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    Hiii friends!!!,
    here is my first post on Jatland and I hope it proves to be of immense help for all ragini fans!! Well, I have spent 25 years of my life in Delhi and Gurgaon and was never exposed to Haryanvi as such but when it is in your blood you do not any kind of exposure. And after that whatever your educational background is, career is, ambience is, u just stop caring about that!! Once you imbibe the feeling of being your real self or natural self, you rise to the next level where you attain freedom in a broader sense!! I donít care what educational background I have, where am I working and what people have to say about my rusticity when I play ragini on full volume while going to my office early morning coz at that time I am my real self!! My mother who belongs to Bhaproda village located on Sampla-Jhajjar road was my platform to catch up with haryanvi-ism n now I really canít imagine a life where there is no haryanvi spoken or raginiís are not played!! I started listening to raginis around a year n a half back n the kind of interest, natural flair and profound knowledge about raginis that I have at present is wonderful!! I am a big time fan of Rajendra Kharakiya and let me tell you that once you get used to his voice, he will become an indispensable part of your life!! Rajendra met with a near fatal accident in year 2000 where he lost both his legs and since then he is confined to a wheel chair!! I got an opportunity to meet him in person last week when he was in Gurgaon in a function, though he announced in front of his fans that bad phase of his life is over and within 3 months he is going to sing on the stage while standing!! Hopes are faint but the way he said this at least it shows that what a positive man he is and how he has survived in difficult times!! The lines he said go like this-Kishtiya bah jaati hai, toofan chale jaate hai!!!Yaade rah jati hai ,insaan chale jaate hai!!!
    And also said ki ďkahe Sri Lakhmichand- himmat ka Ram himayatiĒ!! He really has the power to cast a spell on anyone!! He is confined to a wheelchair n need support of 3, 4 guys to take care of himself. But after the Bhajan on stage he announced that when the accident happened he was unconscious for 2 months n suffered amnesia for 1 Ĺ months n his weight increased to 92 kg n complexion became very dark but now he has almost recovered n said-agar aap sab ka aashirwad raha to aapka bhai,aapka beta aaj se sahi 3 mahine baad isi stage par khada ho kar usi laya aur dhun mey gaayega!! To be frank he was not making hollow claims, it was very clear by looking at him that he really means it!! He had a unique charm on his face, a very radiant face actually!! When u look at his live performances in various pre-2000 competitions, just look at his amazing personality, ear rings, pen in pocket of kurta (typical haryanvi kurta), gold kada and the way he carries himself clad in such dressing and in one of the raginiís where he says to fans who are asking for more n more ďabhi bohat time baaki haiĒ with a lovely smile on his face is a treat to watch!! Problem always has been that our artists neither get the kind of appreciation they deserve nor the money for overall betterment of career!! Even Rajendra in latter part of his career had to take up some meaningless singing in contract with some music company!! Anyway for all ragini lovers Maina cassette company CDís are the ultimate solution. Firstly there are audio cassettes available in plenty and then there are MP3 CDís available all over the shops in Haryana and even in a few shops in Connaught Place!!! Maina company is the front runner in Haryanvi raginis and they have a fabulous collection of almost all raginiís and all singers. A Maina CD costs mere 25, 30 Rs and quality is really very good!! Rajendra Kharakiya, Ranbir Badwasaniya, Paale Ram, Satbir Master, Sunil Dujaaniya, Sarita Chaudhary, Passi Nayyar, Rajkishan Agwanpuriya and Azad Khanda are the prominent ragini singers and they simply rockkk!!!! These modern day singers mainly sing the raginis penned by Great Jaat Fauji Mehar Singh Rathi and Suryakavi Pandit Sri Lakhmichand but Rajendra n lately Azad Singh Khanda Kheri have sung raginiís penned by themselves. There are other companies also like Jagdish, Superfine etc but Maina simply has a cut above the rest!! This year in March when my cousin threw a grand birthday party in a Delhi club, the DJ was told to play raginis sung by Rajendra-the ones like Kue pe lugaaiya dhore and teri jhaaki ke mha gola maaru kept the part rocking till midnight. It was a different experience altogether and in the end the DJ asked for a copy of raginis to play in other parties also!!! The introduction of ragini CDís by Maina has really proved to be great and of enormous help so just try to grab as many copies possible next time you visit Haryana, just visit a local music shop and ask for the MP3ís. Finding the right stuff is difficult but not for ardent fans!! Also available are the video CDís with Rajendra and Ranbir performing live in front of pure haryanvi crowd. Mainly video cassettes were made before year 2000 so those cassettes are now being converted into CDís and sold by Maina so not lot of raginis available but whatever is available I promise that it will take you over and especially if it is by Rajendra!! After visiting around 20 shops I could manage 2 Rangkaat raginis with Rajendra Kharakiya and Ranbir Badwasaniya performing live!! One sung in a Bahadurgarh competition and other one on occasion of Tau Devi Lal birthday where you can see all big guns like Tau Devi Laal himself, Sh. Dheerpal Gulia, Sh. Bali Pahalwan and many more enjoying the raginiís!! Such is the craze of these two superstars of Haryana!! Simply put, when we all are working or studying in good places and have open minded approach then we should just unite and try to endorse this fabulous talent of these Haryanvi singers!! My cousins who passed out of Fore School and now working in nice positions and myself who passed out from Faculty of Business & Commerce, Delhi School of Economics this year, are doing our best to add values to Haryanvi music, and now you all should also join this process!! just spread the message around and make your friends ,relatives listen raginis and take my word that once they get used to it, theyíll remember you for rest of their life for the reason that you introduced them to raginiís!! Raginiís r just awesome-listen to kue pe lugaaiya dhore,apni apni pasand zamana, bhai besharmi chha gayi saare ke and some funky ones like-aja re shahri pappu,dhore aali jab laila,teri jhaaki key mha gola maaru in voice of Rajendra and ati jati police qaidiyo ka,mele ki mannay sair kara de in voice of Pale Ram n the list is endless!! So go ahead, have a nice time shopping CDís n VCDís n play them in cars n laptops n everywhere n enjoy!!!

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    come together

    Well number of views for my article on raginis has been good enough till now but i would highly appreciate some replies for this article!! If any of my dear friend has some knowledge about these great ragini singers,raginis, attended any live competition or have any new Maina CD with Rajendra or Ranbir performing and any hardcore fan then plzzz post it here and lets try to create a common platform from where we all can act as devouts endorsing raginis thereby contributing to our community!!

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    Bhai Boora,

    Ragni competitions were one time my hobby in 80s and I use to travel any distance to see a ragni competion. These were the college days and we use to bunk college to go to competition. All this got lost in time frame with the hectic life as it goes. I see I still can remember some of the names Ramesh Khalawaria, Pale, Bau. Sitting so far from home, I do crave for our heritage, the saang, the ragni. We use to record the competition ragni on our primitive tape recorders and then listen to them in the hostel. In those days many singers who first released the commercial cassette were not so good as their language accent was not typical haryanvi, so I could not get a proper collection on ragni cassettes when I left India.

    It is a nice thread you started and I hope we will be able to know more about the available Haryanvi music and sources to get it. It will be nice if you can share the titles of the best ragni CD, MP3 available in market, so I can try to get these.


    Quote Originally Posted by amitboora View Post
    Well number of views for my article on raginis has been good enough till now but i would highly appreciate some replies for this article!! If any of my dear friend has some knowledge about these great ragini singers,raginis, attended any live competition or have any new Maina CD with Rajendra or Ranbir performing and any hardcore fan then plzzz post it here and lets try to create a common platform from where we all can act as devouts endorsing raginis thereby contributing to our community!!

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    ragini singers

    Ram Ram Sindhu Bhai ji,
    Well I keep on gathering info about raginis from desi friends and relatives who basically belong to Rohtak n Jhajjar. According to them till late 80ís Rajkishan Agwanpuriya had great fan following. Even I have a Maina MP3 CD which has around 50,60 ragini. After listening to all his raginis in that CD all I can make out is that he really was a star at that time n for obvious reasons. His voice, ability to modulate Kaliís (new age raginis basically consist of four kaliís) and the choice of kissaís is awesome!! The quality of CD is not very high as it has been created from audio cassettes of the 80ís. I never got a chance to attend many competitions but these newly introduced CDís are proving to be exceptional. As far as accent goes Jats of UP listen to raginis of there own accent, they have separate ragini parties n raginis are mainly sung on harmonium in place of Ghadwaís. Karampal is one of the prominent UP accent ragini singer. Whatever singers we have at present like Veerpal Kharakiya (younger brother of Rajendra Kharakiya), Ranbir Badwasaniya, Narendra Bhainswal, Sarita Chaudhary, Passi Nayyar n Azad Singh Khanda Kheri sing in pure Haryanvi accent!! N best out of the lot as far as accent is concerned is undoubtedly Ranbir Badwasaniya. He is from Badwasani in Sonipat n this guy has amazing command over Haryanvi. His jokes, taunts, name calling and desi proverbs simply have the power to sweep anybody off his feet. He is too desi!!! I am going to post some of his jokes that I have seen on Maina CD in humor section very soon.
    Many MP3 CDís are available in local music shops throughout Haryana. I will post a comprehensive list of all the major music shops where these CDís are available and it should be of great help to all the ragini lovers to grab these CDís. Some of the titles creating waves in market are 52 gaon ki ragini,fauji ke sapne and chhori sanpele ki by Rajendra Kharakiya; Ranbir ki hit ragini by Ranbir Badwasaniya; then several volumes of competition are all available on Maina. Recently Jagdish cassettes have launched 6 volumes of Dinaud competition. It is also very good with Veerpal, Ranbir & Narendra Bhainswal performing and it has an excellent poem recited for the hit pair of Rajendra n Ranbir. There are so many titles available in market now but what really matters is the search for titles where Rajendra n Ranbir are performing live. Itís very hard to get such a title as they sung in tandem before year 2000 only!! Itís hard but not impossible and therefore I managed to find 2 good VCDís n I really enjoy watching them again n againÖ

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    Thanks Bhai Boora for the very nice information

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    Share raginis

    Bhai the very purpose of posting this article was to help out all ragini fans, endorse raginis in a constructive manner; encouraging fellow Jats to know about raginis and to create a platform where we privileged Jats can come together and help these ragini singers!! Well I want suggestions from all my dear friends in India n abroad that if we have a stock of raginis then how can we share them and how can we help out these singers!! So be generous in putting up suggestions please!!! Whatever collection I have, I am ready to share it but since it is a big one I would like to know how it is possible and what is the way out to share it and in a manner so that we just do not listen to them but can store also so as to make it available 24*7 across all locations!!

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    Rajendra bhai ki Raam Raam

    Dear all, today morning I spoke to Rajendra over phone and I am in such a great mood now!! There was a time when Rajendra had a tremendous fan following and it was so hard to contact him but this is what we call destiny!! To unke shabdo mey jo unhone aap sab ke liye kaha hai-Sabhi bhaiyo aur bahno ke charno mey shat shat pranaam!! Thatís like a true artist!! Come on Jats, only views are not adequate to help the cause, I need replies from all of you and and its not just about me, itís for all so just come forward and be volunteers and suggest ways by which we can share ragini and any ideas that can be of help to the ragini singers!!! And tonight there is a ragini competition in Faridabad-Sector 16 so those of you who can skip the hip hop duo ĎMobb Deepí show tonight in Delhi, just try to catch up with raginiís!!

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    Hi Amit,

    I can relate to what you have said in your intial post.

    And I did try to listen to Raginis from the Website and quite enjoyed it.

    Next time I'm in India maybe we can meet up and look at your collection or go for shopping.

    Good post and keep up your enthusiasm.


    "Mine is a peaceful religion, I will kill you if you insult it"

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    Faridabad Competition

    To bhaiyo I went to the ragini competiton held in Faridabad organized by Haryana Sewak Dal and it was a magnificent one!! It had huge crowd and I was so happy to see the turnout!! The crowd consisted of all age groups and overall the program was a treat to watch!! Singers included Ramesh Kalhawariya, Narendra Dangi, Narendra Bhainswal and in last but the best one ĖAzad Singh Khanda Kheri who portrayed social responsibility while singing a ragini about the evil practice of dowry ritual and female foeticide!! It was very heartening to see the diverse audience!! Hope all of us residing in various parts of Haryana try to catch up with competitions sometime!!

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    Hello Amit,
    It was pleasing to see that you are dedicated to popularising haryanavi ragnis. I happened to listen to lots of ragnis in childhood but didn't really become ragni fan as such. In fact I used to have not so favorable opinion on quality of lyrics and music in ragnis until recently when I started listening to ragnis online. Ragni is a unique expression of Jat culture and lyrics of some songs touch reality so intimately that you feel that you always seemed to know that but never really knew. Most of my fav ragni are by Rajendra Kharkia and some from competition collection. I had seen rajasthani folk music program in US and most of the music instruments are same as used by ragni singer. I think haryanavi ragnsi also reserve appreciation not only among Jats but wider audience. It is good to see booming cassette industry but cheap quality entertainment should be avoided. In other post I had enquied if there is any way of learning ragni music on these instrument(matka etc). Local competitions are good but as you said we should also introduce ragnis in our circle of influence. Haryanavimusic is good site but it need to be more active.
    More later.


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