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Thread: Movie's Reviews

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    Wow this thread is still alive
    Plant one tree atleast
    and pls save water and electricity

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    If anyone wants to watch good war movie and tragedy of war then watch "12 strong" and "Taking Chance". Latter is such a heart breaking movie about this young boy, it brought grown men to tears (if they are military men). There are so many messages in this movie, nobody comes out alive from war, something dies in the ones who live thru war. 12 strong is all about the grit, tenacity of what special forces can do.

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    Hahaahaha😂😂😂..That sums up everything. Typical Bhai wala Drama specially designed for Bhai Jaans on this Eid.

    Only thing to remember is Randeep Hooda with an extension of Extraction and some 90ís models who appeared like a flash.

    Waste of time.
    I have a fine sense of the ridiculous, but no sense of humor.

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