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Thread: Jats in Today's World

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    Sumit bhai you have raised a very geniune concern.. as it is affecting mainly the JAT youth.. Being isolated from other communities and living as introverts is a danger to our swift progress. However, JAT-attitude is able to compromise these short-comings in us and if used in controlled manner (I agree whole heartedly with Brahm ji) can totally change how we are looking at opportunities in life. But Anil ji I was expecting more than quotations from your side.

    For some of us to make a difference in life it takes a little incident while for others a big loss. But inspite of all this, many have taken the burden to bring about a small change in others life. Devika ji you gave a very good example of such a person. But I disagree that for the sake of communicating with others we marry in their communities.

    Dhakaji & Ajay mallik ji I agree in the past the JAT parents were not concerned about Girl education. But today, if you research a little, you will realise that JAT parents are spending more w.r.t. education of their children, when compared with other communities. Even in poor families, JAT girls are educated, though only for the sake of getting a better groom for them. As a result we boys get offers of marriage to over-educated Girls (Most of my Graduate friends are married to Post-Grads Girls...). The only concern remains that though the JAT girls are Highly educated will they be able to use their skills after marriage.(I would like my spouse to choose what she would like to do professionally) But mostly the girls are left to be over-qualified House-wives for the rest of their life after marriage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajaylamba View Post
    S Even in poor families, JAT girls are educated, though only for the sake of getting a better groom for them. As a result we boys get offers of marriage to over-educated Girls (Most of my Graduate friends are married to Post-Grads Girls...). The only concern remains that though the JAT girls are Highly educated will they be able to use their skills after marriage.(I would like my spouse to choose what she would like to do professionally) But mostly the girls are left to be over-qualified House-wives for the rest of their life after marriage.
    Higher education is not simply to get a job.

    The lady of the house, in our increasing nuclear families, has to juggle the responsibilities of the

    1) the husband, the children , their schooling, the inlaws, the parents, the realtives

    2) The house- food, cooking

    All in all quite a task, for the lady has to be a 'superwoman' to achieve even part of these tasks successfully.

    On top of this she has to also find, and keep a job.

    There is nothing wrong with girls working professionally. Indeed it is desirable,- a broader exposure to the world, which can only benefit the family.

    Then there is the question of a girl being more educated than the husband, and being a over qualified housewife.

    There is no such a thing as an over educated housewife. Education can only benefit the family, as education grows and develops the mind, and there are no limits to education and learning.

    We must separate education from 1) income earning 2) bringing up the family

    Ravi Chaudhary

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    "What hampers us Haryanvi Jats is our Clannish Racial Pride in our Fair Skin, Bravery, Strong Handsome Physique and our fighting prowess. This makes us look like NAZIS OF INDIA and making other communities despise us."

    Please please as if this is the last wish remaining to be fulfilled, the Jats as Nazis. Mind such usage. This is how exactly others want us to behave. Dont create a trap for yourself with such identities as Nazi.

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    Lets not get narcissistic about Jattitude. The best way is to demystify it by self-criticism. Our inability to give a political and social change after ch. Charan Singh shows how weak we are in terms of caste and class consciousness.

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    Dear all,
    A nice discussion and on an important subject. Having studied and worked outside the 'Jatland' area, I fully appriciate the problem. It is there in a big way and hampers the growth of future generations.
    Better communication skills make you a better member of any Forum or discussion. If you cannot put across your point of view, how can you give your opinion? How can you be heard and appreciated.
    But most rural Jats lack that .We may give it any term like 'Jattitude' or 'Introvert' etc but the fact is that it there because of our lack of confidence in our self. A Vijender may speak any language and people will listen to him as they would listen to former President Abdul Kalam (with all his southern accent).Either you excel in your field or gain confidence through any other mean.
    One way is to ensure that English in our villages is taught in English only and not in Hindi. Second way is to spread this awareness through NGOs specially raised for this. But the most important and most effective way to counter our complex is through, awareness of ourselves. Our youth need to know the good qualities of our culture, background and what the community stands for. Besides our rustic outlook to life we have tell the outside world why we are superior to others. Small things like our widow marriage system as compared to some other communities where they leave their widows to fend for themselves in a strange land. How we respect our elders even while sitting on a Kot/charpoy, where the eldest sits towards the head of the charpoy. Why we do not marry within the same Gotra or the fact that Jats worship their ancestors like many advanced races. The list is endless, if we document these. Isn’t our food like 'rabdi' more healthy ,fat free and innovative ? It can act as a dinner as well as breakfast with changing quality and taste, after fermentation
    overnight. Lets see the goodness in our culture and make people aware .The job is with the educated and the intellectuals.Lets do it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ambijat View Post
    "What hampers us Haryanvi Jats is our Clannish Racial Pride in our Fair Skin, Bravery, Strong Handsome Physique and our fighting prowess
    Hey now, where is this coming from. Jat Men and Women are more handsome than anyone else, our fighting prowess is not up for debate it has been settled once for all in the annals of history, we are stronger than other losers in India. Here are examples...
    1. Virendar Sehwag--before he came on the scene no Indian Batsman has ever scored 300 in any country, this soorma did so in pakistan our nemesis. he single handidly holds the record of scoring 300 in 278 balls. He is one of the three batsman in the world to have scored 300 twice. When he steps on the field, other teams give him the respect and they know from offset there is a very good chance they will lose this match to India
    2. It was Jat wrestlers, shooter and boxers who made this nation proud and showed the way for other to follow that we do not go to olympics to participate but to compete and win.
    3. It was men like Yuvraj Singh who socred 6x6 balls one of the few in world to accomplish this feat
    list keeps on going on...
    As far as our looks are concerned, ask some Jat men of their conquest in western countries. Our genetics are sturdier and healthier than many other races, communities of Bharat.

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    Karan, I fully agree with you. The problem is jat is like Hanuman who does not know his strength. There is requirement of knowing self & exploiting good qualities & improving on weaknesses. regards

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    Some answers to.......How far we (JATS) have come. Although some contributors of the thread are missing in action now but I can't stop myself from recognizing the starter of the thread and members well informed contributions to the same.

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    A great thread, I just chanced upon, quickly perused from start to the end, found most contributors to be of my kind of people in terms of kind of dogma-free people I would like to have a civilized mutually-learning dialogue, have added most of you as a friend. Thanks to all of you. I also noticed that most of you are engaging in a rewarding discussion in a respectful manner, without wasting time in fake niceties or being too apologetic about disagreement. I like this about you guys, to the point, no BS, yet respectful and no one-up manship so far.

    I believe this discussion about 'Jats in today's world' can be broadly categorized in 3 areas and we cna pursue all three in parallel though they influence each other.
    I will highlight those broad areas and will attempt to quickly high level review the discussion thus far (I do not claim to be comprehensive or accurate in the review).

    A. Meta Level (abstract thoughts, almost philosophical ideas): bare touched upon
    Things have been barely touched upon at meta level (what is a jat) but not yet explored in details. I suggest to explore the following as well:
    A.2 Fundamental Question About My Identity: We human use various associations to define our identity. Association with clan, caste, religion, region, language, family, race, nationality, elite educational or other types of clubs, etc. Different people give different weightage to these factors that define our identity. For some clan/caste association has a higher weightage than (say) nationality or religion. For example: jats who converted to Islam under force (preserve caste and life over religion) vs their next door neighbors who chose to fight and die instead of convert (preserve religious & honor over life). I am not making any value judgement. Example is purely for demonstration. We must discuss at meta level (generalized for most jats) as to what it means to be jat and how does this jat identity fits into other factors that impact our definition of personal identity.

    A.2 Who Am I: What it means to be Jat, contemporary definition of being a Jat - AS IS Definition (the way we are, who we are) and TO BE definition (the way we want to be)

    [B][I]A.3 Where I want to go?: Where do we want to see jats to go? 'To Be' definition of being Jat.

    B.3 Macro Level (jats within the context of the world): briefly discussed, yet to be explored

    C. Micro level (introspection, harnessing jattitude, channeling emotions, gaining communication skills and confidence): primary focus of posts so far.

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    Nice thread, good discussion, impressed with most contributors, way to go.

    To understand 'Jat's in todays's world' comprehensively, I propose to simultaneously discussed this on various levels as categorized below:

    A. Meta level (abstract and philospophical level). - not discussed so far in this thread
    A.1. Sense of Identity - Who Am I? and How does being Jat means to my comprehensive identity.
    We use various associations to define our comprehensive identity. Those associations include family, clan/caste, religion, race, nationality, language, elite institutes/clubs (educational institutes, etc) etc. Different people attribute different weightage to these association. For example, for some preserving caste and life is more important (jats forced to convert to islam) vs preserving religion even at the cost of life (jats who chose to fight muslim invaders and die rather than convert). We need to contemplate which one is relatively more important. We can have all of these associations simultaneously, but need to introspect which one I am willing to let go in order to gain in some other areas (e.g. peace, progression, etc) without loosing sense of identity while retaining inner peace, harmony and happiness with oneself (not just ppl and wider society around us)

    A.2. What is the essence of Jat
    Having discussed the concept of 'Comprehensive Identity and relative weightage of various factors', lets now zero in on 'the essence of Jat'. What is the definition of contemporary jat. Dogmatically hanging on to antiquated false bravado in the name of preserving culture vs retaining good aspect, moderenising and making those good aspects relevant to evolving world order.

    B. Macro level: How do we integrate with the wider world - slightly touched upon in this thread
    We need to look at how do we integrate with the wider worldin rapidly urbanizing Jat hinterland and shrinking globalizing world. If we do not moderanize, adopt cosmopolitan and flexible attitude while retaining our customs, we will increasingly find ourselves unable to integrate with other communities and we will become irrelevant compared to newly empowered (via votes, awareness, moderenization) communities. We must adopt pro-change, reformist, brave (to face taboos and dogmas) attitude. Only a handful number of people provide though leadership that leads to significant change e.g. Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Ch Chottu Ram, Ch Chajju Ram (they bravely championed taboo subjects of they era e.g. women's eductation, egalitarian, shun casteism, etc). Do we want to create consensus first (wont work) or do we come up with progressive though leadership first and then act as champions of that progress, however small, even within our immediate area of influence. Many of jats online on this site are role models (of success, progression, mentors to other who wish to make switch from rural to urban life style) to scores of their relatives.
    "Should we pretend to conform to bad customs when we go back to our agrarian rural roots (jaisa desh waisa bhesh) or do we have enough courage to start making them aware (in as subtle, culturally sensitive, gradual manner) and use our position as a mentor to drive the change."

    C. Micro level - Changes At Individual level - "Me" the Jat as Agent of Change - main focus of most posts thus far
    before we start changing otehr aroudn us, we need ot change ourselves, our 'Attitude' or 'JATTitude' first. A positive, progressive, flexible 'JATTitude' whereby we are embarking on contoneous journey of introspection, self analysis and proactively scouring our deepest drakest corners to see what biases and dogmas do we hold and how can we make ourselves more aware (I differentiate academic education from 'awareness'). Many posters have argued, change is constant, change starts from ME, they have provided tips, anecdotes, etc. I Agree with most.

    I have tried to provide a overall frame work for discussion and linkages between various categories. Your views. Kimme bawli baat keh di ho toh maafi.


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