I want to share one vision with you, like other communities are progressing day by day and reaping the benefit of new social and economic environment . In compare to them our progress non existent as we are largely agrarian.

We need to think over it and please share your new ideas and views with us and I think that thing will give a new sight or vision to us. As we know history always remain live. We have a rich history and vibrant heritage which is a testimony that we never compromise with our self respect and honor. Now with the changing social and economics we need to ensure that same will be in future for us and for our future generations.

Here in I am sharing some of my views -

Time has come to repeat the history, in 16th century we wrote the history through "Talwar" and now time demanding to wrote the history with your brainpower and with your business skills.

If we look behind every time every fighter required money to get the power or to get our rights. In every era money played a big role. Once we get the excess money then we will be able to rewrite our history.

With every generation field is going shorter and shorter for the ‘Kishan’ , difficult time for to feed , impart quality education to their wards , Costly
medical facility is out of his reach….and so on. And finally builders are eyeing his land , he too lure by the easy bugs and a respectable kishan turned into a miserable Muzdoor very soon.

I want your suggestion how to turn around the situation and we develop a situation that even reducing landholding does not effect the farmer ,
business is helping them either their own business or they are shareholder of business run by community.

Look around businessman and traders who are reaping every benefit that is coming to their way , either every new economy policy or commonwealth game. But for farmers price of their crop is decided by govt. (businessman) and can't expect fair price by local traders.

Common Wealth Game is coming in 2010. And people are ready to earn the money from that game event. Other class people has been started their business and their aim is Common wealth game. They have targeted to earn the money in crores.

Coming to bottom line , agree that we are not cash rich people but can we create an organization with the support of the community that can enter into agribusiness or other opportune business and also provide micro credit who wants to do their small business/trade.

I have given this Organization name - KARAM ( In Hindi we have one word karam).

Please share your view and suggestion on this.

Think and act other wise we will be SLAVE in few years.

Thanks & Regards