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Thread: Rural under-development- An analysis

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    Investment in rural areas in small scale industrial units, upgradation of educational and health care institutions and supply of electricity and irrigation water would surely help in improving the standard of living only but also discourage migration of rural people to Cities and towns in search of these basic amenities.

    Conversely, this would ease out the burden of ever squeezing city dwelling conditions and other related problems.

    That is why Mahatma Gandhi, Ch. Chhotu Ram, Ch. Charan Singh and Ch. Devi Lal always raised the voice for rural development which is in real sense development of both Rural and Urban India.

    The political parties must pay attention to this need of raising the share of amount to be spent on planned development in India towards rural development.
    History is best when created, better when re-constructed and worst when invented.

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    For long there has not been any feedback on the topic. Let us discuss the policy directive of the new government on betterment of the rural India. Is there any visible shift of paradigm for development of rural side with the advent of 'good governance'?

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    thanx mr.tewatia ...
    As you have nicely explain about rural development and also about urbanization

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