Hello JL members,

Being away from Haryana i do listen to haryanvi music video on youtube. I found so many good videos directed by Harvinder malik. This guy is doing really good. Then i searched about harvinder malik on google i found one thread started by Mr. Narwal ji


But unfortunately this thread is closed. I have one idea to share with all my JL family. I think we JL should take some action to promote these new releases videos and we should sponser these videos. what i think we should make one commitee from JL who will collect money(from JL members who is willing to contribute or from outside this can be decided later) and award top singers, actors, directors, etc. By doing so talent will get confidence, recognition, some money . Hidden talent would also be attracted toward it.

This is my thought.But i do want to listen to other JL member's thoughts. We must think in this direction.

So this thread i am creating to start a discussion on this topic.
Many times i feel jealous of other states well development in music. We are doing well but pace is low.

Please do forgive me if i have said something wrong being sentimental.