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Thread: Vedic Astrology

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    Vedic Astrology

    Hi All,

    I am invetment banker and was and engineer before. Have researched into the area of vedic astrology since 21 yrs now as a hobby (non commercial)

    Some thoughts of mine on a blog for those interested in the topic. I talk about my journey in it and also have a section where I will write on it in technical terms of astrology

    Please dont ask for a reading as such, getting 20-60 a day and impossible to get to these as I have a 12 hr a day full time job in bank

    Best Regards,

    I came, I saw, I slept.

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    Nice blog with beautiful articles . I was planning to read about it with a scientific approach and fortunately came this post .Your great efforts in this regard will spare a lot of time and energy for beginners like me .

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    Thanks Narenderkharb ji

    Keep an eye on it, will keep writing on it as and when time permits
    I came, I saw, I slept.

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