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Thread: History and India

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    History and India

    In context of India, due to its feudal and religious system, history is far from reality. This is one reason as to why, religion still has strong roots in Indian mindset.

    In not so ancient past and in ancient past, history was written from the view of ruler and by the people who were educated in India's ancient past. Being a feudal country with numerous kingdoms,innumerable gods and godesses, history was far from factual reality.

    Who benefited the most and who could manipulate history the most?

    Those who were ruling and those who were educated. Which in India's context only were only few communities.

    Tribes who were of migratory in nature and were new arrivals in Indian subcontinent at different time periods were the main sufferers because their real history was never written or was written from personal perspectives of rulers and the educated class.

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    Besides that lot of words might be emerging out of religious thought process such as "Suuch/ Truth, false, Morality, Dev", etc.

    Although these world might not be true to their origins as such words have been often used in different contexts. As most of the above words in Indian context are "Money making religious words".

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    India also has an innumerable number of kings whose actual existence is really not provable as these are the kings who often do not have any factual existence.

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    All Jat folks are requested to kindly refer to this page on Wikipedia: This page has so many inaccuracies and is clearly dedicated to bring disrepute to Jats. We Jats are living in the bliss of ignorance. To protect our legacy, we need to be vigilant on all forums and especially on something like Wikipedia which is a common source of information. All Jat brothers and sisters having interest and education in history are hereby exhorted to come forth and re-edit content with correct Jat History beginning with our origins in Scythia to present day. Jats played a major role in ancient history which has been swept under the carpet by Modern Indian Historians. We need to dig it up and bring it forth in public domain. Our website is doing a stellar job in unearthing and publishing real Jat history but that is not being updated on sites like Wikipedia which are a common reference for people nowadays. Wikipedia is an open source encyclopedia which can be edited by anyone. However, one also has to provide sources and references of edited information.

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