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    Pot calling the kettle black is the new order in this country. No wonder it is still a 3rd world country.
    You are free to follow Hinduism, but 'a sheep calling others sheep' is hilarious. It's similar to andh bhakts of rss and bjp who are themselves what they call others. But it's ok you see what you want to and not the truth. And little do you know that I did clear nda conducted by upsc but due to knock knees i could not be selected, so out in the medical filtering. i have cleared several exams, worked for customs and excise and still working for govt of india .

    you are merely projecting. Can't save 'sheeps' who don't want to be saved. good luck

    Also, you're not the first person I have seen who is a typical 'upsc rat race fan' , I see plenty, and everything has its place , you really think I don't understand the connotations you were trying to convey through your poorly formed mumble jumble ? And peeps out of upsc are living amazing lives, get out of your well.
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