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    Relu ram punia

    Relu Ram Punia was belong from my Village Parbhuwala. He was a multi-millionaire,was elected legislator from the Barwala assambly segment as an Independent Candidate in 1996.
    Mr. Relu Ram Punia was a one-election wonder. He was from the Barwala Assembly constituency in 1996. As an Independent candidate.He entered poltics after making tonnes of money in the controversial business of mobile oil which,many suspected,used to be spurious. His product was popularly known as ''KALA TEL''.
    But this did not weigh on the mind of the Barwala electors who voted Mr. Punia in a big way. One factor responsible for his victory was the sympathy generated for him when he was denied the LOK DAL ticket. It was talk of the area that Mr. Relu Ram Punia had financed the LOK DAL ( Devi Lal Party ) in a big way before the 1996 election. The party had been out of pawar for five years. It was badly in need of resources. His nomination by the LOK DAL from Barwala was taken for granted.The money power at his command also contributed significantly in his victory.
    His compaign was centered on a slogan which became a catch ward in the area.His supporters to chant while campaigning that '' Relu Ram ki rail chalegi;bin paani,bin tel chalegi ''.
    After his election,he extended support to the Bansi Lal Government.
    His familylife was not smooth.His relations with second wife,Krishana were not cordial.
    According to the prosecution, Sonia and her husband had clubbed Relu Ram Punia(50) his wife,Krishna Devi (41),daughter,Priyanka'Pummy'(14)son,Sunil Kumar(23),daughter-in-law,Shakuntala Devi(20),grandson,Lokesh(4),and his two granddaughters,Shivani(2) and Two-month-old Preeti,to death at there farmhouse at Village-Parbhuwala (Litani mor) on the night of August23,2001;while they were sleep.
    The death came to notice around 8:00 AM the next day when a school van came to pick up Lokesh. The manager of the farmhouse sent a servant upstairs to bring Lokesh.The servant found them dead. Sonia was found gasping in a bedroom. She had consumed some insecticide after killing members of the family.
    Later,the manager and servants told the police that Sonia had brought her sister,Priyanka from her hostel (Jindal School Hisar) to celebrate her birthday. Tcelebrations went on till midnight when servants heard the bursting of crackers. Thereafter, Sonia came to the garage and took away an iron rod (HMT Tractor Lift Rod) rom there. None of them heard any cries or commotion during the night.
    The bodies of family member were found lying in different rooms on the 1st & 2nd floors of the farmhouse. Allof them had been clubbed to death.
    There were no signs of resistance.
    There was a property dispute between Sonia & her brother,Sunil Kumar (Punia's son from her 1st wife).
    While Sonia wanted her father to give her 46 acres of land around the farmhouse. Sunil had objected to it saying he was cultivating it. The family also had properties in various nearby her village Parbhuwala,Delhi,Faridabad & Gurgaon.
    After his death, the people of the his village Parbbhuwala and near area constituted the Relu Ram Punia Sangharsh Samiti to seek justic for the dead.
    In 2004. Distt. court awarded the death penalty to Sonia and her husband Sanjeev. But in year 2005,Punjab & Haryana High Court commuted the sentence of death into Life Inprisonment.
    Latter 2007, Suprime Court of India set aside the order of the High Court and upheld the decision of the session court.Further sessions court fixed the hanging of both the accused for Nov.26,2007 but, the present status of the case is that Sonia's mercy petition is pending before the President of India.
    Now wait for FANSHI to Sonia.........

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    Lekin isko yahan Post karne ka kya connection hai?

    Waise bhi Reluram Baniye ki chori tein biyah karke uski jaydad ka varis bana tha
    Dream is not what you see while sleeping. Dream is that which won't let you sleep

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    Quote Originally Posted by rakeshsehrawat View Post

    Waise bhi Reluram Baniye ki chori tein biyah karke uski jaydad ka varis bana tha
    मान गए भाई राकेश.... एब के पूँझड चेइपा नहीं "वेल्ड" कर दिया.... पक्का काम..... सही बात स .... या किसे की राम कहानी इस जगह लिखन का के मतलब...
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    Quote Originally Posted by anilsangwan View Post
    मान गए भाई राकेश.... एब के पूँझड चेइपा नहीं "वेल्ड" कर दिया.... पक्का काम..... सही बात स .... या किसे की राम कहानी इस जगह लिखन का के मतलब...
    Hahahahahahahahaha!!! एब के पूँझड चेइपा नहीं "वेल्ड" कर दिया!!

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    he is emotional i think about reluram ji

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