I want to put my view , what I am seeing and what I am viewing. I don't know very much about Harayan and rajasthani jats status, but I have known about UP's Jats.

In UP, Jats status is going down slowly slowly and I am seeing thier future. 80 percent jats will be slave by 2010 end. I am seeing most of the Jat boy doing very bad Job They are not able to give the time to thier family and most of the time they have to compromise with thier employer.

And powerful and richest person taking advantage of thier majboori. They are using them against us.

Same thing I found with Jat girls they are also doing job in pressure.

And if it will continue then 80% Jats in UP will be slave and that cancer will move every where.

Please let me know If you any concern regarding that.