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Thread: Places You Travelled and Would like To Travel

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    Places You Travelled and Would like To Travel

    Hello Everyone,

    Someone has rightly said that life is a book and those who do not travel and explores, are limited to the first page of life. Here, we jats on this portal are distributed globally.Lets come and share our travels, explorations.I'm sure travelling excites everyone for joy of scenic beauty.Travels with exposure to various cultures, people, places eventualy add new dimensions and charm to our personalities. Travelling expands our experiences,memoirs and minds.

    Mention any small to small to popular place from anywhere and the reasons you liked or disliked it.

    Lets see how many of us are good travellers!

    Sharing pictures of travelled places would be appreciated highly.

    Don't forget to mention : Why you did visit or would visit a certain place.
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    puri duniya......

    mai aaj tak sirf goa or shimla gaya hooo....goa tab gaya tha jab mai chota balak tha....arrr mujhe kuch yaad nahi.... arrr shimla teh jata raha karooo ude mere gaam ke bhai sai.....shimla badiya jaga sai handan ki......arr dekhan ki :D......

    uske alwa mai sarri duniya ki badiya badiya jagah dekhna chaoo sooo.......
    Vj.....Anti Social.....
    BE JAT LIKE फोगाट........

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    I always wanted to be in Egypt
    Plant one tree atleast
    and pls save water and electricity

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    mere alawa koi jatland pe kitte hand ke nahi aaya ke....badde bhaiyoo koi teh kimme likh dooo.....bera pat ja sabne...kon si jagah handan ki sai arrr kisme ke kami sai.....
    Vj.....Anti Social.....
    BE JAT LIKE फोगाट........

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    I would like to Go to Rome the greatest city of history.
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    I would fancy a trip to The Bermuda Triangle.

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    Many more to see...

    Dear All,

    Travelling! What a wonderful topic.

    One has been lucky enough to have travelled the length and breadth of our wonderful country from a very young age. I can write a book on the travel experiences in Indian Railways actually. Journey from Sonipat (Sunpat) to Bijapur in Karnataka, where I studied from 5th to 11th, used to be such great fun. It used to take us three nights and two full days and three different trains to reach either way. Imagine a group of nine year olds, mostly JATS, with their luggage taking this long journey twice a year.

    Our geography teacher was so good that we have subconsciously travelled the world.

    However, the countries/places I would like to see are: Morocco, Mongolia, Beirut, Isfahan (Iran), Kabul, A National Park in South of Africa, Peru, Rock of Gibraltar, Rome, Lhasa (Tibet) and Jerusalem, Hawai and a Trek through Siberia.

    Though I have been to most of these places via google earth!!!

    Beat regards,

    JS Malik

    (Ein Volk - Ein Reich - Ein Fuhrer)

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    I love the Mediterranean as it reminds of India.

    Food, people, weather is wonderful.

    Touristy places are all the same all over the world, Crowded, commercial and expensive, with few exceptions.

    My fav so far, I wouldn't mind going there again

    1) Lake district in Cumbria (UK)

    2) Mount Etna, Sicily (only live volcano in europe)

    3) Pamukale, Turkey, is the last place I visited. It was in May, truly a wonderful experience.
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    i like Goa & Rishikesh in India i have been their many times.
    the place i would like to go is Angkor Wat in Cambodia

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    One place I really loved was uttarkashi. u track the mountains , no proper routes,, nothing commercial if u go higher, valleys covered with wild flowers, waterfalls, hardly any people around, lush green mountains, fog,

    u can get milk from local tribes if u go really high and there is nothing around u, rock clibing, rappelingg,,, its amazing... wish i was a better writer to describe the beauty

    nd ye one of the mountains got the highest cricket ground in the world

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    Suna hai Amsterdam badhiya hai ... I would like to go there when I get a chance. Australia bhi badhiya se.

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    Dalhousie...for a walk in the clouds!!!

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    Topmost recommendation for a chilled beach holiday would be Cyprus. Small island, all places are easily accessible. Clear blue sky and waters. Excellent beaches. Driving around is very easy and great fun.

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    kurukshetra.....a place where mahabharta was faught....
    साधू सा आलाप कर लेता हूँ ,
    मंदिर जाकर जाप भी कर लेता हूँ ..
    मानव से देव ना बन जाऊं कहीं,,,,
    बस यही सोचकर थोडा सा पाप भी कर लेता हूँ :rock:rock

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    ... A summer in some small-town of Italy; In fact a beautiful (white), small and secluded villa holiday; situated near to the sea, also with a few village/towns within a good walking distance (thru an array of those iconic cypress trees) to go enjoy the red wine and the freshly made breads once a while and laze around all day! Perfecto!...
    ...Wouldn't follow the trodden path, but shall leave a blazing trail!!!...

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    Machu Picchu

    Inca treasures is Still there - 750 Ton Gold and Silver - heavenly beauty of Machu Picchu.

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    Rajeev ji thanks.. ab to mein bi jaana chahta hoon Machu Picchu.. kaash paad le meri bahu ne koi bicchu...

    Quote Originally Posted by rajivsp View Post
    Inca treasures is Still there - 750 Ton Gold and Silver - heavenly beauty of Machu Picchu.

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    Manney to kuchh dekha hai wo hai aapna payara bharta

    Bhaiyeo Bhart mein Itna sab hai dekhney key liyea kee aabhe to yahan hee sab nahi dekha gaya fir iskey baad kabhee mauka mila to bahar kee sochengey. Mein gaya hun:-
    Jammu & Kashmir--- Jammu (Mata Vaishno Devi) Kai baar, Shreenagar 3 Baar, Pahagaon, Gulmarg and Khilanmarg Bahut hee sunder tha Kashmir.

    Himachal : Shimla, Baddi and Parvanu.

    Punjab: Amritsar ka Sawarn Mandir Bahut sunder lagya, Ludhiyana, Jalundher, Pathankot eavm Patiyala meiney dekha hai.

    Haryana lagbhag saarey sahar dekhey hai or Chandigarh Bhee dekhney layak sahar hai.

    Rajashtan --Shree Nath jee ka mandir Nathdawara, Salaser ka Hanuman Mandir, Khatu Ka shree shyam Mandir, Jhunjnu mein Rani Sati jee ka Mandir, Ajmer kee Dargah or Jaipur, Udaipur, Chittor, Mount Abu, Jodhpur. Bikaner or Jaislmer chhod ker lagbhag sara dekha hai.

    Gujrat : Ahmdabad, Baroda or Surat Dekha hai.

    Maharstra :Mumbai, Puna, Nasik, Nagpur or Mahabaleshwer.

    Karnatka : Banglore or Mysore.


    Kerla :-Chochin and aas-paas ke Area, Earnakulam.

    Andhera :-Tirupati World richestTemple on Tirumala Hills, Hyderabad and Vijaywada.

    MP : Ujjain (Maha Kal Mandir) Bahut hee sunder or Dharmit sahar,
    Indore, Ratlam, Neemach and Gawalior.

    UP : Lagbhag Sara Utter pardesh Mandiro ka Perdesh sabhee tarah key log Mathura or Vrindavan, Aaydhya, Varanasi. Milijuli sanskri key perteek Agra, Luknow, Aligarh, Meerut, Saharnpur(Sakumbhari Devi Mandir) ityade yea hai mera Grih perdesh.

    Utterakhand : Dherm Sethli eavm paryatan kaa adbhut sangam, Rurkee say Haridawar(Mansa Devi eavm Chande Devi Mandi, Har kee Paudi), Rishekesh(Laxman Jhula eavm Ram Jhula, Swarg Ashram or Sekdo Mandir or aashram), Narendernagar, Chamba, UtterKashi Gangotri,
    Yamnotri, Sreenagar, Joshimath, Auli, Badrinath eavm Kedarnath, Masoori,
    Kempti, Dhanolti, Talataal, Dehradoon, Shastra Dhara.
    (Dharmi or Paryatn kee Dristi say is perdesh ka koi mukabla nahi hai)

    Bihar : Patna Ranchi eavm Jamshedpur.

    Orrisa : Cuttak eavm Bhubneshwer, Puri Jana Chahta hun abhe tak nahi ja paya.

    Bengal : Kolkata pura Sahar, Kaalighat ka Kaali Mandir eavm Dakhsineswar Mandir, Barah Mahadev, Viktoriya memorial etc.

    Assam : Guwahati ka Kamakhya Devi Mandir or pura sahar.

    Yea sab dekh hai per abhe bahut sara baake hai or kuchh yaad nahi aa raha hai.

    Apologising dosent mean that U are wrong & the other is right.....It only means that U value the relationship much more than ur ego.

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    ha ha ha ha ha :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    Quote Originally Posted by skarmveer View Post
    bhaiyeo bhart mein itna sab hai dekhney key liyea kee aabhe to yahan hee sab nahi dekha gaya fir iskey baad kabhee mauka mila to bahar kee sochengey. Mein gaya hun:-
    jammu & kashmir--- jammu (mata vaishno devi) kai baar, shreenagar 3 baar, pahagaon, gulmarg and khilanmarg bahut hee sunder tha kashmir.

    himachal : Shimla, baddi and parvanu.

    punjab: Amritsar ka sawarn mandir bahut sunder lagya, ludhiyana, jalundher, pathankot eavm patiyala meiney dekha hai.

    Haryana lagbhag saarey sahar dekhey hai or chandigarh bhee dekhney layak sahar hai.

    rajashtan --shree nath jee ka mandir nathdawara, salaser ka hanuman mandir, khatu ka shree shyam mandir, jhunjnu mein rani sati jee ka mandir, ajmer kee dargah or jaipur, udaipur, chittor, mount abu, jodhpur. Bikaner or jaislmer chhod ker lagbhag sara dekha hai.

    gujrat : ahmdabad, baroda or surat dekha hai.

    maharstra :mumbai, puna, nasik, nagpur or mahabaleshwer.

    karnatka : Banglore or mysore.


    kerla :-chochin and aas-paas ke area, earnakulam.

    andhera :-tirupati world richesttemple on tirumala hills, hyderabad and vijaywada.

    mp : Ujjain (maha kal mandir) bahut hee sunder or dharmit sahar,
    indore, ratlam, neemach and gawalior.

    up : lagbhag sara utter pardesh mandiro ka perdesh sabhee tarah key log mathura or vrindavan, aaydhya, varanasi. Milijuli sanskri key perteek agra, luknow, aligarh, meerut, saharnpur(sakumbhari devi mandir) ityade yea hai mera grih perdesh.

    utterakhand : Dherm sethli eavm paryatan kaa adbhut sangam, rurkee say haridawar(mansa devi eavm chande devi mandi, har kee paudi), rishekesh(laxman jhula eavm ram jhula, swarg ashram or sekdo mandir or aashram), narendernagar, chamba, utterkashi gangotri,
    yamnotri, sreenagar, joshimath, auli, badrinath eavm kedarnath, masoori,
    kempti, dhanolti, talataal, dehradoon, shastra dhara.
    (dharmi or paryatn kee dristi say is perdesh ka koi mukabla nahi hai)

    bihar : Patna ranchi eavm jamshedpur.

    orrisa : Cuttak eavm bhubneshwer, puri jana chahta hun abhe tak nahi ja paya.

    bengal : Kolkata pura sahar, kaalighat ka kaali mandir eavm dakhsineswar mandir, barah mahadev, viktoriya memorial etc.

    assam : Guwahati ka kamakhya devi mandir or pura sahar.

    Yea sab dekh hai per abhe bahut sara baake hai or kuchh yaad nahi aa raha hai.
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    Hisar, Very nice palace

    Mazze aa jayege ghumte hue
    Nanha Grewal

    Jaat Di Jun Buri Ridak Ridak mar jana

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