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Thread: Sorry not Hindus ...Religion of Jats

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    Sir, though Manu code does not exist today and since it does not exist, it does not affect us adversely or otherwise, if it makes you happy I would say that it exists and we are being victimized. I hope now you will be satisfied that I have accepted it.

    You are mixing too many issues at the same time with the so called Manu code. Now you have brought in the discussion the reservation system.

    Reservation system was not introduced because of the Manuwadi system, but because the founding fathers of the INDIAN CONSTITUTION felt that the downtrodden people from a few castes who were historically a disadvantaged lot and hence, educationally and socially backward needed affirmative action on part of the state (country). According to you Manu code was made by the Brahmins to benefit themselves at the cost of other castes. How did reservations benefit the Brahmins?????

    You say that reservations is based on Manu code and at the same time the fact is that the writers of Manu code i.e. the Brahmins are not benefitted by reservation. This in itself is a big contradiction. How did the brahmins benefit by giving reservations to SC/ST and the OBCs????? Still you say it is Manuwad.

    On the one hand you complain that Brahmins put us in the backward castes/shudras and on the other NOW we (you) fought to put us (yourself) in the Backward (OBC) category. What can be a bigger contradiction??

    Though it is true that the administration of religious affairs and management of temples in India is done by Brahmins (and also the govt. through trusts/boards), how does it affect you personally or as a community?????

    I am yet to get a clear cut answer from you as to how you are being VICTIMISED TODAY by this Manu code. Are you not given admissions in schools/colleges? Are you not able to apply for the profession/career of your choice? Please elaborate. You have till now not provided anything about the victimization aspect of Jats by Manu code in today's times. You are just raising an issue (though it is not existent) but not providing the specifics.

    Quote Originally Posted by DrRajpalSingh View Post
    What harm do you see in admitting the fact that caste system based on the Manu code is still prevalent in our society and causing a lot of heart burning among the so called upper, middle and lower castes who want to enjoy benefits granted to various castes of Hindu society categorized as SC/ST/OBC etc. but cannot be included in the reservation category due to the reason that they do not fall in the category which specifies that only designated castes can be included. everyone knows that this new type of reservation has one fundamental qualification i.e. the caste of the beneficiary is and other things come later ! If this fundamental fact is not admitted by any person involved in the discussion, then what is the use of go on writing without any rhyme and reason. Reservation based on any other criteria like religion has already been rejected by the highest courts of the land who recognise caste as its main criteria. Isn't so. Then how do you say that there is no impact of Manu code today.

    Reservation in India for admissions or in entry for jobs is purely based on caste system and so long this reservation policy continues none can deny presence of the Manu code in Indian Hindu society and also polity !

    If I am wrong kindly tell me what is the criterion of our beloved reservation policy caste system or not !

    Either one has to admit it or deny it with logical arguments which you do not seem to do either way. That is why I had surrendered my right to involve in the discussion with you !

    Even now I want to read what you say on the prevalence of caste system in our beloved Hindu Society and the place of Jats in social hierarchy in it ! Are they considered as equal to Brahmins in the administration of religious affairs and management of temples in India !

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrRajpalSingh View Post
    And what about schools and colleges run by DAV Mgt., Santan Dharm Sabha, Jains, Sikhs et all in India and abroad !

    Hardly any standing for such schools abroad, i have traveled and seen, what kind of worth a person from India has.

    The worth of individual Indians living and working abroad is measured based on the weight of their government, politicians representing India and how much value is given to Indians in their own country. The fact of the matter is Indians are not valued in their own country, so how can they be valued abroad.

    You can see the cases in previous years where a lot of seaships with Indian sailors travelling across oceans were hijacked. Indian government at that point of time did nothing to facilitate their release.

    Entire central Asia follows Islam, south east Asia follows Islam, entire middle east follows Islam.
    Russia, Entire Amrikan continent, Australia, Europe follows Christianity.

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    In the past politicians and economically strong class of Indian society just made sure that Indians are fodder for local economy and world economy.

    Let us see, what the new government does.

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    There is also a perception out of India, that India is still run by "Brahmanical and economical class" and not by science or economic related factors.

    Whereas both of these classes form only a fraction of entire country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maddhan1979 View Post
    There is also a perception out of India, that India is still run by "Brahmanical and economical class" and not by science or economic related factors.

    Whereas both of these classes form only a fraction of entire country.
    It is also a fact that lot of religious organizations and allied people are sitting on loads of money, gold, etc. in India. This was evident in last few years when lot of gold and other valuable stuff was discovered from these temples, etc.

    The main question is how much of such money is ever used to open low cost schools, free medical hospitals, etc. for the common people?

    I would say not even 1% of this money is ever used for such purposes in India.

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    When Indian Parliament burns several lakhs of rupees per minute by causing disruptions and not working properly while farmers commit suicide, then what can be expected from other sections of society?

    Okey, Mr. Modi, might pick up a broom and try to clean a street while the people walking along him might not even look at his attitude? Does this really matter?

    I think, it matters and calls for a change in the entire working culture.

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    जिस तरह से मुस्लिमों के लिए पैगंबर मोहम्मद साहब, ईसाईयों के लिए जीसस क्राइस्ट, बौद्धों के लिए गौतम बुद्ध एक मार्गदर्शक की तरह हैं और ये सभी अपने-अपने मार्गदर्शक की छत्रछाया के नीचे हैं, जिस तरह से सभी सिख गुरु नानक की छत्रछाया के नीचे हैं और जाट धर्म को मानने वाले नरेंद्र खर्ब साहब के नीचे हैं, क्या कोई बताएगा (प्रमाण के साथ) कि हिंदू किसकी छत्रछाया के नीचे हैं? हिंदू धर्म का कोई संस्थापक ही नहीं है।
    इसका मतलब इस दुनिया में बस हिंदू ही मानसिक रूप से स्वतंत्र हैं, बाकी सब गुलाम हैं। हो सकता है कि खर्ब साहब यह सफाई दें कि नहीं ऐसा नहीं है, मैं किसी से ऊपर नहीं हूं, लेकिन जब खर्ब साहब इस दुनिया में नहीं होंगे तो फिर क्या होगा? यदि जाट धर्म का पालन करने वालों को कोई ऐसा कहेगा कि तुम तो नरेंद्र खर्ब के गुलाम हो तो क्या होगा? इस बात का जवाब स्पष्ट होना चाहिए। यदि जाट हिंदू नहीं हैं (जैसा कि इस चर्चा का शीर्षक है) तो फिर अवश्य ही किसी न किसी के मानसिक गुलाम हैं।

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    There is neither anything like separate 'Jat Dharma' and so nor there is any question of any founder of this non-existent thing so much feared by its impact on future generations.

    The purpose of the thread started seems to be pointing out the difference between the Dharma [way of social life] practically practiced by the Jats and the Hindu religion as indoctrinated by the Brahmnical or Puranic preachers.

    This difference none can deny.
    History is best when created, better when re-constructed and worst when invented.

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    What we know as Hinduism enshrines in teachings/beliefs of mankind since the beginning of the institution of beliefs/faiths in the minds of men. Its evolution has continued through the ages with adoption of newer beliefs and discarding of old ones as the time passed. Various beliefs of our Hindu religion have influenced other faiths and conversely others have impacted it.

    The regional and societal formation in India is also not homogeneous and same applies to the Jat community professing Hinduism. They have evolved their own adherence to Hindu beliefs and teachings according to their suitability and practical utility and thus shunned the orthodox teachings of Hinduism which did not suit their way of life.

    For example, when orthodox Hindus belonging to DWIJA group as specified by Manu forbade re-marriage of widows, the Hindu Jats did not fall in line inspite of strictest castigation by the so called protectors of Hinduism.

    Second, Whenever they found a suitable opportunity to show their opposition to orthodox Hinduism, they did not loose it as is borne out by the fact that the Jats joined newer faiths which were nearer their own way of life like Buddhism, Sikhism and later on Arya Samaj.

    Therefore, the discussion on the issue may be summed up : That we are Hindu Jats but we are not orthodox followers of Puranic Brahminism ! In other words we follow those beliefs and teachings of vast and liberal Hindu religious way of life. Hindu Jats have nothing against liberal Hindu way of life so long as the others do not poke their nose in their day to day life in the name of religion !
    History is best when created, better when re-constructed and worst when invented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrRajpalSingh View Post
    There is neither anything like separate 'Jat Dharma' and so nor there is any question of any founder of this non-existent thing so much feared by its impact on future generations.

    The purpose of the thread started seems to be pointing out the difference between the Dharma [way of social life] practically practiced by the Jats and the Hindu religion as indoctrinated by the Brahmnical or Puranic preachers.

    This difference none can deny.
    Dear friend, but here are many who claim their religion is Jat. In such a case either you are wrong or they are wrong. Kindly clear it, because I can paste such claims here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by upendersingh View Post
    Dear friend, but here are many who claim their religion is Jat. In such a case either you are wrong or they are wrong. Kindly clear it, because I can paste such claims here.
    Instead of castigating others who hold different point of view, we must look into the matter with open mind and abjure orthodox meaning of Hinduism.

    A big bench of the Supreme Court of India has cleared the issue long ago back about the meaning of 'who is Hindu'. Turn to earlier posts in the thrread to acquaint yourself about the same, if you have not read that.

    If Hindu Dharma is a way of life, then what is harm if some Jats use their way of life to describe it in that context as 'Jat Dharma'. Let them enjoy their freedom of thought and expression as enshrined in fundamental rights in our constitution.

    Therefore, the use of word 'Dharma' as practiced by the votaries of the thinking as noted by you among us are not alien to practical way of Hinduism !

    Moreover, Dharma has a wider connotation than understood by us only in its narrow meaning; and as such, in addition to many other meanings, it also conveys the sense of moral way of life. If these Jat people want to describe their way of life and morals followed by them as 'Jat Dharma' we must not jump to conclusion that they are opposing Hindu Dharma. Rather, they are as good Hindus as others and we must be tolerant towards them as true Hindus.

    Pushing someone too tight in a corner is neither good for Hinduism nor for its proclaimed defenders ! Let them enjoy their own Hinduism as suitable to them in the form of Jat Dharma and let other Jats who do not ascribe to their way of life enjoy those teachings of Hinduism which are to their liking !

    Kindly remember maxim : Sarvadharma sambhav !

    If you kindly accept the perception of Jat Dharma vs Hinduism explained and elucidated in the above three posts, then none is wrong; only misunderstanding of the real standing of the two seeming different lines of thought which are actually not different in wider perspective.

    History is best when created, better when re-constructed and worst when invented.

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    काफ़ी दिनो से जाटो के धर्म को लेकर रस्साकशी चल रही है| पर अबूझ पहेली है ये धर्म तो| इतने बड़े महारथियो की समझ से भी बाहर है|

    चलो जी मैं भी अपने ज्ञान की आहुति डाल ही देता हूँ| हो सकता है किसी का भला हो जाए| मैं यहाँ धर्म की रटी-रटायी परिभाषाओ को नही दोहराऊंगा| बात बिल्कुल साफ है| हम सभी जाटो ने अपनी सुविधनुसार अलग-अलग धर्मो को अपनाया| अब बहस इस बात की है कौन सबसे सही धर्म का पालन कर रहा है| यहाँ मेरा मत है क़ि जो धर्म आपको जीने की स्वतंत्रता दे वही उत्तम| वैसे हिंदू धर्म बुरा नही है| अपनी जिंदगी जीने की पूरी छूट मिलती है|

    ना तो कोई ये पूछता कि आपने गीता या रामायण पढ़ी है कि नही| इसलिए अगर खेतिहर किसान अनपढ़ भी है तो कोई मलाल नही|

    ना कोई ये पूछने वाला कि आप मंदिर जाते है या नही| इसका मतलब ये हुआ कि एक जाट किसान आराम से पूरे दिन खेतो में काम कर सकता है|

    अगर दिल में कही नास्तिक होने की चुभन भी हो तो भी कोई दिक्कत नही| अपने घर में ही कुछ मूर्तिया लगाकर आप आस्तिक होने का स्वसत्यापित प्रमाणपत्र प्राप्त कर सकते है| भला कही होगा ऐसा धर्म| मैं तो मज़े ले रहा हूँ हिंदू होने के|

    ओह याद आया नया साल भी तो आ गया| चलता हूँ बाज़ार में कुछ नये केलेंडर लेने| सोच रहा हूँ अबकी बार किसी भगवान जी का केलेंडर ले लेता हूँ| वैसे भी मेरे रूम में अब तो भगवान जी की एंट्री हो ही जानी चाहिए| क्या पता कब सुन ले मेरी मन की अरदास| भगवान जी माफ़ करना अगर कुछ ग़लत बोला हो तो|

    मस्त मलंग जाट
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    I have a fine sense of the ridiculous, but no sense of humor.

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    [Mr. Waman Meshram said that the people who are in minority(brahmins) in the society are trying to be in majority in the name of “Hindus”. In democracy only majority can rule. Hence the minority(minority) are utilising the Hindus coin to fool the backward class and are becoming majority. The topic had two specific words, mulnivasi and bahujan. Bahujan means those who are majority is society i.e. SC/ST,OBC and converted minority constitutes 85% of the population, hence they are in majority. Also these SC/ST,OBC and converted minorities are the indigenous inhabitants of this country, hence Mulnivasi Bahujan. (Here those people who came to this land and worked on this land for their survival without exploiting others are called so as well)

    Now the question arises-Are Mulnivasi Bahujan Hindus? To know this, we will have to understand the vertical varna system first. The varna system speaks of brahmin at top, then kshatriya, then vaishya and atlast backward (shudra) class. Shudra varna is kept rightless, the only right they were having was to serve the upper three varnas. The 3743 castes, included in mandal commission are shudra caste. SC/ST’s are already outside the varna system, hence there is no question of them to be hindu. The converted minorities had converted their religion from SC /ST’s, hence the minorities are also not hindu. Also the tribal community was living in forests. The rules and regulations of Hindus were not imposed on tribes. They were having their own rules. Another simple example that SC’s are not hindus, is that, those who called themselves as hindu don’t touch these castes (as they are untouchables). Hence untouchables can’t be hindu. Instead of saying anything by untouchables, the upper caste arya brahmins themselves discarded untouchables and said that they are not hindu.

    Now, the only question remains is that are mulnivasi bahujan hindus? The social revolution is not taking place in India, he reason is only because of this question. If this is proved that the shudras are not hindu, then there will be no time lag in social revolution. Adv.J.N.Verma, who is in Allahabad high court had proved from the brahminical vedic literature itself that OBC’s are shudras. In his book “Who is OBC -Kshatriya,Vaishya or Shudra?, he had elaborated how the arya brahmins had behaved with shudra’s (OBC). For those whom the world says slave, in India they are called as Shudra.

    Shudras were kept rightless. For them the so called holy Gita says that “Karmanya vadhi Kariste Ma Phaleshu Kadachan”, which means, you should do all type of hard work but don’t ask for any wage (salary). In Bihar the laborers are not getting any daily wage as the land owners are implementing the saying of Gita in practical.

    The religion of slave and who made them slave can’t be equal. But in practical it is observed. Why is it so, we must know. If shudras are slave then they can’t be Hindu.

    The upanayan ceremony is not performed for shudras. Upanayan ceremony is that ceremony in which the sacred thread is worn by the person through brahmins. Brahmins had not given the right of upanayan ceremony to Shudras. For example the biggest shudra of UP is Charan Singh. Had Charan Singh gone for Upanayan ceremony? Or Mulayam Singh also didn’t perform this ceremony. Nor any yadav or Kurmi or any backward wores sacred thread. If shudras are kept away from Upnayan ceremony, then it proves beyond doubt that Shudras are away from brahmin religion. Today brahmin religion is called as hindu religion as previously it was vedic religion. When anybody utters the hindu word, it not only reflects the brahminical oppose, but also of OBC’s. Hence if Brahmin religion word is propagated instead of hindu word then backward class will not fool themselves and instead will polarise with their co-brothers, SC’s and ST’s. Hence brahmins are projecting the hindu word more rather than Brahmin word. Above cited all examples proves that Shudras are not from brahmin religion hence are not hindu.

    When Mandal commission was going to be implemented, which was reserving seats for 52% OBC’s all the Brahmins stood against OBC’s. The basic question arises, if OBC’s are considered as hindu by arya brahmins, and also if brahmin and Shudra both are hindus, then why did arya brahmins stood against the reservation right of 52% OBC’s. There were 31 % OBC advocates who were handling the mandal commission case and giving anti reservation opinions and there was not a single OBC advocate to speak infavour of mandal commission, hence Laloo Prasad yadav was left with no option rather than taking Jethmalani as an lawyer. So if OBC’s are hindus and brahmins are also hindu, then brahmins instead of opposing the reservation should have come forward to after reservations to OBC’s. But the case was reverse which proves that OBC’s (Shudras) are not hindus.

    Instead they came out with opinion that why reservation is at all necessary for OBC’s. They were saying that OBC’s don’t have merit. It indirectly means that OBC’s are not eligible for reservation. They are unfit or worthless. This type of brahminical behavior itself proves that OBC’s are not hindu.

    Further Mr.Waman Meshram said that there was marriage of Mr.Mulayam Singh Yadav’s son with a brahmin girl. But there was not any proposal from the brahmin family to Mr.Yadav. Instead it was a love marriage. This example proves that if brahmin is a hindu and OBC’s are hindu then why not any brahmin approaches OBC family for his daughter’s /son’s marriage proposal. This proves that OBC’s are not hindu.

    If there is any sort of atrocity against christans, then all christans in the world raise a voice against it. Same is the condition of muslims. But if there is any atrocity against hindu (OBC), then even Indian hindu’s (Brahmins) don’t raise any voice against it. Why is it so? Here one hindu is creating atrocity on another hindu. These all examples proves that OBC’s are not hindu.

    Brahmins want OBC’s, in the name of hindu, to burn the muslim houses. If there is a problem of making Atal Bihari as prime minister or if any babri mosque is to be demolished then arya brahmins call the indigenous people as hindu. Brahmins make the indigenous people monkeys in the name of hindu. (Brahmins called Advani as Ram and Kalyan Singh as Hanuman, during the babri mosque demolition period.) whenever, there is a question of giving reservation right to OBC’s then they are unfit for it, but fit for demolishing babri-mosque and burning muslim houses.

    In none of the vedic brahminical literature i.e. Vedas, Shrutis, Purans, Upnishadas, or any other literature the word hindu appears “Hindu” word was given by muslim rulers to arya brahmins. Brahmins abuse Babar, Humayu while demolishing babri mosque, but now they had accepted it and are proud of the name given by them. If the babri mosque is an stain then the name “Hindu” given by muslim is also a stigma to arya brahmins then why they are proudly uttering the word hindu. The hindu word also doesn’t appear in Gita. It says “ Yada Yada hi dharmasya, gla nir bhavati bharat”. Here Bharat word appear and not hindu. So why they are praying the word hindu.

    Muslims came to India in the 12th century. In this period brahmins got defeated and for defeated people, they gave the name of hindu. But brahmins refused the name. This can be proved by an example that brahmins were excluded from the Jijiya tax, which muslims imposed on Indians. Brahmins discarded the word hindu as muslims gave the hindu word for the defeated people, means slave. The same person who opposed and discarded the hindu name given by muslims are now propagating the same word, why this change had happened?.

    In 1875, Dayanand Saraswati formed an organisation in the name of Arya Samaj. But suddenly in 1925 R.S.S was formed. It means that upto 1925 the arya brahmins were calling themselves as arya samagist but from 1925 suddenly they start calling themselves as hindus? Why this sudden change happen ? In the book “Arctic home in Vedas .” Tilak wrote that arya are supreme and brahmins themselves are arya. The reason of this sudden change was that in 1917 the adult franchise movement was started. The movement was started in England but there was repercussions In India. As at that time, India was a british India, so brahmins got alerted that at any time this movement can come to India, then what will happen to the aryan supremacy. Because arya brahmins are in minority and SC/ST,OBC in majority. So majority will get voting right and rule will be of majority. For this reason arya brahmins stop calling them as aryans and instead started saying hindu. Once who were hating the word hindu, started propagating it from 1925. The minority aryans brought the hindu word to become a majority in co- operation with OBC’s. The caste based census was stopped in 1931. This resulted in, those who were slaved and who made them slave both became hindu. These all examples proves that Mulnivasi Bahujan are not hindu.

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    Hindu is a word imposed on jats and other various communities. It's like a day few people come to you and tell you that you are a Hindu. You can go through the Persian origin of this word.
    Let's take recent activities of RSS( a brahmin organization) into consideration. It is working in tribal areas and telling that tribal customs are part of sanatan dharma and they all are Hindus. This is called appropriation. That's how they will fool the people and bring them under Hinduism. In past they used various superstitions and spread fear among if puja isn't conducted by a brahmins, a calamity will come or if they don't conduct particular ritual, mishap will take place. That's how Brahmins earned their livelihood and with time appropriated people under their brahmanic fold. Brahmins fooled the simple people. For example they create myths like Hanuman is Balaji and that's how they brought those communities who worshipped their lok devta, under Brahmanism or Hinduism. But still they kept the order of Hanuman as servant. Similar attempt made with Buddha and other local deities. That's how Brahmins appropriated them and their temples.

    Jata are not Hindus. Jats belong to a community that always stood for social justice and had fought against Brahmanism. By seeing majority of comments I realized majority of jats are calling themselves Hindus or belonging to vedic etc.. that's all false. We have nothing to do with vedas. Vedas are derogatory and have being compiled by brahmins to earn their livelihood by false means. There was no vedic time in India. In India not a single village is named in Sanskrit. Sanskrit was never a part of our culture.

    Sanskrit is being imposed in other languages of India. It was never a language of ours. Prakrit, pali and other such languages are our language, even Hindi came from Prakrit pali and Urdu. Sanskrit has nothing to do with Hindi. But brahmins have inserted Sanskrit language in Hindi and other regional languages such as Oriya just to show their supremacy. The rock edicts of Asoka are found in Prakrit. Sanskrit hold no archeological evidences. Brahmins are creating myths.

    While in 1990s when mandal commission recommendation on obc reservation was implemented, these brahmins opposed. The reservation was to be provided to 52% of the total population of India including jats, but since brahmins hold judiciary, they reduced it to 27% along with applying creamy layer filter. Brahmins feared obc revolution at that time and thus brought ram Mandir into limelight. The obc which should be fighting for their rights of representation, was diverted to rath Yatra chanting ram ram. Thus instead of giving rights to bahujan, ram was given and a revolution was avoided. Again the bahujan were made Hindu against Muslims and babri demolition took place. Who loose there. It was the bahujan and Muslims who lost their rights. Brahmins gained through this demolition. Television was used to propagate mahabharat and Ramayana serials. Thus instead of rights the bahujan was given Ramayana and mahabharat.

    Who represents in media and TV production houses...again the brahmins and svavarna caste. They fool the bahujan though media. TV serials are prepared to spread brahmanism/ Hinduism and people are falling prey to it.

    During elections brahmins will make you Hindu against Muslims and when elections are over and brahmins get power on the votes of us, thry will start working against us. They will divide the people on caste will oppose reservation given to us. Like recently they played the card if jat versus non jat in haryana and showed in media that jats are fools and barbaric. They hold no merit. But seriously we deserve it. We aren't united. We take pride in calling themselves as vedic/ Hindu etc and that's what brahmins want. Purity means those who hold Hugh morals. Pure are those who stand for social justice and oppose every exploitation. Are we jats so?

    In Rajasthan jats account for around 20% population of the state, rajputs around 5% and brahmins around 1 or 2%, but still jats lags very much in political, social and economic sector. Brahmins hold more than 60% of representation in every sphere and then the rajputs and baniyas. Jats are divided, few supports bjp, rss, or congress or cpm. They aren't united. Bjp rss congress cpm cpi are brahmins party, they will work for Brahmanism. We need out own political power. Or we should aim for sc, st, obc and minorities unity...let's fight against Brahmanism and ensure social justice.

    In India brahmins account fit just 3% population but still hold 60-70 resources or representation in parliament, bureucracy, media, private sector. Where are other communities. The majority of 85% population just hold 20% representation or hold on country's resources.

    The brahmanized parliament and bureucracy will impart such kind of education which spread brahmanism. The whole education system is designed so. Just see which caste do the vice Chancellor of universities belong...aren't 90% of them brahmins? What's the representation of other castes therein education st obcs minorities are represented very negligible. And always attempts are made that sc STs obcs minorities don't enter the education and other fields.

    Judiciary is nothing but brahmanized. Just see the castes of all there being in judiciary. Other caste are rarely allowed there. The whole system works for Brahmanism.

    Jats need to realize the situation of India and should get united to fight against Brahmanism. Let's unite the sc STs obcs and minorities and fight against Brahmanism and ensure social justice. Let's oppose rss dream of svavarna Hindu rashtra...a nation working on manu law, a nation for just svavarna caste and slavery for others. They can't say so as they are minority and don't hold numbers. Thus they spread such myths so that we work for our own demise.
    Dont fall prey to brahmin plot. Let's work together for social revolution and ensure social justice.

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    Quite a long article to correct our poor History knowledge. After considering your and Mr. Waman's Historical facts as extremely accurate and well researched, what would you like to suggest ?
    It's better to be alone than in a bad company.

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    JAT is not Hindu.... Hindu word given by Turk !!!

  24. #177
    जिसे बेवकूफ हिन्दू धर्म कहते हैं वो ब्राह्मण धर्म है। जल्दी इसका नाम वैदिक धर्म करेंगे।

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakharanil View Post
    जिसे हिन्दू धर्म कहते हैं वो ब्राह्मण धर्म है। जल्दी इसका नाम वैदिक धर्म करेंगे।
    This I agree!

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    Here are the basic definitions:-

    First Panth, Smaaj or Way of life is Hindu: - The root of the word Hindu is “HOND” or your tribal identity in Brahma established in JAATI AUR BAASI. This is well demonstrated by the people of the South India who have four names; the name of the boy, his father’s name, his village name and finally his surname. By this, his identity “HOND” is established and he will have “SHARM” of his family and so DHARM. That is why no Saint was born or needed in South India and Saint Thomas was enough. They enjoy “Eros” love. First Lanv applies to Hindus in which your TANN becomes NIRMAL.

    Second Panth or Way of Life is Sikh in which the person becomes a student of spiritual knowledge to be a “HAR JANN” or son of Parbrahm. They thrive upon “Agape” Divine unconditional love as displayed by Bhai Ghaniyia Ji. Second Lanv applies to Sikhs how to purify one’s MUNN.

    Third Panth Khalsa and the Fourth Panth of Nirmallae Santan or Apostles was organised by Sache Patshah Gobind Rai Ji, the very Form of Akaal Purakh and His Sons represented Him by performing the Philanthropic Works as solitary, NIAARE Khalsa Soldiers of “PAR SHIV” (Daeh Shiva Var Mohae… sons of Shiv let us fight against the sons of Satan) to sort out the stubborn sons of Satan Al-Djmar Al-Aksa, the religious fanatics – John 8v44 and Word of Mouth by the Apostles. Both of them were initiated by beheading the Five on stage and then sewing the head of one with the Torso of other. And they were revived through Nectar of His Word that created “Philia” Love among the solitary. That is why sugar Pataashe were added by Mahan Devan, Mother Holy Spirit, in the Nectar of His Word prepared by the Father Sache Patshah Gobind Rai Ji, who Himself became “Gobind Singh Ji” through Amrit leaving no Gap between Father and His Sons Khalsas of the Third Panth and Nirmallae Santan of the Fourth Panth that enjoy “Storge” Love of the Family of God. Like the Apostles of the First Satguru = Christ Jesus, they didn’t carry money, two shoes, etc. on their Journeys Preaching Gospel from their own hearts. My family members used to honour them and my late father also enjoyed their company. Third and the Fourth Lanvs apply to these two spiritual states BUDHI and CHITT BIRTTIS.

    Thus, unless you are a “Hindu”, sons of Man, Brahma, Yahweh, Khuda, etc., the Lords of Nature as demonstrated by Lord Krishna, the incarnation of Shiv, you cannot be a Sikh, the sons of the Highest Elohim, Allah, ParBrahm, etc.

    When your TANN (Flesh) and MUNN (Mind, Nafs) are NIRMAL (Purified), then you long for serving Almighty AKAAL PURAKH by either joining the Third Khalsa Panth of PAR-UPKARI Soldiers or become an Apostle, NIRMALLA SANT to Preach Gospel to glorify our Father God.

    In short, you give money or tithe to Brahmin/Rabbi Guru/Priest, the Moral Teacher for teaching you the moral laws, Munn, mind or Nafs to your own “Innerman called Satguru = Christ” to learn Gospel through logical reasoning led by “holy ghost or Budhi” and finally led by your “innerman Waheguru, the Satguru that deserves applauses”, you present, BHAINT, your “TANN and MUNN” to Sache Patshah for rendering services to humanity as Khalsa or Nirmala Sant, Apostle, etc. That is, both the Khalsas and the Nirmallae Sants are NOT FAMILY PEOPLE. Thus, Only the sealed to serve God, the Gurmukh could be the Servants of Akal Purakh.

    BaeMukh or the once-born Khalsas example is the 40 MUKTTAE and of the MUNNMUKH is the Sodhi Khatri Lala Banda Bahadur who organised the killing of Sachae Patshah Gobind Singh Ji warning Khalsas not to trust anyone else but themselves as solitary, NIAARA. This Lala Banda Bahadur had the habit of learning the skills and then trying to kill his Master to occupy his Seat/Gaddi. After the death of Sachae Patshah, this Lala Banda Bahadur proclaimed himself to be the next Sachae Patshah. LOBHHI KAA VASAH NAA KI JAYAE; JAYE KO PAAR VASAAYE or the MUNNMUKHS are KUTTAE DEE POOCH.

    This is well stressed by Satguru Ram Dass Ji in the Four Lavan.

    For further details, read my Book in Punjabi “KAKHH OHLAE LAKHH” or in English “FIRST GNOSTIC PRINCIPLES OF ONE GOD ONE FAITH” and both need revisions for minor updates.

    Here is a Youtube Video on this topic:-
    Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar,M.Sc.
    First a Hindu (1) then a Sikh (2) Khalsa (3) or Nirmala Sant (4th Panth).
    Antonym of Hindu is a Fanatic Devil.
    Sikhism=Christianity over 8000 Youtube Videos - channel nijjhar1.
    Ch. Chhotu Ram Ohlyan Jatt is our tribal Pillar.
    Jatts are Shiv Sena; DAEH SHIVA VAR MOHAE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjakhars View Post
    Narender Ji,
    Buddhism is a section of Hinduism (Also Jainism) as I have read in History books so all Buddhists were Hindus first and this is more reliable history than our Jat historians. Hindus still consider Gautam Buddha an "Avtaar" of "Vishnu". As far as the history and our historians go, I always had doubts and now my doubts are confirmed with this declaration. Tomorrow these Khaps will claim that Jats were existed even before Eva and Adam, are you going to believe them? And nerxt thing we will hear is, Jats used to ride Dianaseurs and Jat kids used to play with Dianaseurs.
    We are trying to look different from others as the Muslims do with their beard, cap, burqa and what not. This is a very dangerous declaration from our community and it will harm us a lot in future if we cling to it.
    We give proofs from Vedas, Upnishadas, Mahabhart and Ramayan and these all are related to Hinduism or the Sanatan dharma. My common sense tells me that Hinduism is a modern or new term for Sanatan dharma.
    One more thing, I am not going to change my beliefs because of this declaration. No one told me in my family/village that I am a Hindu, I am just born with it. No one asked me to go to temple or recite mantras but I feel closer to them and its my inner self that tells me that I am a Hindu.

    Note: This is my personal opinion and has nothing to do with Jatland policy and its administration.

    No sir, that is a tactic by Hinduism to appropriate other religions, Buddhism, Jainism , Sikhism is not Hinduism. In fact it is even more different than Islam because they consciously broke away from it. I don't know when jatts will wake up and realsie how hinduism ke thekedars have worked against them.
    As far as vedas and their upnashidas are concerned , read harry potter, it's merely that nothing more. It's a tool to control, for power, that's it.
    Jatts are the only community that has been successfully made a target of hate by both so called upper and lower caste groups in India and also by other religions. Why not rise above casteism? Jatts are a different ethnicity that got mixed overtime but anyways you believe what you believe, just remember most of India is against Jatts, i read so many comments of abuse against jatts everyday, it's overwhelming. Compare that to sikhs, they love sikhs, even if they do wrong, they don't believe. jatts do anythign good they don't acknowledge. PEOPLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA ATTRIBUTE CRIMES DONE BY OTHER COMMUNTIIES TO JATTS, HOW WORSE DO YOU THINK IT CAN GET
    aapko aapka hindusim mubarak, muje bi koi bura nahi lagta lekin jab dekhta hu how thekedars (bahmans, baniyas) wrok against jatts to khoon khaul uthta hai par fir sochta hu hamari kaum me itni ignornace hai hindi muslim ke naam pe ye aapko unse ladvate hain aur apni rotiyan sekte hai to kare kya, hamari kaum ki galti hai ki bewakoof banne ke liye tayyar baithi hai. bahman aapko apne barabar kabhi nahi samjhega, aur uska kaam hi hai control ki koshish karna, itne proof mil chuke hai unke hamare khilaaf including other so called upper castes lekin us kaum ko koi nahi bacha sakta jo aank band karke baithi ho
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