Sumit bhai you have raised a very geniune concern.. as it is affecting mainly the JAT youth.. Being isolated from other communities and living as introverts is a danger to our swift progress. However, JAT-attitude is able to compromise these short-comings in us and if used in controlled manner (I agree whole heartedly with Brahm ji) can totally change how we are looking at opportunities in life. But Anil ji I was expecting more than quotations from your side.

For some of us to make a difference in life it takes a little incident while for others a big loss. But inspite of all this, many have taken the burden to bring about a small change in others life. Devika ji you gave a very good example of such a person. But I disagree that for the sake of communicating with others we marry in their communities.

Dhakaji & Ajay mallik ji I agree in the past the JAT parents were not concerned about Girl education. But today, if you research a little, you will realise that JAT parents are spending more w.r.t. education of their children, when compared with other communities. Even in poor families, JAT girls are educated, though only for the sake of getting a better groom for them. As a result we boys get offers of marriage to over-educated Girls (Most of my Graduate friends are married to Post-Grads Girls...). The only concern remains that though the JAT girls are Highly educated will they be able to use their skills after marriage.(I would like my spouse to choose what she would like to do professionally) But mostly the girls are left to be over-qualified House-wives for the rest of their life after marriage.