In recent days the word 'NATIONALISM' is being hotly debated in the political circles and social media as well as various channels are busy giving their view on the issue as what constitutes nationalism in India. Therefore, it is in the fitness of things that we try here to understand what is nation and what are features of nationalism especially in the context of Indian historical background.

Our freedom fighters left a rich heritage on the issue of Indian Nationalism and the founding fathers of our Constitution fairly debated and decided the issue while framing our constitution. They also adopted some national days to be celebrated like Republic Day and Independence Day, they adopted National flag, national bird, national animal and so many symbols to promote Unity in Diversity and Diversity in Unity of India.

Have those attempts of constitution makers and freedom fighters become outdated and need replacement, is the million dollar question which comes to the fore in the context of present day debate.

Members are welcome to contribute logic based arguments on this thread title to make the debate meaningful.