Dear all I'd like to draw your attention towards the most astonishing facts that though Jats occupied this most fertile land since times unknown at least for thousands of years? yet they could not rule as late as till Surajmal was born. So, I feel that no other backward community can ever exist as compared to Jats. Hence they all from all states (not only from Rajasthan) from Indus to Ganges should be included in OBC. or otherwise proofs should be shown by historians and administrators that how can you count them in forward classes? A community having its hold on the most fertile land of the world for thousands of years is serviving as lootere (in history text books)? they looted n faught with all the most ferrotious looteres like ghazni, allexander, timur, abdali, nadir, british etc.

What bad they did then? had they gone to International Human rights commission that time? or to u historians who are living, eating n pharting in their land right now????