The much hyped Iphone X an Apple phone, is now easily available on e-commerce sites in India. I'm planning to upgrade my generation old Iphone 6. Rather than switching to Iphone 7 or 8, my preference is Iphone X. However, the price tag of Iphone X is something that forcing me to think twice before making a final purchase.
At first glance, spending 89k on a phone doesn't seem a good idea at all. I can buy a mid level DSLR camera easily in this price range. Even if I make my mind, still buying such an expensive phone without getting into details of the product, can give you headache in future.

The only positive is that I can get it around 66k from US with international warranty. My past experience with Apple products has been phenomenal. This time I'm skeptical about its performance and there is a reason behind it.

In recent media reports, users have reported unresponsive screen touch if there is sudden change in the ambience temperature which Apple is claiming to fix in a software update. There might be similar issue with Iphone X. It would be really helpful if anyone could share his/her user experience with Iphone X here.