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Thread: Jat vs gujjar conflict in n.c.r.

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    This thread must be deleted for the sake of harmony among communities. Jatland should not be used as a portal to create differences with other communities.
    Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prashantacmet View Post
    Now come to jealousy thing


    Jealousy is a negative energy - it causes hurt to the person harbouring it.


    But, I prefer to keep distance from Gujjar guys. Reason behind is I directed one Gujjar guy to speak truth. And after that, it became a personal offence to him for which I got assaulted only once but was very disgusting way.

    Now, I never faced any such strife, but still stand strong to make Gujjar/s behave.


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    now Faridabad Lok Sabha constituency and south delhi Lok Sabha constituency has been lost from Jats where we always won in fact Jats had more villages than guitars in these constituencies .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashishsehrawat9 View Post
    Bro whole of the harit pradesh chahe vo meerut ho ya aur koi bhi district except two Saharanpur & G B nagar (noida) all are jat dominated .I live near Choudhary Charan singh University in meerut .(jaato kai ladke kisi ki bhi aisi taisi kar dete hai 2 min mai ).

    These gujjars are only dominating in noida ,not anywhere else ,it's true that they also have good poppulation in some districts of western up like noida ,saharanpur(dominating ) .They r also present in siezable amount in Meerut ,Bijnor and 1or 2 districts more ,not more than that .
    It is not like that all gujjars are bad ,i also have lots of gujjars friend ,but i have seen the haterness in their mind because they are much backward than us & due to some other political reasons .

    What they r doing western UP right now ,they will try to join BSP aur Bhen ji kai paltu dog ki tarah dum hilayege especially gujjars of noida .
    But jats never do that ,even our CM nayawati know that it is not possible to win in western up without jaats support .

    But gujjars have got a lots of advantage in UP due to noida development ,they have got crores of rupees for their land & they think themselves to be Don of noida .

    I can give u the list of jat's poppulation in western up districts :-
    Meerut -17%
    G B nagar -5%(gujjar dominated ,gujjars have 19% poppulation here )
    Bulandsahar -17%
    Aligarh -11%

    Except this jat's have siezable pooppulation in Bareilly ,Pilibhit ,Jyoti bhaphule nagar .
    8 percent in gautambudh nagar

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    Hindus are going though genocide in pakistan bangladesh and conversion in south india, those percentages will reduce further if we keep doing jatt tamil bangali

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    Hello everyone. I want to share my personal experiences with you guys. I know Gujjars very well and it is very true they harbour animosity towards Jats. Most Jats have this feeling that Jat-Gujjar are brothers. I must tell you that this brotherhood is claimed most often by Jats rather than from Gujjars. There are many instances in real life where I was literally amazed by hatred which they carry in their hearts for us. You can personally check out many videos on youtube in which they are abusing Jats.

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    This platform is for Jat issues and for increasing unity among Jats. If you have relevant thing to talk about this topic, only then message.

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    Where did you get this figure of 8% in Gautam Buddh Nagar. 8% is too much bro. Do not inflate figures.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dushyantaliyans View Post
    8 percent in gautambudh nagar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solankivich View Post
    now Faridabad Lok Sabha constituency and south delhi Lok Sabha constituency has been lost from Jats where we always won in fact Jats had more villages than guitars in these constituencies .
    South Delhi has more Gujjar Villages than Jat Villages. I guess Faridabad district has more Gujjar Villages than Jat Villages. Do you have any idea about Palwal District?

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    If you want to ignore truth, then its your call. I lived in South Delhi and have personally encountered many instances of Jat-Gujjar rivalry.
    Quote Originally Posted by amitbudhwar View Post
    This thread must be deleted for the sake of harmony among communities. Jatland should not be used as a portal to create differences with other communities.

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    It's not about Jat Vs Gujjar only. Jats have "Don't give a F..." attitude towards other communities then it hardly matters who like or dislike us. "The Jat brand" is miles ahead of these Gujjars or any other community in Delhi NCR. It's not about wealth and possessions we have but a unique Tribal identity we are maintaining despite all the odds. It may sound a bit self-obsessed or narcissistic approach and this is how other look at us. So chill Bro.. Enjoy this Jathood.

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    Chaudhary Devi Lal used to say Jats, Gujjars, Ahirs & Rajputs are brothers as a matter of fact there is nothing wrong thinking so. There has been already great in fighting among Jats. We must avoid intercommunity conflicts. I believe that we must strengthen ourselves.

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    Jats vs This that! Yahaan Jat Jat ka nahin, bhai bhai ka nahin, behen bhai ek dusrae kae nahin, beta beti maa baap kae nahin! Aur baat kare ja rahi hae Jat vs Gujjar! Even on jatland certain members who have abused other jats are being praised as karta dharta Sadhus of Jat community! In reality, these Sadhus ain’t Sadhus!

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    Local Conflicts- Nothing to worry

    Jat V/s all is a universal truth - but maintaining honesty, frankness, hardworking, identity, togetherness, positive attitude, competitiveness spirit, attachment with land, etc are the USP of this community so nothing to worry about localised conflicts.

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    I appeal to all my JATs brothers & sisters.
    Please see the big picture, country is going through a drastic change, remember in Afghanistan(Talibani) & Pakistan most converted peoples to Islam are JATs & Gujjar.
    They were not converted by choice, fact is that they converted by fear & greed.
    Same situation is coming ahead, "SAARI JAAT GARDI PICHWADE SE NIKAL JAWAGI".
    In 2013 somehow we protected our pride but how long you can do that.
    Our population in rural area has decreased drastically, no one is there to event cultivate.
    Muslim population is increasing more that 30%.
    If you think you are real JAT then please protect our property and children.

    True JATs please come together and plan something how to fight with this situation.
    जिंदा रहेंगे तो गर्व के साथ तो आप दावा कर सकते हैं कि आप जाट और हम आप गली के कायर भी नहीं हैं।

    Tikait is damaging our pride to anything, and many fools are supporting him.

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    भाई जी topic के ऊपर बात करनी चाहिए । तभी अलग अलग forum बनाए जाते हैं ।

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    Ram Ram Bhai ,
    I have seen many times gujjars want full control Hand in Delhi NCR . Wo dhire dhire hmare sansadhano par kabza karte ja rahe hain aap last 4-5 year ka DU elecation dekho ye hawi hote ja rahe hain

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