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Thread: Reservation of JAT's in Haryana.

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    Way forward

    Dear Brahm - Rakesh- Renu- Sunil and Jitander
    Thank you very much for your open support for a noble cause.
    This is History of Reservation.
    It start from 15% for 15 yrs and now 68% in some states.
    It will never end in India. 3% Jats have no match to 68 %.
    Yah katam hone wali Bimari nahi hae.
    kisi ko baham hae to kardo khatm- good luck to them.
    JB road per Aadrash samaj nahi bante.
    Aadrash samaj bante hae khet-khliyano mae.
    Jab dusare Farmers caste ko resrvation mile gaya
    to jats ko bhi apna rasancard 3% ka banbana chahiye.
    Apne hise ki Chini aur rasan ka quata lo- mehnat karo.
    Andhere mae bathe ho- Apne hise ka Teal- Petral- Bijli
    leakar Ghar mae Diva bati - Bijli to Jalao.
    Andher maei TotaRam aur JatRam ka jutt bajj raha.
    Apas mae ladna chhod do- problem sy ladoo
    aur apas mae ladna hae teal ko quata lekar
    Diva chas kar Ladoo- kuch maja to aayega.
    vah bat hae- Tota mae Jat ky lugai ny ky gadhi
    ny pita kar- Lugai to abhi sarkari hogai.
    Bechari Gadhi ki maar aagye. Jat ka sara gusa gadhi per.

    Agar Jats unity nahi rakh sakte to alag ho jao.

    Apas mae family mae rooj ki ladai aachi nahi hae.
    Yad rakhna- Yah Jat kisan ka Economical Right hae.
    Ham kisi BP Singh ya Arjun singh sy Bhekh nahi maag rahe.
    Yah jat kisan ky Adhikar aur nokari- education ki ladai hae.
    Jab CH- Devilal BP singh ko nahi roksake
    Tum Arjun singh ko Rokne wale kis khet ki muli ho.
    Himat hae to rokdo- No resevation on caste.
    Equal rights to all. fare and free competion

    This is History of CH. Devilal.
    It all began, and ended, in the Byzantine maze of intrigue and skulduggery of the Delhi durbar. And as is generally the case -- in war, politics or corporate restructuring -- the foot soldiers were the cannon fodder.

    When Haryana strongman Chaudhary Devi Lal, also the deputy prime minister at that time, had flexed his muscles along with a crowd of over 500,000 at Red Fort in Delhi a certain Vishwanath Pratap Singh got jittery. He had ascended the throne of the prime minister quelling challenges by many, among them Lal.

    Conventional wisdom suggests that V P Singh realised the only way to checkmate Devi Lal within the loose conglomeration that he headed was to unleash the caste card. And that he did, extremely well in foresight, by dusting the mothballed Mandal Commission report.

    Singh's 'altruistic motives' of social justice apart, for many the report meant an end of a dream. Nowhere was the shattered dream more evident than in the corridors of the Jubilee Hall hostel in Delhi University's North Campus. Dominated by students from Bihar, most had migrated to the capital having lived, slept and breathed civil services. Suddenly, overnight, their chances had been halved by an executive diktat. (For the uninitiated Delhi University is divided into North Campus, where the older colleges are located, and South Campus, populated by newer ones)

    Brilliant minds, young, eager and keen to make a mark in the world, if pushed to a corner by apparent injustice can only spark off one thing -- rebellion. And that was exactly what was plotted in the mess rooms of the hostel.

    By a certain quirk of fate, I was privy to the many discussions on how the agitation was to be moulded. After several brainstorming sessions we were clear about three things -- no violence, no inconvenience to ordinary folks and novel methods of protest.

    The basic premise of the anti-Mandal Commission agitation was simple. Why should an essentially divisive element and a carry over of the traditional society be a factor in determining something as modern as jobs? Why should people be divided on the basis of surnames? And why, oh why, should merit be not the first, foremost and the only factor in determining who stood face in job race?

    An agitation aiming to attract attention without violence and inconvenience to daily commuters requires out of the box thinking. No one knows who thought of it first, but a slogan had the usually ham-handed Delhi Police pussyfooting when it came to beating us down. "Andar ke baat hai, Delhi police hamare saath hai," we would shout, and the normally reticent and the burly cops would break out into a smile. For almost a month the cops refused to baton charge us, often going against the orders of their superiors.

    Another method we hit upon was that of redesignating key crossings in Delhi as Kranti Chowks (Revolution Squares). Some students camped there indefinitely, while others would converge at certain times of the day to let people know why we were so worked up. Two of them, one at DU and another at AIIMS Safdarjung, were set up where we would stop motorists for 15 minutes every hour or so explaining our position patiently. Many, instead of getting angry, would actually offer us to drop us back to our colleges.

    One among many given the task of organising South Campus colleges, my first brush with Rajiv Goswami was at one of the 'awareness' meetings at Deshbandhu College. A natural leader Goswami did not hide his political aspirations. He wanted to contest the college presidential elections, and he told me as much that he saw his involvement in the agitation as a stepping-stone to university politics. But personal gains aside, he had fire in the belly and a sense of being wronged. He, like many, could not understand for the good lord why merit was not the first, and the only, criteria for jobs.

    Unlike the North Campus, the South Campus is not a single cluster. While Sri Venkateswara, Atma Ram Sanatam Dharam, Motilal Nehru, Ramlal Anand, Jesus and Mary and Maitreyi colleges comprised one cluster, Deshbandhu, Bhagat Singh and College of Vocational Studies comprised another. In addition there were one-off colleges, like Dyal Singh, which were located in other parts of the city.

    For an agitation, logistically, South Campus provided a greater challenge than the North simply due to its scattered nature. As a natural leader, Rajiv Goswami quickly took on the mantle of a magnet for the Deshbandhu cluster, while we got busy with the Venkateswara cluster.

    With the cops refusing to use force, popular support in our favour and Devi Lal breathing down V P Singh's neck, the Raja of Manda was desperate to break the back of the agitation.

    And he did it in one stroke by dangling the carrot of reservations to the Jats. Devi Lal was partly mollified and backed off. The Jats who had joined the agitation saw no reason to carry on. The effect was most apparent in the Jat-dominated Delhi Police. The velvet glove was off and brutal force was used to break up processions and the Kranti Chowks were under siege.

    The support from the Jat-dominated colleges like Motilal Nehru college, Ramlal Anand college and ARSD college vanished overnight. The unity of purpose evaporated, and the cause started withering.

    It was at this time Rajiv Goswami called for a meeting at his college, the Deshbandhu. Thousands gathered that day, but no one imagined what was about to happen. When I saw flames leaping out some 15 metres ahead of me, my first thought was that the burning effigy should not lead to violence. Several screams later, it hit me. It wasn't an effigy. It was a flesh and blood human being. It was Rajiv Goswami.

    " A society which worships incompetence, where not ability but want is the criterion for reward shall be doomed. "
    Karam Yogi Bano. Hamne kis tarah Education li- Kase NDA- Competive Exams mae top kiya- aaj ki generation such bhi nahi sakti.
    London- Cambridge- UK- USA mae Merit ky aadhar per compete kiya hae
    My family will always fight on merit and talent.
    never take advantage in future for reservation.
    But lots of family in my village need help badly.
    kitne jats family han jo education aur merit
    ky aadhar per compete kar sakti han
    India mae 1000 aur International level per 100.
    kahan hae Jatoo ky pas Standrad ki top education.
    CH Bansi lal ky time mae 2.5 educated jat they.
    Abhi 1% muskil sy hongy. yah kae generations
    ky balidan aur kadi mehnat parinam hota hae.
    Siraf Laptop co nae dae diya ya kharid liya
    jasa asan kam nahi hae.
    Khelni mhalni mata dekhi
    haad phod kar dhasi nahi
    Internet ky pahalwan
    kisi marad jat sae fanse nahi
    Chandan mae khusbo hoti-
    Pathar per ghisna padta hae.
    Gudadi mae Lal hote han.
    per sabhi mae perkhane
    tarasane ki talent nahi hoti.
    India mae Talent JB road per
    bhikh magkar bhukhi marjati hae.
    Pagadi Sambhal Ohh Jataa
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    Jay Jawan Jay Kisan Jay Shaheed

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    Quote Originally Posted by brahmtewatia View Post
    rakesh anti-reservationiston ko liquid CO2 ya liquid nitrogen ke cryogenic containers mein band kar do...seele paani ke chhabke maaran tae kuchh na huay...inhein cryogenic storage tanks mein band kar do...i mean freeze them biologically nd take them out after 10 years. :p:D

    Only reminded of this doha :

    ati ka bhala na barasna ati ki bhali na dhoop
    ati ka bhal ana bolna ati ki bhali na choop.

    ati = excess.

    And probably the analogy here what i was thinking is of "ati" of sarcasm. opinions might differ but a respect for other's would be always appreciated.

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    Aarkshan jaton ki mang nahi adhikar hai

    desh mein sth salon se andha dhundh sahrikaran hone ke karan 70% se bhi kam log gaon mein
    rah gaye hain. year 1966-67 mein haryana ka ambala saher kewal ekmatar sehar the jiski aabdi
    1 lakh thi, aaj aise 20 sehar hai|faridabad populatioan has crossed 10lacs, but 85%
    population of jats still lives in villages and ther occupation is agriculture only in
    comparison with overall population of haryana whose only 68% lives in villages. According to
    stats provided by govt , the fall in education and health is really concerning.haryana
    stand at 23 place out of 28 in literacy rate. 30% of urban population has access to 68%
    technicle education whereas 70% rural population has access only to 30% of technical pvt education is very costly which a rural jat cant afford. in rural haryana
    we have 448 hospitals, health center and dispensaries and sub center where doctor and basic
    neccesities are very difficult to get, due to this the money of villages is going in the
    hands of pvt nursing home whereas if you look at the cities we have 70 large civil hospitals
    and around 256 other facilities.
    the fertilty of land and water level is going down everyday due to which the production is
    decreasing proportionately, for example in decade 1985-95 the increse in production was
    3.4% which came down to low 1.3% in 1995-05. when we look at the cost a farmer incure , its
    has gone up 2-4 times. In district wise production haryana is lagging behind UP(western),
    rajasthan and punjab ,at the same time rates of agricultural produt is going down.For
    example , in 1947 rate of wheat was Rs24/100kg which is at Rs850/100kg in '07 so overall
    increment of 23 times whereas rate of oil, iron and fertilisers have gone up by 150
    times.Due to this earning of farmers is going in hands of others. If we look at the
    increment of iron, oil and others the rate of wheat should have been Rs 3600/100kg in '07.
    Dr Swaminathan committe also recommended for this increment based upon above facts but
    central govt threw them in a dustbin. It is mentioned that agriculture is matter of state
    but when its come down to rates of products it is done by centre. Everywhere in world every
    producer specify the price of the product they are producing but when it came down to farmer
    he does not has this right which is against the article 14 of indian constitution besides
    this the conditions of WTO upon him has made him behind the race in comparison where govt
    supports farmers upto 160%, if you look at india subsidies at fertilisers has been scraped
    due to which farmers has to buy it in black. We get a subsidy of 256 on gas cylinder where
    in a farmer buy a cylinder at the rate of 400, now govt has started importing flour which is
    the final nail in coffin of a farmer.

    tO be CONTD.
    Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqder se pehle
    Khuda bande se ye poche bata teri raza kia hai

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    Due to economic policies of govt sensex has touched 20k and economy is expected to touch
    10%, but agricultural economy is around 4%. 83% of total income of india is going in hands
    of 30% of population, whereas only 17% goes to 70% of rural population.The PCI of haryana is
    at the highest from last year but its because of the gurgaon, faridabad and other
    cities.Rural industries are going down very fast and share of electricity given to farmer
    is going to industries in cities. JAT is not against the industrilization still there are
    lot of industries which are dependent on agriculture but electricity given to the farmers
    and industry is at the same rate but when its comes to rates at which there product will be
    sold, industry sell at there own price and for farmers govt do it according to without there
    concern. In rural haryana PCI is less then whole bihar. Chandigarh and DElhi's PCI is 60k
    and they are at par with european countries. This difference between rural and urban
    economy is really Govt very dangerous.
    Govt is saying that to cultivate land below 10acre is business of loss but in haryana 67%
    population has below 5acre land. Same condition is of Punjab and UP.After independece govt
    regularise the land rule and introduced surplus sealing rule but not even a single penny of
    businessman has been surplused till date. The land of village is now distributed among those
    with no land Due to this there is hardly any land availabe where animal can graze because
    of all this milk will become a big business in future but govt is cutting the throats of
    animals and killing the future business of rural JAT farmer.This policy will become the main
    reason of fight in future. If govt buy these plots and then allot them to the landless then
    Jats will be happy but for vote bank politics govt is doing it all, govt should not do this
    otherwise farmer will not able to stay either in village or city. Rural unemployment is
    increasing very fast. Rural unemployed educated youth is harddly registering in unemployment
    office as they dont have any hope because govt jobs are decreasing very fast and above that
    you have to pay for them. Govt stats 2004-05 speaks for itself, out of 4crore 14 lacs
    unemployed, 75% are from rural background. In year 1998 , the reservation of jats in armed
    forces was reduced to 20% from 40%. Green revolution was beneficial only to 15% and 85% are
    still suffering from misery and loans but still farmers need to pay stamp duty and compound
    interest. besides all these the middle men are swindling the farmers. On land farmers get a
    loan of 10% whereas on city land you a get a loan of 90%. Car , which is for luxury you can
    buy them at 8% where as tractor and other items of agricultural usage item we get them a
    11%. Kisan credit card is a legal way to take away the land of farmer, which is also known
    as death card. Due to above all farmers are getting addicted to alcohals and commiting
    suicide and govt hasnt taken any survey why so many farmers are commiting suicide, if we
    look at the figures they could beat any breaking news on news channels and in all these Jat
    farmer sucide figure is more then 95% compared with other caste.In these conditions till
    what date Jat will remain thanksfull to nation? IS this the PRICE he has to pay for being a
    On one hand govt boast of measures taken for health but in Haryana consumption of DESI
    Alcohol has gone up from 14lac litre( yr 1966-77) to 5crore litre. In Haryana out of 6781
    total village , 5130 has Jat population who are economically backward and due to this they
    are backward in society. Today they are deprived of reservation. in our constitution we dont
    have any rule for economy based reservation, social backwardness is considered for
    reservation, but rural Jat has gone down by both these.Every govt boast of being pro farmer
    then why this condition of farmers? If look at figures, In 4th five year planning govt gave
    16.07% of the budget for agriculture but in 10th planning we came down to 2.09%, but till
    date no MP from farmer caste raised there voice leave alone the resignination from
    parliament. International figures state that 82% of population of developing nation is in
    villages. All other caste belonging to same social and economical staus equivalent to Jats
    are already there in reservation list, out of which some even boast of having status above
    jats. On the other hand status of Jats through out the country is same. Based on above
    figures the govt of Delh, UP, Rajasthan,MP,HP, J&K and Rajasthan has given reservation to
    Jats as they believe they are really socially backward. When the Jat of Delhi is
    economically and socially backward how the Jat of Haryana is economically and socially
    forward? This seem like a joke that efforts are being made to spilt this caste. Jats of
    Rajasthan( except Jats belonging to Bharatpur) have been given resrvation by centre
    also.They have been left out as they belong to the ryal background. In that place only one
    family belong to that royal backgroung not the whole district. Even though one whole caste
    claim that they belong to the family of God but they got the reservation.Now the question
    arises if the caste belonging to gods ancestar can get the reservaton then why not those
    belonging to royal family? Today the reservation is right of rural Jat of Haryana & Punjab
    as it is of other caste. Some people talk of reservation based on economic status but that
    is possible only through amendment in constitution. When parliament has ( both loksabha and
    rajyasabha) total of 796 member out of which 438 belong to caste which are already under
    reservation and others are not opposing the current scenario in reservation because they
    also get vote from those caste. Then from where we will get the 447(2/3) members for
    amendment? We should not forget it was supposed to be reviewed after 10year but it was never
    done. Reservation based on economic status will never be there as current scenario of
    reservaton is food and oxygen for our democracy where our MP & MLA are reserved. Jats are
    supporter of democracy then why this discrimination with them? Besides education Now govt is
    planning for reservation in pvt sector as well as Law. Higher caste are advocating that govt
    services should be based on qualificaion whereas govt stats speaks that out of around 6000
    caste, 6 higher caste in 1990 has 79% IAS officers, by year 2005 in central ministries 98%
    officers and workers, In industries they have hold over 70%. Both these campaign are for
    fraud and misguiding Jats. "JAT is neither a Dalit nor a higher caste". Rural Jat does not
    has any religious issue his god are fields. His belief is "AATMA HI PRAMAATMA HAI".Selfish
    people are wasting there energy by deviating all these from economic issues.Today's Jat has
    become an object for filling space for political rallies, this is political exploitation of
    Jats. The economic backwardness is the reason for social backwardness. Due to this Jat
    farmer is lagging behing both economically as well as socially. So, Reservation is not the
    demand but has become the RIGHT which he should get otherwise govt will suffer drastically
    beacuse of this drastic discrimination. This is not a threat but a warning.
    So, its appeal to all JATS that they should ponder over the truth and should come forward to
    supporrt the RESERVATION and they should campaign for it and stand for it otherwise our
    coming generations will never excuse us. From 16 year by opposing reservation they have made
    a mistake and now we should reddem it.
    Every jat shouls say:- "Reservation for us also". Unity is the other name of Jats.
    'jat jhat sanghate' means Jats and demcratic federations are synonyms.
    Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqder se pehle
    Khuda bande se ye poche bata teri raza kia hai

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    Quote Originally Posted by anilsinghd View Post
    Only reminded of this doha :

    ati ka bhala na barasna ati ki bhali na dhoop
    ati ka bhal ana bolna ati ki bhali na choop.

    ati = excess.
    ati ka bhala na barasna ati ki bhali na dhoop = ???
    ati ka bhal ana bolna ati ki bhali na choop. = ???

    vivid imaginations r like personal fantasies, they dont demand any respect...only to b thrashed !!
    ! ... be BOLD in what you stand for !
    !! ... i've the simplest tastes, i'm always satisfied with the best !!
    !!! ... be yourself, everyone else is already taken !!!

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    Plz go through the post in social responsibility : " AARKSHAN JATON KI MANG NAHI ADHIKAR HAI"
    specially those who are against the reservation they should read it completely.
    I think tewatiaji is right when he says let there be reservation and who are against it, they should not take the benefit but the needy one should get it.
    I think those who are against reservation they are not aware of facts and have not seen the people's plight. They are talking all bookish , not the the practical things.

    Those who are saying that jat's of haryana dont need any reservation as there CM is jat and in past also there were jat CMs then what they have to say about Bihar and UP where they do have Dalit and OBC CM at present and in past?

    Other people are included in reservation based on there caste but when it come to Jats they say they are economically forward, then why not have it on the basis of economic basis for all?

    So, who are against it should contemplate the facts and then come forward.
    Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqder se pehle
    Khuda bande se ye poche bata teri raza kia hai

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    There were many Jaat CM’s in Haryana and none of them has taken any steps. If majority of Jaats need reservation then why these people rally behind those Jaat CM’s who did not support reservation. There are more than 20% jaats vote in Haryana and most of these votes are clustered and hence they can take advantage of it. CM has full power to do it. These so called supporters of reservation on this site are just supporting on this platform and none of them has taken any concrete step in reality to achieve their objective of reservation other then just formation of groups for ‘CHOUDHRA’. I do not support reservation on cast basis because the so called elite of the community will take advantage of it and all those supporters who are advocating this idea are part of that elite group. I support that resources should be provided to economically backward people so that they can compete with other people who are economically sound.
    Yoginder Gulia

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    Dekhi- chodhary-teri marod


    Jat ki marod tut gaye- BAL NAHI GAYA
    ALL JATS HAVE To JOIN SC/BC dominated party.
    vote bank 68% unke pas hae.3% ki dal nahi galegi.
    Jhuti marod ka koe labh nahi.

    Jats ka Bahin ji ky Charano mae Gujara hae.
    Natwar Singh jase top mind- Historian.
    Jat royalty ki Nak- Bharatpur famiy.
    Maharaja Patiala jiska sala. Cambrige ki cream
    Top diplomat Ex- F Minister.
    jase jatoo ny Bahin ji ka sahara lae liya
    Aam Jat ki Nak- Marod kahan rah gaye.
    Abhi to Izat ky sath BC- Dusare kisano ka
    pala thamloo.
    Rasi Jal gaye Bal nahi Jala.
    Vah ry Jat teri marod
    Bhagwan bhi man gaya teri jat hath- marod ko
    Natwar’s son joins BSP

    Jaipur, July 12
    Two years after he was expelled from the Congress in the wake of the Iraqi oil-for-food scam, Jagat Singh, son of former external affairs minister Natwar Singh, today joined the BSP and said his father would soon follow suit.

    Jagat, a sitting MLA from Laxman Garh, who was expelled from the Congress two years ago on the charge of anti-party activities, told the media that his father, who had left the Congress, would also join the BSP soon.

    Immediately after joining the BSP, Jagat was appointed vice-president of Rajasthan unit of the party ahead of the Assembly polls due in the state later this year.

    Parleys with the BSP about his joining, the party had been going on for quite some time, Jagat said and claimed his entry into the party would have an impact on Jat politics in the state. “The Jats are unhappy with the Congress since Ashok Gehlot was made the Chief Minister in 1999 instead of a leader from their community and also with the BJP for not honouring its commitments.” — PTI
    Jay Jawan Jay Kisan Jay Shaheed

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    Thank you- Renku Bhai

    Thank you Renku Bhai- Welcome
    Sahi time per hit kiya. Chahad Gaon ka lag sae
    Sangwan- Sheoran- Punia ny Panchayat karke
    Aaraksan ky hak mae parastav pas kar diya.
    Saravkhap ny bhi kar diya
    28 Jatmahasabhas ny pas kar diya
    Abhi kon roknewala hae
    HARYANA CM ny bhi savikar karna padega
    Jay Jawan Jay Kisan Jay Shaheed

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    many societies were created dudeeji but they are not serving the purpose of jats...

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    Thank you Dudeeji, vaise its Rinku not renku
    I'm from bisalwas between Loharu & badhra not from chahad

    and for kind information let me tell you yoginder ji that in current scenario

    When parliament has ( both loksabha and
    rajyasabha) total of 796(approx.) member out of which 438 belong to caste which are already under
    reservation and others are not opposing the current scenario in reservation because they
    also get vote from those caste. Then from where we will get the 447(2/3) members for
    amendment? We should not forget it was supposed to be reviewed after 10year but it was never
    done. Reservation based on economic status will never be there as current scenario of
    reservaton is food and oxygen for our democracy where our MP & MLA are reserved. Jats are
    supporter of democracy then why this discrimination with them?

    When reservation for OBC was announced by our HRD minister , i was shocked and surprised as there was already 22% reservation then why this? I even took part in anti reservation protest in Delhi by students. i have many friends from delhi who fall under OBC reservation but they do not avail it " as they think they dont need it and i think they are right" but situation is not so good for everyone. Let me tell you one incident, there was this guy who got 67/100 and one guy was having 3/100( its true just this much), you know out of these two who got the admission? the latter one because i think you can guess why?

    now come to your point yoginderji that in haryana we had so many jat CM but they did nothing even though they vote for them so now the question is what is guarantee that if they will vote for any other party( NON JAT) they will do something about them? All the politician are side of the same coin "Ghar mein aake dane koi nahi gerta sab apna matlab sidha karte hain". and state where their are yadav CM and dalit CM what they are doing to improve their conditions and to take them out of this reservation?

    So, from my point its more of ego issue with many Jats then anything else

    I think nobody out here is against the reservation on basis of economic status but it is not practical , it seem hypothetical. The CM of rajasthan recently gave 14%( not sure) reservation to economically poor from upper class but to pass it she need to put it in Vidhan Sabha then only it can be implemented, i think if everything goes fine in above cases then it will open doors for other also to think about it.

    I seriously think we need amendment in our reservation policy but that is not in our hands and we cant wait for it to happen
    So, let support it for all those who need it, this is the need of the hour
    Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqder se pehle
    Khuda bande se ye poche bata teri raza kia hai

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    M totally against dis reservation on d basis of caste,govt shud provide financial help 2 d meritorious students,who r not able 2 pursue their education due 2 poverty,but dis caste based reservation is totally unfair.

    This reservation system was introduced in our constitution just 4 10-15 yrs after independence,its purpose was 2 uplift d economically backward ppl but nowdays dis purpose is diverting .Only creamy layer is getting benefits from dis reservation or v can say its all politics ,nothing else.

    Politicians r beating d drums of reservation for filling their vote banks n nothing else.


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    One thing that comes to my mind is :

    "Opposition where necessary , cooperation where possible"

    Why so many of you are adamant on reservation on the basis of caste even though you know it its not feasible to have it on the basis of economical status? reasons i have mentioned earlier also.

    all those who are against it , i would like to ask them: what they did when Arjun singh annouced the reservation for OBC( besides reading that news at your place and watching it on tv & criticising the politician)? how many of you participate in voting & on whom you vote and on what condition?

    yahan pe baith ke to koi kuch bhi likh de lekin pata to tab lage na jab bahr ghumke dekho aur dekho logon ki halat kaisi hai kyunki jab "kaal " padta hai to govt saal ke 2000 rupee se per acre nahi deti muwaja , too iss baat se andaza lag sakta hai ki jiske 3 acre jamin hai uska 6000 mein pure saal kaise kaam chalta hoga ( bacho ko padhane ki baat to durr) aur aisse mein you people talk of providing better education to all? nah to isme Govt kuch karti aur nahi vo jo baat karte hai ki reservation nahi hona chahiye?

    rahi baat reservation ki to vo to hum leke rahenge aur agar koi iske khilapat mein aayega to usko bhi dekhenge jab hum road pe aayenge kyunki hindustan mein to koi chiz hak se to milti nahi yahan to sab chhinana padta hai.

    Aur rahi baat politician ki too "let them do their work and we will do our work" kyunki finally insaan wahi kar sakta hai na jo uske bass mein hoga ?

    Initially reservation was introduced for the upliftment of society n i think today Jaton ko iski bahut jaruri hai jisse unka bhi thoda udadhar ho jaye.
    Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqder se pehle
    Khuda bande se ye poche bata teri raza kia hai

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