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Thread: What are the best books to study for the IIT JAM in mathematics?

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    What are the best books to study for the IIT JAM in mathematics?


    If you are preparing for IIT JAM Mathematics then you need to lot of practice for exam. Mathematics is one of that subjects which requires revision.
    If you are buying books for Mathematics then first check the syllabus and select those books who cover the complete course.

    You can buy online study material for IIT JAM Mathematics. The benefit of online material is that you will get complete course with lot of questions in one book.

    Eduncle Material for mathematics is easy to understand content helped me understanding in less time. Along with the study material I was also benefited with:

    Real-time Mock Tests
    Previous Year’s Question Papers
    Solved Modal Test Papers
    Faculty guidance and support

    Check : - Is Eduncle Material good for JAM

    Thank You!!

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    What we share will return some day to us ultimately, multiplied many times!

    As per my information, it is suggested to search US Archive for the required study material etc. If anyone had uploaded such material online in the past, it is just like photocopy of it available for free download and personal use only. Since photocopy of textbook for personal use and reference is beyond copyright act, as per my knowledge. For a needy and meritorious student it is of great help. This is based on principle of sharing to needy and intelligent one for free so that he/she may help community in better way later. A very good institution named as BBVA, in Spain, is totally working on this principle.

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