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    Smile A poem

    chidiya rani badi sayani
    upar udti karti manmani

    daal-daal par basera karti
    dhoond lati wo dana-pani

    tinka jod ghonsla banati
    chidey sang karti nadani

    bacche puchhe udey hum kaise
    chaunch maar bana deti swabhimani

    kya udd pata wo chhota panchhi
    unchai uski dekh ke hum karte hairani

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    main gagan mein udta panchhi tha
    jaise jharnon mein boond ho

    mamta may anchal ka tara tha
    ek din duwidha ne gher liye

    na chhu paya uss gagan ko
    ek pinjre mein yun kaid hua

    patka uss gaud ne batla ke keechad
    aur asmaan ne bhi jhangjod diya

    mamta may anchal jab rang badalta hai
    dekh asmaan ne bhi khud ko dhak liya

    main gagan mein udta panchhi tha
    aisa kah fir khud ko azad kiya

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    Attachment 19715 POODIE

    I am a poodie in the house,
    To do my duty all around.

    I threatened every little mouse,
    Asked cattie not to make sound.

    I gave comfort enough to drowse,
    Slept when night whistle found.

    I made children to browse,
    How I feel when you chase around.

    I am a poodie, treated just like a human sound.

    I jump on you, to call me poodie;
    As I am the only one in the house.

    How did you find my Poodie? give comment or like
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    Quote Originally Posted by neel6318 View Post
    Administrator/moderators please tell me why my Poodie image is not being reflected in post.....y?

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    Attachment 19765Thankyou Rajpal ji for liking my Poodie. Here is her photo which moderators equivalent to my all bhaiyas were not able to make me upload to get the smile. I did it!

    She is the only one who can take away my isolation even if I do not visit Jatland webpage. In this photo, I celebrated my 36th birth anniversary to make her feel good and be around. You can also say, a bribe to her
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    Jab mein chhota baccha tha
    Main bahaut shararat karta tha

    Kapde to bahaut the fir bhi
    Mogli ban ghuma karta tha

    Uniform pahan cycle tez chalata tha
    Aur fir cycle sang keechad mein gir jata tha

    Ghar wapas aata chhutti ka bahana le
    Lekin uniform badal fir school ko jata tha

    Sports mein to lagan nahi thi
    Saathiyon ko khel nirale dikhata tha

    Teacher se school mein gana seekh
    Ghar mein Dau bhaiya ka shor machata tha

    Naunvi-daswin ki puchho mat
    Likhne ko register naya nahi paata tha

    Parents ko complaint karein kya
    Ank to sunder-sunahre lata tha

    Ab main jab bada ho gaya
    To badi shararat karta huu

    Mummy paas bulati hain, aur
    Main ladki pasand nahin karta hun

    Ab apni selfie bhej, ladki ko invite karo
    Bin shabdon ke hi mummy ko samjhata hun

    This one is for my brother, who restrict me to come around when he is with his college scholars but here at Jatland he cannot restrict me. So I tried very few lines to describe him. Though, his friends are also very naughty , not all but few.

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    कविता के साधुवाद

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramlaljat View Post
    कविता के साधुवाद
    Sirf Thanks dena mujhe kam laga as per Jatland idea......I want to add my grin as well ...... hehehe

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    Ek aur kavita doston

    Ik din shikshakon ne mujhe Master banaya
    maine bhi khud ko chalk-board ki aur ghumaya
    bacchon ne li chupke se photo
    mud dekha to ek kutta aur keval chaar vidhyarthi ko paya
    jama ke apna raub professor ka, bola
    koi apatti nahi, jo balak kaksha mein nahi unne mera itihaas dauhraya
    ye tha mera parichay doston
    sahpathiyon ne bhi khoob majaak banaya

    One of the demonstration session during college days of sibling.

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    dhanyawaad Navdeep ji and a very Happy Birthday to You! Bless you prosperous and past 99 life!

    ek aur Kavita,

    aaj main mausi banne aayi hun
    sau chuhe khaye bin Haj ki daud laga aayi hun

    kitabon mein jhooth likha tha
    aaj budhe bacchon ko batlati hun

    muhaware chhedo to ye batlaungi
    dwesh ka zariya, fir bhi main billi ban jaati hun

    mausi bolo ya little girl, ab to
    main hi paath padhane aayi hun

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    My camel

    this is my Mamaji's camel. Now, I stopped loving Poodie anymore as I don't want to fight with my elder sister because its her possession. Only in her absence, it was mine too make me sleep with comfort. Now, camel would do the same job .

    People change parties for nation, I change my toy pet for sleep.

    An incident: Once I played as Manmohan Singh ji during office recreation session at IBM and I was fired with questions like,

    Manmohanji, these days public is talking about your affair with Soniya. What do you say? and few more

    I replied anguishly, "No this media is making false news and I strongly love my beautiful Sardarni wife and only daughter. She is very intelligent. Soniya is no more in power, so I also left her company. But, serving as Prime Minister was a great experience in my life apart from my services at various Government designations in India.Attachment 19819 .......hehehe.......that was an act from chit pick randomly, and I really felt relief that atleast the team liked it. When, my act was over everybody laughed at my innocense as Manmohanji saying that I love my wife and daughter only. Very scared of falling in love with Soniya ji...........All other team actors played well and it was a great stress buster for us by our trainer and that too on serious note of acts. Otherwise, punished to be played again.

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