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Thread: Mind Your Language !!

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    Mind Your Language !!


    This message is from JatLand Administration – please be careful about what you write. It has been found that many members are violating the Agreement by making personal comments against fellow members in various threads. The last couple of days have witnessed a flare-up of these activities. Some complaints have been received and allegations have been made that JatLand Admn. is rather easy-going and normally adopts a lenient attitude towards such violators. Some sincere members rather hesitate to put their opinion on posts, fearing such nuances.

    JatLand Admn. Panchayat has now decided to handle such elements with a tough hand. The centuries old ‘desi’ proverb is relevant even today: “Laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahin maante". To start with, we have imposed a short ban on a few violators. Currently, this ban is a symbolic one (for a few days only) but if the guys do not stop such activities, this would be switched to 'permanent'. The names of these members are not revealed here to protect privacy.

    Please cooperate with us and refrain from showing sympathies by way of writing a post or a thread sounding like "Mere Yaar, Tu Kit Gaya". If anyone writes a personal, hurting remark against you in a post, please refrain from reacting or taking revenge at that very point. Press the red triangle button and report a 'bad post'. Or send an e-mail to JatLand Admn : . Such angry reactions on threads or posts will also be treated as violation of Agreement.

    This thread itself is for your information only. Any suggestions, complaints, heart-burnings etc. should be brought to our attention by e-mail.

    Members should realize that any institution stands on a solid foundation of certain level of discipline and the kind of hullabaloo noticed in recent past, cannot be tolerated any longer.

    Jatland Admin Team
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    तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय

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    Sir i'll surely abide by the rules and regulations of this beautiful site and if i find anything that i don't like then i'll do the same that you asked here


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    okkk sir !!

    theek sey sir,,, ib lagam kass dyo.............
    I dont have personality,i am mere statistics.I used to be "downtoearth". Now this is my present name. Do i possess a name, a face ,an individuality ?:rolleyes:

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    Bohot pehle ho jyanna chehiye tha...derr aaye durrust aaye.I welcome this step.

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    Thumbs up I agree too..

    I have noticed it too, sometimes discussions getting out of hand.

    Discussions should be done in the right spirit, end of the day we come here to contribute, learn and have fun.

    There is no need for personal attacks and rude remarks.

    Lets Keep our discussions healthy and Clean.
    "Mine is a peaceful religion, I will kill you if you insult it"

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