Here comes an Economist of highest order. Never mind the fact that IMF, World Bank, ADB their whole business is about Economy. They have data that can project future growth and failure. But I will definitely put your name for next Nobel Prize in Economics. Now go back to your Chai ka Khokha and tell your friends what I said, they will tell you what to say....... come on boy!

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No matter what world bank or IMF says, impact of demonetization has been disastrous to Indian economy. Same world bank also cite demonetization for a slow economy. But that said damage is far reaching and millions have lost the jobs. There were much better alternates available to make the economy more formal and including cash business. Feku does not make any policies, he cannot even face press conference. He just reads bhashans. Damage is inflicted by Ambanis and Adanis more than anyone else.