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Thread: What is difference between the Khap and the Panchayat?

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    Post What is difference between the Khap and the Panchayat?

    The difference between the Khap and the Panchayat is not candid in the viewpoint of our compatriots! It's high time that we must elaborate the difference in all forms of mediums-electronic & print. I found very interesting article at:-

    I implore fellow JL people to further this to enlighten others.

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    I have read the following interesting facts about Khap and Panchayat:
    Shri K.S. Sangwan writes:

    The Khap Panchayat, like the caste system and joint family systems, is a traditional institution engaged primarily in dispute resolution and in regulating the behaviour of individuals or groups in rural North India. While the smaller issues are taken up by the village panchayats, the Khap Panchayats resolve disputes of wider concern within their operative territory. Sometimes active in the political sphere, these Khap Panchayats have mainly been confined to social issues. Historically speaking, the Khap Panchayats are very old. But they have attracted the attention of scholars only when the electronic media highlights some of their decisions which (the media people think) violate the human rights of individuals. These decisions may be mainly related to marriages which violate the traditional moral code of conduct, especially the concept of village bhaichara (brotherhood), gotra bhaichara (clan brotherhood) or Khap bhaichara (brotherhood of persons belonging to same khap, signifying equality within the Khap), which form the basis of community harmony in Indian villages, especially those in northern India.
    After Independence, the authority of these Khap Panchayats has been challenged by modern institutions of justice such as courts, which function on the principle of rule of law.
    (I have made certain grammatical changes)

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