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Thread: GRE help

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    GRE help

    Does anyone know any free site with a lot of GRE practice tests?

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    Hello Amit,
    you are asking for site that provide GRE stuff for you.well in my opinion if you are not ready to join highly institutes(like jambooree or some else) then simply go for USEFI(United States Educational Foundation In India) Hailey Road(Cannaught Palace).This helps you very lot interms of GRE,GMAT,TOEFL,etc... This institute is setup by Americans for those Indians who are willing to study in U.S.A. THis institute helps a lot in Documentation,Visa Counselling particular university Prospects.This is not like British Council.It is very different from British's are there for online testing yourself.

    And the charges for that is also very less:--
    for 1 year - 1500/-rupees
    there is also membership for those who want only for 1 month, 3 months, or for only 1 day enquiry.

    And friend GRE exam if two types 1(General)2(Subjective).
    And if you want software's of GRE then get all that from Nehru Place.there you can find lot's of pirated cd's.And if you want to download the software or watch the question's then hit link is for general test) there is a hyperlink for subject test also go through them.

    if still there are enquiries then post it
    "Mahesh Ahlawat"

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    Hi Amit,
    Yaar dont go after wasting time on finding websites. I would suggest go to Nehru Place (Delhi) get some CD for some 100 bucks which will have almost all the practice test softwares available in it.

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    thank you friends for you replies, but I want some website addresses as I am here in Canada, and all I need is a lot of questions based on the pattern of the exam, sort of question banks, I have barrons, and princeton math review but I want more questions, thus if you know any website then please help me, thank you for the help extended.

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