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Thread: Chaudhary Lahri Singh Educational Society

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    Chaudhary Lahri Singh Educational Society

    The Chaudhary Lahri Singh Educational Society has been registered on the 10th of March’2011 by the District Registrar of Firms and Societies at Panchkula, Haryana.

    The Society as the name suggests has been formulated in the memory of Late Chaudhary Lahri Singh, one of the most illustrious political figures of Haryana. Ch. Lahri Singh came from a very modest background however he managed to complete his degree in laws during pre-independence India.

    As a successful lawyer, he remained an integral part of the Indian independence movement. He went on to become a ministers of larger Punjab (comprising of Punjab of today’s Pakistan, Indian Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.) in 1946 as a part of the Punjab Legislative Assembly set up by the British Government in the sunset years of their rule. The Premier of ‘joint Punjab’ Malik Sir Khizar Hayat Khan Tiwana hand picked Chaudhary Lahri Singh to be one of the first five ministers of the State.

    Post independence, Ch. Lahri Singh continued to be active in the politics of “joint Punjab” and was a Minister for Irrigation and Power in the Mr. Bhim Sen Sachar government in 1952. In 1962 he went on to become the third Member of Parliament from the prestigious Rohtak constituency which is today the stronghold of the present day CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

    Ch. Lahri Singh’s life can be exemplified as a life of struggle, high level of political ethics and a conscious endeavour to contribute back to the society in the form of encouraging education for all.

    This society has been set up by his son Shri. N.S. Malik, a veteran journalist and former Chief of Bureau of United News of India (UNI), and his grandson Shri. Arjun Malik a General Manager with a multinational company.

    The Society envisages towards furthering the cause of education, especially primary education amongst the economically weaker classes in Haryana. The Society firmly believes that there is nothing better than facilitating education since education makes not only a person independent but also positively impacts the generations to come and thus helps in evolving a better society.

    In the initial phase of the functioning of the society, scholarships would be institutionalized to school children from classes 8 to class 12 for children coming from economically weaker sections of the society especially, the girl child of Haryana. In its nascent stage the Society would focus its operations in the area around village Bhigan in Sonepat district. (the native village of Ch Lahri Singh).

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    So Wonderful - A good step to remember a Good Soul

    Dear All,

    Ch Lahri Singh was indeed a very great person. I remember him so distinctly even today. My most cherished memory of him is when I got operated for Hernia in the early seventies (1972 or 1973) and he had helped us get admission in the special ward of Rohtak Medical College. Actually, my late father (Ch Diwan Singh Malik of Village Pipli Khera) was his close follower. The village of Bhigan has given many key politiacal figures to the state of Haryana. The present MP Mr Jitender Singh's father (Ch Rajender Singh Malik) was also a cabinet minister in the Bansi lal government when major developemnt work of the state took place.

    After independence, there were not very many people who were qualified to fill up government jobs. My father used to tell us that Ch Lahri Singh used to get senior officers from various government departments from Delhi to the villages in our area. They used to sit in the village 'Chaupal' and recruit people. Many people who are now 'Urbanised' from our area owe their first successes to Ch Lahri Singh.

    A very good initiative to start an educational society in Chaudhry Sahib's name. I am sure it will succeed in years to come and the new generation would remember his name. He was a real good soul; a quality missing from the present day 'Netas'.

    Best wishes,

    JS Malik

    (Ein Volk - Ein Reich - Ein Fuhrer)

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    Thanks a lot for your appreciation Jagmohan from all of you will really matter in the success of such social service !!!

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