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Thread: Apps in need, is an app indeed.

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    Apps in need, is an app indeed.

    Caution: It is recommended to install any antivirus software in your mobile or it is preinstalled in your mobile because if one tries option for free APP they may use your data or divert one to another website which may be harmful. Use in emergency and paid version only is recommended, that too with antivirus installed in your mobile.

    Recently only I came to know about some APPs available on mobile so that one can take approximate measurements like Length, width/height and area just by using an APP in your mobile, when you forgot to tale a Ruler or Measuring Tape with you. Accuracy of measurement depends upon
    1) exactness of size of items used as Measured item, if taken from leaflet of company then it is better. It also depends upon your distance from the object, so the nearer to able to see whole image on screen, the better and accuracy of your ability to mark on screen its edges. Exact dimension of Length of your Mobile or Car or any other object with you from companies website and using it without cover/gaurd. There are many and one can go with as per his/her insight.
    2) Plane of marking on object to be measured and known measurement shall be same and picture taken exactly or accurately perpendicular 'Like symbol _|_' to the plane of size to be measured.

    For all possible deviations assume that much inaccuracy.

    These are :
    GPS Area measurement tool : Area Measurement - This can be used to measure area of any size and shape in which GPS coordinates changes at its corners.
    Large/Inaccessible Length/Height/Width Measurement tools: Two Point Height, Tree Height Measure (need to change language but formula explained in the app), Smart Distance. It uses size of your known sized item marked on the object to be measured and then based on simple mathematical formula.
    Small size measurements: Ruler and Vernier Calliper. These apps uses screen of your Mobile as ruler and For very small size like diameter of a wire or Glass thickness one needs to take help of two Steel Scale like object to catch hold of item on screen and adjust its size by touch to know the measurement. Two persons may need for accurate measurements in Vernier App.
    Levelling tool: Level, Clinometer etc
    There are other apps that can be of use of a Civil Engineer or persons engaged in related fields.
    Vibrometer, Light Meter, Sound Meter, Plumb Bob.

    Air horn for calling other party holding the tape!!!
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    Hehe......thankyou Professor! Aap to aadhunikta mein hi jeena. Kitaab-kaapiyo ki bhi kya zaroorat hai agar wo bhi bhool jao to.

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