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    More of raginis

    4 Dear Shiv Karan Singh n all other Ragini Lovers
    I'll definately post the list tommorow!! I m really finding it hard to sneak out time coz of my company's massive recruitment drive!! Anyway m so busy in work life now that i myself find it hard to keep a track of live competitions!! But i swear dear Shiv that there can't be a bigger treat than to watch a live competition!! It all depends on the crowd,i mean the aura which the ardent ragini fans create is awesome!! Bhai wo desi kilkiya sun kar u just feel yourself on cloud 9!! Itne sare desi aadmi ek sath n all with a common purpose which is to enjoy Ragini's!! Just imagine!! In villages where Yadavs n Gujjars r dominant they mostly invite UP ragini singers like Karampal n all but if u attend a competition somewhere in Bahadurgarh,Rohtak,Jhajjar,Hisar,Sonipat or Jind or for that matter even Dilli Suba villages n a village like Jharsa in Gurgaon u get the best of it!! Similarly the one i mentioned which was held in Faridabad a few days back was great!! The crowd was tremendous n it was really heartening to see so many people come together!! They have such good knowledge that they sing in chorus n scribble their requests on a piece of paper n pass it on to the stage!! Localites come ahead to reward the parties with even 10,20 Rs but the love they have for singers negates the value of currency!! Then there are people who even reward with 5100, 11000 Rs for each ragini they like!! I remember one competition which was held last year i think in Jahangirpur-Jhajjar where Sh. Bhupender Hooda-CM was the chief guest n it was 51,000 Rs on stake!! So go ahead, enjoy yourself, i'll post a list tommorow!!

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    Here is a list of music stores accross Haryana which stock Maina VCD's n CD's!! 4 guys who r in Gurgaon try Haryana Music Centre in Bhargava Palace on Railway Road near main post office!! Then there are couple of shops facing main Bahadurgarh bus stand!! Happy Shopping!! Enjoy!!!

    1. Jagdamba Radio-Rewari
    2. Sanay Radio- Charkhi Dadri
    3. Neelam Electronics-Hisar
    4. Pooja Electronics-Hisar
    5. Goyal Radio-Panipat
    6. Haryana Music Centre-Gurgaon
    7. Narang Recording Centre- Bahadurgarh
    8. Prince Electronics-Bhiwani
    9. Ahuja Cassette House-Rewari
    10. Simran Music Centre-Rohtak
    11. Ashu Music Centre-Rohtak
    12. Baba Electronics-Rohtak
    13. Ashoka Electronics-Jind
    14. Surendra Electronics-Jind
    15. Mor Electronics-Najafgarh
    16. Tulsi Music Centr-Gohana
    17. Pawan Radio-Gohana
    18. S P Electronics-Sonipat
    19. Chirag Electronics-Sonipat
    20. Music Mahal-Narnaul
    21. Dahiya Music Centre-Kharkhauda
    22. Chaudhary Electronics-Jhajjar
    23. Mittal Film City-Kaithal
    24. Bhata Music Centre
    25. Ashok Radio-Nangloi
    26. Bharat Electronics-Jhajjar
    27. Pooja Electronics-Barwala
    28. Raj Electronics-Hansi
    29. Vikas Electronics-Karnal
    30. Haryana Music Centre-Fatehabad
    31. Bharat Music Centre-Mahendragarh
    32. Anand Music Centre-Karnal
    33. Agarwal Music Centre-Loharu
    34. Guruji Music Mahal-Badli


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    repositry of haryanavi raginis

    Amit mentioned many places from where one can buy cassettes and cd's on haryanavi music. good field work done.
    One can try lajpat Rai market right opposite to red fort as it is the center for wholesale marketing and distribution as well. the prices too are really low and it also depends on one's bargaining skills but one cd with an mrp of rs 30-35 can be purchased in rs.15 and if one is buying in a lot it can be brought furthr down.
    Deepak kadyan

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    Hii to all,
    Well dear Deepak to be honest it's no great field work!! Actually I bought a Maina audio cassette recently n this list was found there on the inlay card!! It did not had the addresses mentioned otherwise I would have provided that also!! Anyway Deepak is very right that Lajpat Rai Market is a hub for all kind of VCD's n whatever VCD's i managed, got it from there only!! So try out, after all best of the things ask for best efforts!!

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    Narang Recording Centre- Bahadurgarh . where this shop located in bahadurgarh? If you know, please let me know, I want to buy LakhmiChand Ragani CD's. thanks for information.

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    aatma mile parmatma se jab bhi sune raagni or progress aapne logon ki

    Ram 2 sabne ,

    I want to share some of my experiences, i don't know when i started liking listening to raagnis may be from AIR , but what i know i inclined to apna culture so much that i started publicly saying with proud aapna culture agriculture [ as some where i heard sabe unnat kehti (farming) ], whenever i came to know that other person i met is jat or jatani a special feeling in my body is there, i call it something natural .

    I had some time back asked fellow ppl to start aapna jat tv like other tv stations those who r capable should come forward for this cause. Same i would like to say for other ventures like school, hospitals, counselling centres, recreation places & many other endless things where we ppl should get sepcial priorty as they may be from our ppl ventures.

    Last but not the least ppl like Amit Boora who had done so much to give common platforms for raagnis is really great, i know there r ppl with potential so they should post threads to express their views to share with us & last but not least to start the above ventures mentioned .My request is specially to newer generation who is loosing interest in apna culture be proud of what u r .

    Aatma kaise milti hai parmatma se mere hisab se if u like some music or else & u do foot tapping its ok but jib naad[ neck] hile to samjo beda paar . Hope u will all agree with me .

    Ram 2
    जाट के हाथ के नीचे ताज -९८९९६८६६६१
    साफा बांध ले तुर्हे दार |
    अचकन पहर ले धारी दार |
    पजामा पहर ले चूड़ी दार |
    जूती पहर ले तिल्ले दार |
    तलवार टांग ले चमक दार |
    मूछ राख ले घुंडी दार |

    सही कही भाई फौज दार |


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