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Thread: Jat matrimonial

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    Jat matrimonial

    There is much decline in participants in jat matrimonial since last two years. Before that there was no need to join matrimonial sites. Our site is very popular but we need to go in depth the reason behind it.
    It is my observation and I may be wrong.
    OP Singh

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    Jat matrimonial was very much user friendly earlier. It is very difficult to post new profile a day pics and advance search for common person. It may be a advance technology but not comfortable. I request administrators to look into it. We cn get the result after analysing the dates of number of participants before change of software and earlier.
    I m simply giving feedback on record.
    Please don't take otherwise.
    OP Singh 9811981964

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    I also agree.but it does not access easly.It should be more simply and more people reach to jatland .com.
    With regard

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    Quote Originally Posted by vedsaroha View Post
    Yes i also agree
    I also agree, as per my past profile upload experience.

    It is little restrictive in controls. Otherwise, one can find the easiness now also.


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