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Thread: Jat girl tops Secondary School Exam in Rajasthan

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    Thumbs up Jat girl tops Secondary School Exam in Rajasthan

    A girl, Poonam Jakhar from Jhunjhunu (Village Ojatoo) is topper in Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan secondary school examination.
    Please see the link below.

    Congratulations to her and best wishes for her future endeavors.
    जाट महान
    बेगानों में वफ़ा की तलाश ना कर साहिल,
    तेरे तो अपने भी अक्सर बेवफा निकलते हैं l

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    Congratulations to her and best wishes for her bright future.

    There are some other Jat students in the Merit list as belowed with rank -
    Seema Inaniya from nagaur rank - 6th
    Anurag Chaudhary from Jhunjhunu rank - 8th
    Rashmi Choudhary from Salasar (Churu) rank - 9th
    Abhishek Dhayal from Sikar rank - 9th
    Anil Rulaniya from Losal (Sikar) rank - 9th
    Surbhi Karwa from Jodhpur rank - 10th
    Radhika Choudhary from Udaipur rank - 12th
    Rajpal Bijarnia from Sikar rank - 13th

    Congrats to all

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    चालबो गैला को चाहे फेर इ हो.
    छाया मौक़ा की चाहे कैर इ हो.
    धीनो भेंस को चाहे सेर इ हो.
    अ'र बेठ्बो भायाँ को चाहे बैर इ हो.

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    Congratulations to bright soul..

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    Great achievement !

    Congratulations to all talented boys and girls for getting such high ranks !!
    Laxman Burdak

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    All the best to all them for their future endeavors ... We proud of you guys

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    congratulation to all jats for conquering the heights.

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    Thumbs up

    मेरी तरफ से भी हार्दिक बधाईयां.

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    Heartiest Congrats and Wishing all the best for future endeavors.
    जिंदगी पथ है मंजिल की तरफ जाने का,
    जिंदगी नाम है तूफानों से टकराने का.
    मौत तो बस चैन से सो जाने की बदनामी है,
    जिंदगी गीत है मस्ती से सदा गाने का..

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    many congratulations to Jat boys and Girls.
    'Anything is Possible '

    ' Just do it '

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    Many Many Congrats to Poonam and other young Jat students who're making us proud.

    All the best, keep thriving ..

    .. " Until Lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter! " ..

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    jatveeron aur veerangnaao ko haardik badhaaiyaan
    :rockwhen you found a key to success,some ideot change the lock,*******BREAK THE DOOR.
    हक़ मांगने से नहीं मिलता , छिना जाता हे |
    अहिंसा कमजोरों का हथियार हे |
    पगड़ी संभाल जट्टा |
    मौत नु आंगालियाँ पे नचांदे , ते आपां जाट कुहांदे |

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    Congratulations to every boy/girl who has brought laurels to the community and their parents of course !!!

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    Heartly Congratulations to all these youg Bright talents of OUR Community.God Bless These All.
    One Girl Named NIDHI LAMBA from Rohtak also Topped CBSE secondary with 9.6 CGPA and A-1 Grade in 3 subjects and bagged 100% scholarship(1.5 lakhpa for two years)to persue higher studies.Congrats to Her too
    When an obstacle comes in your way,Stop crying and start trying.

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    Kudos to the Jat girls for this achievement!!!

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