yah kis tarah ke lakshan darshati hai?

Jitna maine doctor ko consult kiya, unhone sirf poochha jaise ki - cough aana, kis prakar ka cough, kitne samay tak rahti hai khansi, kaise shuruwat hoti hai, .....ye sab batane ke baad maine ye bhi add kiya unki knowledge ke liye ki mujhe chest pain bhi hota hai, also find difficulty in breathing during chest pain. sometimes, I have to lie down on bed on chest to take proper nap. Medications also tried, but no progress. Also get done Spirometry, but no outcome due to chest pain during examination at AIIMS.

Is there any home remedy for same? Please share. Also, doctors are not sure whether its bronchitis or any allergy. But, this I am sure that allergy is one of the cause to Bronchitis.