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Thread: format of annual maintenance contract

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    format of annual maintenance contract

    Hi friends,

    I need an urgent help.

    My company has to sign an annual maintenance contract for bulk milk coolers with a customer. We have never done this kind of an agreement before.

    I request you to give me a format of annual maintenance contract which i could customize to suit my purpose.

    Just for your information, Bulk milk coolers also known as BMC are used to chill the fresh milk to less than 4 deg C in around than 3-4 hrs time. looking at the product immediate similarilties can be sought with refrigeration plants, centralized air conditioning systems etc.

    Please mail me on

    Best regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by vicky View Post
    Hi friends,

    I need an urgent help.
    Kyun dukhi ho reheya sei bhai, just call any good refrigeration products dealer and ask for comprehensive customer care contract of water coolers, or else call any copier co. and they have one of the most refined contract documents

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    may be this can help you.

    the draft of all such contracts are there in ' Drafting Corporate & Commercial Agreements', its a book by some Rodney D Ryder.

    or you can go to some law or lawyer's library, there you will find draft Deeds book, its a set of several bulky Volumes, in one of them you will definitely find the Agreement you are looking for.

    the draft you select has to be perused and amended according to your needs, otherwise it would be a problem in future.
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    thanks yash..
    i had seen a similar book some months before & was also looking around for it but i am unable to remember the author's name. anyways i shall try to find the author that you have mentioned

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    I got one link. Dekho yeh kitna aapki problem solve karta hai.

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    Normally in AMC First you have to sign the agreement and in AMC you will accept all conditions which they want and it would be better if you open all conditions clearly with them before sign it.

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    your post proves that all wise men think alike...
    i have already used it and drafted a sample for my AMC and am trying to customize it futher.
    thanks for supporting my choice....

    [QUOTE=Bhupinder;208181]I got one link. Dekho yeh kitna aapki problem solve karta hai.

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