India for a long part of its history has been a non scientific religious society. Such societies thrive on religion and business which work as hand in glove or glove in hand, such societies also have limited educated people as this has been there in the past in India, therefore in India mostly the educated class comprised of religious people and business people, who have been educated most part of their ancient history. In such societies forging identities becomes easy and even adoption of new identities becomes much easier. Well, no identity is bad or good until and unless it harms someone, but the fact of the matter is, there are communities in India which have sacrificed long in their ancient history in form of their ancestors to wars, feudal systems and religion. It is also a known fact that land was a cheap thing for business communities since ancient India and it remains so even today.

Now the main question is, how to ascertain true identities, true identities in Indian conditions can mostly be ascertained by village roots, which in ancient India were mostly closely knit societies as these societies were not protected by boundaries of forts or in other words as these villages were not inside the fort walls.