Gokul's descendants

Gokul of Tilpat

I wonder if any of Gokuls's direct descendants are still living in the
Tilpat area?

Ravi Chaudhary

Col Verma wrote:


"As per the history and local folklore the palace was
destroyed during Jat revolt in Sadabad in which almost 5000 Jats gave
their lives to defend their honor. The leader Gokula was arrested and
beheaded in Agra in front of Kotwali. The place is now known as
Fawwara; the fountain (as the fountain of blood of warriors was shed)

Gokula; a Haga Choudhary belonged to the Tilapat vill now known as
Tilu Chihattar near Bisawar. The Jats of the area who revolted
belonged to Mahaban, Karab (the vill of ex minister of UP Sardar
Singh), Tilpat, Bisawar, Uncha Gaon, Naogoan (The Vill of the author)
and Arotha. The Mahaban and the Unchagaon had a proper fort. Other
vill had the mud forts surrounded by a ditch (the design of mud fort
was same as Kumbher or Bharatpur though smaller in size). The area is
mainly inhabited by the Jadu Vanshi Haga Choudharies. The Mahaban,
Karab, Bisawar, Unchagaon, Naogaon are the kheras (forts) of the Haga
Choudharies. In the revolt all other gotras of the Jats incl
Sinsinwars, Chahars, Ghayars, Sogariyas, and others also

Some writers have suggested that Gokul's goth was Sinsinwar.

I have thought this be of some question, and have not been convinced
of that.

We would welcome some primary research from any members who may be
from one of the villages cited;

Per Col Verma

Gokul beonged to " Tilapat" , modern Tilu Chihattar near Bisawar
.The revolt took place around the villages- .

The Mahaban, Karab, Bisawar, Unchagaon, Naogaon.

Obviously one would expect that Gokul's clan /family lived there, and
that his descendants should be found around Bisawar

Can any one shed some light?

Ravi Chaudhary