathered together at Bahadurgarh and at 11.30am headed for the village, where we were given a warm welcome with hot Tea.
    2. There after we were taken to Sidhanti Bhawan for meeting/discussion with the village elders and sarpanch. The important points brought out by village elders -
    a) The unavailability of any fund in the village to do any developement work despite the current government being in place for one year. I would like to bring this point in the kind notice of Bhai Dipender Hooda.
    b) Principal of the school - brought to our notice that very good students spoil their performance after 8th/9th grade in the absence of guidance. He also complained that the parents dont allow their children to be punished for mistakes and also that the parents dont allow to make the children do some community work.
    c) Vaid Jee, brought out the need for moral education and promotion of work culture in students.
    d) Our group members assured the people of support in improving quality of education and encouraging sports.
    3. There after we were taken for the much awaited Desi Lunch - bajre ki roti, saag, chane ke patte ki chatni, bathue a raayta, churma, chawal, daal, seet
    4. we went to the compound of govt girls school where the sports event were taking place. There was a huge crowd of children, young and the elderly too. The races for different age groups were con ducted. But the superhit run was that of the elderly (over 60yrs) an d it was too good, they could have competed with the 18yr olds and beaten them too.
    5. There after the handball match was conducted in which some national and international players took part. The prize distribution took place in which the prizes were given away by Bhai Shailender, Priti, Ramesh Lakra and myself.
    6. Ramesh gave a talk to the gathering telling them about the work we intend to do and also inpiring students to do well in their studies. I gave a small motivational talk to the children.

    IMP:- I will request all members present to bring out their opinion an d feedback about what we all learnt from this event and what we should do in future to take this cause forward.
    I have lot of pending work today so right now i am not adding more. I will be writing more soon.

    "कर्मंयेवाधिकरास्ते = कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते = कर्म करनें में ही अधिकार है तुम्हारा"

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    Very nice gesture. Keep it up Navin.......You are a special human being.

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    Indeed...JAT JAGRITI

    Dear All,

    (Dear Navin: I am posting my reply in this new thread)

    A good beginning and my congratulations to all those who were involved in this ice breaking and trend setting meet. The task is huge and there is no time to waste.

    The key to a successful community development effort is to take everyone together without expecting anything in return. More often than not despondency sets in after a while and that is the biggest challenge. There are more reasons than one for such a stage to arrive and the foremost is having an AIM that is impractical. If the AIM is modest and targets the grass root problem, success is likely. Therefore, the aim must be well thought out and maintained at all times.

    Nothing would happen till the times the villagers themselves are not convinced of the urgent need of ‘Education’ and ‘Being Equipped to Face the Challenges’. And they would be convinced only when the group wanting to make a difference is well equipped to make that difference. By being well equipped I mean that members should be able to devote time, energy, resources and money to achieve the chosen aim. It is a long haul and the results would take years. As time passes one would also realise that no amount of effort was enough and so much more could have been done. Therefore, it is important to chart out a well thought out ‘Rural Developmental Schedule’ so that it could be taken up elsewhere too as a ‘Model Project’.

    I strongly believe that in order to make any progress on this front we need a group that visits the villages (better if one is from that area) and assesses the need. I can give out a few even without visiting a village: Clean drinking water, Sanitation, Primary education, English speaking, Primary health, Inoculation, Access to Markets for Agricultural Produce, Liquor, Drugs, Crime, Focus on Girl Child, Dowry, Village Politics, Alternate Energy Sources and Accountability of Panchayats.

    Once the needs are assessed, the next step is to tackle them in their order of priority, as each area would have a different priority.

    How to find the resources to best address each issue? Besides sincerity of purpose and will to make a difference, the most important factor that would decide the outcome of the effort would be FUNDS. However, I feel if we can all join hands even that should not be a major problem. I had given this suggestion in my village 25 years back and was laughed at but I was right because my suggestion meant sacrifices from those who had left the village for greener pastures. The suggestion is simple and I don’t mind repeating it here. Each person who has left his village and has a monthly income (Government, Private, Self-employed, Business, Thief, Dacoit, Smuggler etc etc) must make a monthly contribution in cash to a fund that should be controlled. There is no other way to do any of the above mentioned insurmountable tasks without a collective effort of this nature. If each person can contribute even 3 - 5% of his income for the betterment of his own village, we can succeed. Can we start doing so from 01 JAN 2006? No NEW YEAR RESOLUTION can be better than this? You would be surprised to know the amount of money that can be collected. Each village has at least 200, if not more, persons who are working. An average salary of Rs 20,000/- per month is taken for rough calculations. 200 people X Rs 20000 X 12 Months = Rs 4,80,00,000. And 3 - 5% of that is Rs 14,40,000/- & Rs24,00,000/- respectively (hope my calculation are right?). We can change the face of our villages in 10 years flat.

    There is nothing to ponder but members may have a different view.


    JS Malik

    (Ein Volk - Ein Reich - Ein Fuhrer)

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    Thumbs up Thanks

    Thanks Malik Sir, for the detailed suggestions. The plan for collecting funds is very good, the main setback to the plan will be that people will not trust the person who is holding the funds. People have lot of mistrust and we cannot blame them because this mistrust has come from the exploitation people have faced from their leaders and politicians for ages. We have to win the faith of the people and everyone with our sincere work.
    We have currently selected 2 areas of work as education and sports.
    Malik Sir, your blessings and guidance will be an asset to the effort.
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    "कर्मंयेवाधिकरास्ते = कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते = कर्म करनें में ही अधिकार है तुम्हारा"

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    Thumbs up account

    Sandeep Balyan 1002
    Ramesh Lakra 500
    Suvigya Rathi 500
    Vinay Siwach 300
    Gajesh Dhariwal 4,500
    Vijay Dhankad 500
    DrVinod Shanwal, Achal Singh and Rajesh Rathi 1300
    Neeraj Rathi, Deepak Dahiya, Jitender 500
    Navin Farswal 1500
    Sunil Dabas 501
    Priti 500

    Total - 11,603

    Shailendra Bhai gave a cricket set and badminton raquets for kids.

    Prize Money

    Open Category
    Boys 1st prize 501 2nd prize 250
    Girls 1st prize 501 2nd prize 250

    11 to 15yrs
    Boys 1st prize 400 (100cash, books and pens), 2nd prize 250 (books, color pens and geometry box)
    Girls 1st prize 400 (100cash, books and pens), 2nd prize 250 (books, color pens and geometry box)

    Under 10yrs
    Boys 1st prize 300 (100cash+books+color pens), 2nd prize150(books, pen and colors)
    Girls 1st prize 300 (100cash+books+color pens), 2nd prize150(books, pen and colors)

    Above 60yrs
    1st prize - Dhoti Kurta (cost 250rs)
    2nd prize - Dhoti Kurta (cost 250rs)

    Winner 3500rs
    runner up 1500rs

    Total spent 12,222rs

    Total recd - 11,603rs

    Som e miscellaneous expenses have been born e by me (i consider it my privilige)
    The cost of conducting the event has been borne by the village.

    The handball coach and players contacted me after the match with a request of providing them proper goalpoasts for a new handball court they are preparing. I promised them that i will get it sponsored for them.

    "कर्मंयेवाधिकरास्ते = कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते = कर्म करनें में ही अधिकार है तुम्हारा"

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    JAT JAGRITI, its a very nice start by you MR. NAVIN GULIA and i also thanks TO MR SHAILENDRA TOKAS SAHAB for a good and sincere effort in this direction......................................... .................................................. ..

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    i was really amazed that how well Priti was able to connect to the school girls and the kids. Good work Priti.

    "कर्मंयेवाधिकरास्ते = कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते = कर्म करनें में ही अधिकार है तुम्हारा"

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    Bhai Anil, First of all,thanks for being there yesterday. The presence of all young people had put an enthusiasm into the event. (Anil, neeraj, sunil, priti, Navin, deepak)
    Secondly, i am just a worker. The initiation, concept and making Jat Jagriti a reality is all because of the efforts of Bhai Shailender and others.
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    "कर्मंयेवाधिकरास्ते = कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते = कर्म करनें में ही अधिकार है तुम्हारा"

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    Congratulation to all of you for the success of this visit. Thanks for the efforts to start something on ground level. Now I am sure none can say that JAT can't do anything except BATE.... keep the spirit on...
    “Lead me, follow me or get out of my way”

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    Quote Originally Posted by navingulia
    the main setback to the plan will be that people will not trust the person who is holding the funds. People have lot of mistruct and we cannot blame them because this mistrust has come from the exploitation people have faced from their leaders and politicians for ages. We have to win the faith of the people and everyone with our sincere work.
    Thats right, winning the faith of the people is primary hurdle. Community living and activities are a big help towards that end.

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    hello everyone
    As navin ji informed about the jat jagrti programme. it was wonderful gathering there. every volunteers r full of ethasisum and wants to do something for the people. The Volunteers which impressed was PRITI she gathered the school girls trying to figure out thier problem.

    The initiative for this all goes to navin ji. who have organised such a wonderful programme. Futher backed by tokas bhai.

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    Great start !!!!
    Amazing initiative by Vinod bhai and admirable effort by Navin bhai in making this meet a success.

    kudos to all
    Anuj kadyan

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    Great vision

    A very nice and humble start for a noble cause by Navin ji and other associated members and participants

    Wel its a long journey and only God can say so much efforts and time will take to bring the turn around but it is for sure that single step for this long journey has been taken... and i have full faith that this vision is possible and efforts put in this fashion will definately make like minded people to join the cause.

    I agree with Col Malik sir point of view and had opporunity also to discuss things in person. What make me very happy and confident is that the conscious level within our community is rising. This will bring the much need change. We as a community must focus on our strenghts and improve the weakness.

    A humble suggestion or model which im following i thought i wil share with u also is that we must bring up our near, dear family member and relatives up in education, geting job & business similar to what is generally done by Sardar, Sindhi or Gujrathi community.

    At last it gives me immense pleasure to see the tireless and dedicated efforts put in by you all. Please accept my heart felt regards for same. Im particularily impress by Ramesh Lakra sir who has been sincerely contibuting from his mumbai days.
    [B]With warm regards[/B]
    (Jasbir Solanki)

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    Thumbs up A Very Great Start

    first of all let me thank, all of you who were part of this great gathering on 27th and i believe that it is going to a great day for jats.

    Well to start with, the kind of people present both in numbers and quality can easily put any election rally to shame therefore the organisers had tough time controliing them. It only showed that ordinary people has lost faith in politicians and we too made it quite clear that we do not affiliate to any political outfit.

    As mentioned above, by Navin Bhai the programme went smooth.During the discussion with elders,sarpanchs the following emerged:

    1) Sarpanch grant to be reverted back to old system with steps to prevent corruption.
    Jat jagriti--- they were told that this is beyond the focus area of JatJagriti but it would still be represented across to Mr.deepender hooda, a member on our site

    2)Good people leave villages stating that "gaon mein maahol kharab hain"
    Jat jagriti--- Better education only can be solution with a stress on moral education

    3)Priority level for education is missing.
    Jat jagriti--- they were told that this is the exact reason the jagriti people are here they are going to be there more frequently.

    4) Lack of Sports facilities and equipment
    Jat jagriti--- reply at sl 3

    5)Role model for village boys is absent as even the seniors who have finished masters or higher education are unemployed.
    Jat jagriti---They were promised that more frequent jagriti people would visit the village to motivate boys with their own self example.

    6)Students who do well at primary level generally gets demotivated in higher classes and gets involved in unlawful activities
    Jat jagriti---refer to reply at serial 3.

    7)No teacher for class 8 and 11th and also no rooms for them too.
    Jat jagriti---Well we were helpless but we promised to do something about it by way of conveying it to Mr. Deepender hooda.

    Jat jagriti --- It is important to note here that there had to be TWO sarpachs and it was a pity that there was no dispensary nearby.But we told them that we have left all these things to the politicains and please dont expect much from them as we are looking for tomarrow's young people who will become doctors themselves and will not need a dispensary,therefore.

    9) Stress on moral and hygiene education is lacking in a village teahers..
    Jat jagriti---refer reply to sl no 3

    I think the above mentioned points are serious and need to be discussed as the story is simillar elsewhere in our belts of jats.I would like to mention it here that on behalf of jat jagriti we made it quite clear that we are a group of jats but we are for eveyone present here irrespective of the caste and there shall be no discrimation whatsoever.

    last but not the least jatjagriti informally discussed to visit the village every fortnight in rotation( say for example the technical guys can go on one weekend and doctors next time,may be with with free health camps etc and likewise defence people) and it was left to Navin to liase regarding this. suggestions and recommendations are welcome here regarding this and please be a part of it by making urself available on some weekends.

    personally let me thank solanki for bestowing all the faith in me.thankx a lot.
    thank you all of u once again, signing off as of now with promise to post rest half of the happening that day.


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    Bhai Navin And all

    Its a good start and ur appeal is not new Navin its already been on jatland several times but here most of the members only beleive in posting posts and doing nothing and they dont come forward and i have no answer for this that why they act like this. Well "Jat Jagriti" is a good start and i know there are some jatlanders who are really serious in doing something but there is a need of platform, now if u guys are thinking to register "Jat Jagriti" a registered NGO than we can all gather under this roof and start doin something. We all know we have limited resources and unlimited wants but still where there is a will there is a way. If u see Navin how many members have replied to ur post so far can give u the answer of lots of questions. But i beleive still we have some strength who can go for this challenge. As Col. Malik said first hindrance is finance which is true and we need funds on every step and for this we cant look towards govt. cos we all know that wht politicians are whether its hooda or its Chautala, i know exceptions are always there but still whom we are thinking exception they have to prove themselves and so far they are not doing as they were expected.
    Now come to ur point Col. Malik abt contribution i dont think we can gather 200 people of our village to contribute Rs. 2000-3000 each month cos it needs lots of courage and sincerity and unselfishness which i dont think is in there in the masses. But still i m not opposing the idea and i m saying that first if we can gather 200 people from jatland is a big success at the initial stage cos all jatlanders are educated, they can understand each others feeling and now if we head toward this direction we can organise some events on every six month basis and a annual event can be organise (something like Rural convention oct. 2006 which we already talked abt). So this all need dedication and support of serious Jats from all over the Globe.

    Well Shailender Bhai i heard that ur registering the Jat Jagriti than i support u to go ahead and we all will get together now , so this is the best time to strt and lets take it a new resolution.

    Abhimanyu Phougat

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    Thumbs up a few thoughts

    Just a few related thoughts -
    1. We cant have perfect solutions, we can only have perfect sincerity. We should just intend to do some good work and if we are able to help 5 people and motivate 5 kids, we should be happy.
    2. It cannot be an overnight change. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
    3. We have to think about the ways in which we can contribute towards the cause. We should all have a minimum aim of helping atleast 5 people and motivating 5 kids.
    4. Funds will help and might be needed at times but the first thing needed is sincere action and sincere work. In my mind I am not worried/concerned about funds, I am only thinking of actions.
    5. What happened on 27th was an event. Now we will have activities.
    My course of action -
    a) I have decided to open an education cell in the village for providing guidance and help relating to education. The 9th and 11th std which dont have teachers, i and khushi will be going to teach them on few days and i will try to organise self-study for them and to advise them how to conduct self-study.
    b) I have decided to make a list of all un-employed youth in the village and to do all to get them employment/self-employment.
    c) I have decided to help the 5-6 physically challenged kids to get independent and do well under the other project ASFA (
    d) I will be visiting some schools in Jhajjar and some smaller villages soon.
    More than funds, we need volunteers, people who are willing to work on ground. Sabko saath leke chalna hai. Ekta mei shakti hai.

    We shouldnot be critical and negative about things. We should believe in the goodness of people and their intentions. When we meet and interact with warmth and love it alwasy gets reciprocated. I have never run short of good people. When i need one, i find eight.
    I was returning that night and my car screen was covered with mud. I stopped at a house and asked the man siting there "Bhai ek dallu paani milega sheeshe pe daalne ke liye" and he said "paani se bhi patla kya hoga? aap aao, chaay paani, roti tuuk sab hai". The point is when we believe that people are nice we meet nice people and my belief in this philosophy is only strenghthened every day.
    Navin Gulia

    "कर्मंयेवाधिकरास्ते = कर्मणि एव अधिकार: ते = कर्म करनें में ही अधिकार है तुम्हारा"

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    Thumbs up

    Mission ‘JAT JAGRITI’ has taken-off!!
    Quote Originally Posted by navingulia
    More than funds, we need volunteers, people who are willing to work on ground. Sabko saath leke chalna hai. Ekta mei shakti hai.

    We shouldnot be critical and negative about things. We should believe in the goodness of people and their intentions. When we meet and interact with warmth and love it alwasy gets reciprocated. I have never run short of good people. When i need one, i find eight.

    Navin Gulia
    We are with you Navin dear!!

    Although, we (the DJM members) were enthusiastic enough, but we didn’t knew what to do or how should we go - till we met Navin! He is the one who motivated, guided and supported us! Without him, we are (and will be) nothing!

    Navin bhai, we are also workers like you!

    Hamne to sirf ek chhota sa sapna dekha tha – Navin ney usey asliyat banaaya!!!!
    (He has turned our dreams into reality and we are very much optimistic about our future endeavors!)

    Our visit to Barhana village on Tuesday, 27/12/05:

    Many ladies were busy in the kitchen and working hard for our lunch! Navin forgot to mention about ‘nooni ghee’ we had in bulk - along with ‘pinkish’ seet to top it all!

    Villagers were equally enthusiastic about everything – be it about education quality and awareness, sports activities etc. Hundreds of people thronged the venue – where the sports activities were going on!

    3 girls recited a ‘swagat gaan’:
    Phool khilte rahein,
    Muskurate rahein,
    Ae parwasi aate rahein,
    Yoon hi jaate rahein.

    Priti got ‘laapata’ for a long time. When enquired about her whereabouts – we found that she was busy with and surrounded by those little girls and kids in other corner of the ground (very good Priti dear – that’s why we were there!). She only can tell about further developments on that ‘small panchayat’! She even gave 2 basketballs to the sports cell.

    Lakra’s simplicity to attach with the village people is amazing. Although, being in service, it’s heartening that he is providing his full time and support. That’s his commitment towards our community! Keep it up Ramesh dear!

    One snapshot at the venue; during the handball match:
    Navin was near the ground, watching the match. Priti was far away with girls. Neeraj, Deepak, Chhikara and Anil were taking snaps and shooting live; all over the ground. Sunil Dabas and Farswal were interacting with the villagers. Khushi (with her ‘ghoonghat’ and saas!), Priti’s mother and mamaji, Ramesh and many others were enjoying the game from the stage. Public was all over the ground. But, what was myself doing at that time?? I was enjoying watching them all!!

    More afterwards!

    Thanks to everyone for their overwhelming support –outside and inside

    People who visited the village:

    Navin & Khushi Gulia
    Navin’s mother
    Priti Shokeen
    Priti’s mother and mamaji
    Ramesh Lakra
    Sunil Chhikara
    Shailendra Tokas
    Navin Farswal
    Sunil Dabas
    Anil Dabas
    Deepak Dahiya
    Neeraj Rathi

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    It was indeed heartening to see Navin taking this initiative and lit a candle of hope in a barren land of dwindling fortunes. It was not a simple exercise of going to a village for a picnic but an experiment with truth. I am fully aware as to what it takes to think good of others who don't matter to you on the surface? When somebody travels in a direction, not intended to garner popular support and profits, it is the shere character that motivates a person to leap on the troubled horizons. It was a selfless act on the part of Navin,Shailendra and all those people who could spare their valuable time and could be there where people don't wish to pass through. I am simply moved by the way things were taken care of. I wish i could be part of it on ground, however i find myself mentally involved in it. Very good initiative taken and hope kindled. Keep it up and a long way to go. God speed !

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    Thumbs up More than a Starting...........

    Jai Mata Di,

    To all JAT bhai

    yes friends its much more than a starting.....whatever we thinked, we

    got more than that.

    the way they welcome us, the way they discuess with us and the way all

    activities take place.

    So friends we have to maintain the level which we have achieved in the

    first village visit, as the expectation for the next visits are also


    Now, we have to prepare in advance in many ways, like:
    ....Better control over the activities
    for that we require more poeple in the next visit.

    ....Better control over resources handed over thereso that we can better know the feedBack from the authorised person in village.

    ....Divide the JAT-JAGRITI members into different depatments to deal in
    specialise area

    like, member deal in Sports related activities
    " " Education " "
    and same for other activities


    Now all previous links which point to Delhi_jat_meet yahoo group in

    JATLAND.COM, will no longer work.

    the new link to the group is :

    so, be the member of this group for all updates and please also communicate this group to all your friends in delhi....
    ....i am also doing that by sending mails to all members and all other groups in yahoo, google etc.

    Deepak Dahiya
    ***Jai Mata Di***
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    Quote Originally Posted by deepakdahiya
    so, be the member of this group for all updates and please also communicate this group to all your friends in delhi....
    ....i am also doing that by sending mails to all members and all other groups in yahoo, google etc.

    Deepak Dahiya
    ***Jai Mata Di***
    bhai deepak Jai mata di,

    you are really doing a great job man.. Keep it up..Our community need dedicated member like u...
    “Lead me, follow me or get out of my way”

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