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Thread: Name of Surajmal Stadium Metro Station should be Maharaja Surajmal Stadium Station

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    Name of Surajmal Stadium Metro Station should be Maharaja Surajmal Stadium Station

    Dear friends,

    Came to know from the Delhi metro map that there is a metro station on Mundka metro line named "Surajmal Stadium"; don't you think that this shows a huge disregard to the pluto of Jats and all Jats from Delhi and Jats living in Delhi from neighboring areas should raise this voice on all possible social, administerial as well as political platforms to rename it as "Maharaja Surajmal Stadium" metro station?

    And it is the high tide time as elections are on door steps so all Jats in respective political parties should put this demand on top of their lists. Though I am not aware of it that what already going on on ground in this regard but it shouldn't be left like this. Afterall if respect and pride of Jats won't be heard in Jatland then where else?

    Whereas on Gurgaon metro line there is a station called "Guru Dronacharya", so if "Guru" can be put as prefix to "Dronacharya" then why not "Maharaja" to "Surajmal"? Otherwise make the name of "Guru Dronacharya" to just "Dronacharya" or else why this impartial attitude to just our pluto mighty king?

    The whole Indian history is testimony to the fact that thou were the sole king in Indian history who was the clevermost, bravemost and thou kingdom was the only kingdom, which put the sun of British rule on hault for more than 4 months, as a result of which Brithsers had to sign the "Treaty of Equality", the only treaty which no other king or kingdom of India could achieve. Isn't it self-explanatory to distinguish the king in subject from all others and enough to be regarded with "Maharaja" to his name on this metro station?

    So lets raise a campaign from too to woo the issue with our all possible resources in unison.
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    One who doesn't know own roots and culture, their social identity is like a letter without address and they are culturally slave to philosophies of others.

    Reunion of Haryana state of pre-1857 is the best way possible to get Jats united.

    Phool Kumar Malik - Gathwala Khap - Nidana Heights

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    Maybe Delhi Metro authorities have now realized their mistake. Today I saw the name "Maharaja Surajmal Stadium" displayed on both sides of the building of Metro station. It was a pleasant surprise for me and I remembered this thread. Though elsewhere inside the station (platforms), it was still written "Surajmal Stadium".

    Hope needful is being done by Delhi Metro in a phased manner.

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    Maharaja Suraj Mal (13 February 1707 - 25 December 1763) has been described by a contemporary historian as "the Plato of Jats" and by a modern writer as the "Jat Ulysses", because of his political sagacity, steady intellect and clear vision. He was one of the greatest warriors and ablest statesmen ever born in India. He was the last Samrat of India. He needs to be honoured in a respectable way.
    Laxman Burdak

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    Attached below is a photo of inside view of Maharaja Surajmal Stadium station of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). I clicked this only yesterday, while travelling through this station.

    It may be mentioned that the correct renaming of the station has been possible because of personal interest shown by Shri Mangu Singh Dabas, the current Managing Director of DMRC. We should be thankful to him for this.

    A view of Maharaja Surajmal Stadium can be seen from station's platform itself. This stadium was built at the time of Chief Ministership of late Dr. Sahib Singh Verma

    Click image for larger version. 

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