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Thread: Seeking publishers, film makers, tv presenters, etc. For a lively gospel preaching.

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    Lightbulb Seeking publishers, film makers, tv presenters, etc. For a lively gospel preaching.

    Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
    Retired Lecturer in Metallurgy.

    This Dark Age is of “holy spirit”, the spirit of man called “common sense”. “His Word” is by revelations received through logical reasoning called GUR in Punjabi and the end product of logical reasoning is called Logos, PARSHAD or DHUR KI BAANI. That is, Gospel is always received by the grace of our Father and not from any human being even Christ Jesus and Gospel is for the twice-born solitary and not for the once-born who go by men or Scriptures. Peter was once-born and he could not understand Gospel whilst at Pentecost when the Twelve received the REWARD or Gift of Holy Spirit, then Peter was most drunk with the New Wine.

    If someone is prepared to join hands with me for this Project, I would gladly appreciate. I am looking for a Publisher of religious Books.

    Chapter Gist

    FOREWORD. Basis of my knowledge and dedication to my parents and Bosom Friend Jasmail Hans.
    1. Introduction. All religious knowledge comes from One God with different names
    2. Who are the pre-destined? Your past Karma plays a major role in pre-destination. They are Remnant. One in a thousand; two in ten thousands.
    3. Once-born versus the twice-born. Once-born are water + soul; twice-born are water + soul + spirit by grace of God.
    4. Why Jesus had Twelve Labourers? The root of the word Disciple is discipline. Rabbis disciplined the once-born with Moral Laws; Labourers of Jesus are twice-born sensible.
    5. Age for Gospel. Adults of 25 and over grow ears to hear His Word and they become seekers of His Word. Gospel is Rapture that prompts you to Preach Gospel.
    6. Belief and Faith. Faith is putting into practice what you believe; holy or evil. Disciples being bound by their Rabbis, they have blind faith – Saul.
    7. Flesh versus spirit. What applies to flesh, just the opposite to spirit? Or the Moral Laws are reflections of “His Word”.
    8. Two covenants. Two Gods two covenants; one demiurge creator of Nature Yahweh and the other Real, our Father of souls. Father of Jesus was Yahweh.
    9. The Hajj. Hajj was established by Abraham for boys of 12 to 16 years old to establish covenants with their tribal fathers called “Ilah” and Yahweh.
    10. Circumcision. Circumcision is the “tribal mark” of Abraham to Isaac and his seed only. Gentiles or women were not circumcised. Many Fake sons of Abraham.
    11. Baptisms of John and Jesus. John, the Baptist, Prophet Elijah (Yahweh is my god) baptised Jewish men in the name of Abraham and Jesus in the name of Yahweh.
    12. Swastika and the Four Ages. Swastika, a universal symbol of four Ages is explained. Present Age of Kalyug (Dark Age) is the Golden Age of Christ for earning Resurrection or Rest.
    13. The Chosen People. They were specially created by Yahweh as the demonstration nation for teaching us the natural moral laws of Prophet Elijah (My god is Yahweh).
    14. Gnostic Trinity and Gospel. Trinity is explained in details with applications to Christianity and Sikhism. Five Husbands are spiritual evils – John 4.
    15. Heaven, Hell and the Royal Kingdom of God. Why keys to the Kingdom of Heaven were given to Peter and He killed two liars? The Royal Kingdom of God is within us.
    16. Spiritual Marriage and Divorce – Matt. 19. Here Jesus gave the parallel of spiritual marriage and divorce to our moral marriages that the Rabbis were familiar with.
    17. Five Husbands of the Samaritan Woman. They were the Five spiritual evils (Husbands) of heart which she had overpowered. Names of the Five Evils are explained in details.
    18. Ideal Church of God. In Jesus, we have One Fold, Church of God, and One Shepherd Christ Jesus, our Bridegroom. Cults of Anti-Christs have many shepherds - Pope .
    19. Real Shariah-Free Islam of Allah (Sun). Allah is from Al-Ilah, The Spiritual Father and the Primary Source of Gospel, INSHALLAH. Islam of Moon and Star of INSHMULLAH is of Satan.
    20. Nanak, the Second coming of Jesus. Christ is known to the people of spirit called SURTTI. They are “Seekers” of spiritual knowledge called “Sikhs” or the Gnostics. Ask, seek and knock.
    21. Virgin Birth of Jesus – Proofs. Once-born cannot believe that is not scientifically proved but our supernatural Father over rules the Nature. Jesus walking on water.
    22. Four religious communities of India. There are Four spiritual states of soul and therefore, four communities for them. Four Advent Candles are related to these Four communities. Also, Four Varnas, professions and NOT Jaatis, are related too.
    23. Predictions. Coming events cast their shadows. Upon understanding Gospel, you can predict. Matt. 13v24-30 predicts the present events of Destruction.

    I have put the above chapters on my website and have made Youtube Video Playlists to explain them well. Here are the links to all my 23 chapters:-

    Replace 1 with 2, 3, 4, etc. to get the chapters. There are over 4600 supporting Youtube Videos – channel nijjhar1 - explaining the chapters and gnosis in details.

    Your criticism is welcome. You may pass this information to Book Publishers and friends to glorify our Father. If someone would like to help me sort out tables and drawings, I would appreciate.

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    Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
    First a Hindu (1) then a Sikh (2) Khalsa (3) or Nirmala Sant (4th Panth).
    Antonym of Hindu is a Fanatic Devil.
    Sikhism=Christianity over 8500 Youtube Videos - channel nijjhar1.
    Ch. Chhotu Ram Ohlyan Jatt is our tribal Pillar.
    Jatts are Shiv Sena; DAEH SHIVA VAR MOHAE.

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