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I think this is not true.
The points are:
1. Have they really found hand written things, written by Pannini himeself? Most of the old work in India that we can find today is in continuation of the something that has no verifiable facts.
2. Again after 4 th BC, India has gone through a surge of religious life, which got hold of people's lives and never allowed them to think out of box. If u study religions, history and philosophy of the world, you will find that religions have made "Bat ka Batangar", they have hidden scientific facts from people and created "history" as they please and as it makes them happy. There are lot of good documentaries about it on youtube just type "religion, science, philosophy" , u will find lot of such documentaries, which show the facts and not just some words from thin air.

You have every right to disagree.

But the points advanced by you have already been given due weightage by the scholars before accepting the ancient books' historicity. On Panini read relevant data available on the wiki pages of the Jatland and also other well researched books to make judicious estimation of the sources of history.