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Thread: Jat Heroes Who Made History

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    Vinod Kumar Punia

    Vinod Kumar Punia (Sep) - from Tambakheri (ताम्बा खेड़ी), Rajgarh, Churu, Rajasthan. Unit: 657 EME Battalion, became martyr on 16.4.2019 at Unit Location (Lima Kong) during Unit BPET Test.
    Laxman Burdak

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    Hemraj Jat (Nitharwal)
    (5.7.1996-1.9.2019) was from village Bhadoon of Roopangarh Tehsil in Ajmer district, Rajasthan. He became martyr on 1.9.2019 during the unprovoked ceasefire violation by Pakistan in Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir.

    Read more at Hemraj Jat (Nitharwal)‎‎
    Laxman Burdak

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    Ancient History of Jats

    How can I contact someone who is writing/editing History of Jats on Jatwiki? I have some important material to share on ancient history of Jats and would like that to given wide publicity and making it mainstream.

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    You put your contents in relevant pages on Jatland Wiki or put it here itself so that it will be inserted where where ever necessary.
    Laxman Burdak

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    राजस्थान के करौली जिले के वीर सपूत नायक जोगिंदर सिंह जी जाट का आज कश्मीर के कुपवाड़ा जिले में loc पर तैनाती के दौरान ग्रेनेड ब्लास्ट में शहीद हो गये है। जाट रेजिमेंट के शहीद नायक जोगिंदर सिंह जी को विनम्र श्रद्धांजलि अर्पित करता हूं। शहीद को शत शत नमन
    Laxman Burdak

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    Gujjars are our brothers but it is unfair that they are trying to appropriate our Heros. Please check the following link:
    Here, Mr Sushil Bhati is snatching a great Jat dynasty, the Kushan dynasty from us and claiming it to be that of Gujjars'. And now Gujjars are celebrating 22 March, the day Kanishka of Kushan dynasty rose to the throne as Gujjar Day. It is requested that someone history scholar or historian amongst us may please go ahead and give counter to such narratives.

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