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The word "Budhhana" or "Budh+ Hana" shows pre Alexander origin of Jats.

Buddha born and lived before Alexander's arrival into Eurasia.



This means that Jat roots are before Alexanders's time, before Christ and before Islam.
Do we find ancient Silk route trade and movement of these horse riding people from Central Asian Plains to India and Vice-Versa.

Yes, these ancient nomads were moving from central Asia and other places out of India and doing trade with India long before Buddha, Christ were born or Alexander came to Eurasia, archeological evidences of which have been found in the form of silk worn by ancient nomads and also in the form of house dwellings and other archeological artifacts.

This could also mean that these ancient nomads were establishing civilizations in ancient India or ancient India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.[/QUOTE]

Religious namification of tribes can not be root identification of tribes. Words that come from religion are mostly created out of social structures, needs, etc. While root words emerge from work, life style, clans, family relationships, etc.