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    Education In US

    Hello Everyone,
    If anyone who is interested in doing their masters/Phd in US then I wld suggest them to visit

    bcoz here the funding scene in really good. Most of the students who are in here do have some kind of funding. Its a pretty good school and I am myself doin my masters in here. So feel free to contact me for any kind of help.

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    Hi Atul
    It is good to see some one who is helping others in their career.Iam a Jat boy from Delhi.Iam seriously interested in the P.hd program from USA. My Educational qualifications are:-

    1) B.E(Electronics) from Pune university with second class.

    2)MBA(Diploma) in Marketing and Information Technology from Delhi with first class.
    I did my MBA from FORE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, DELHI after clearing CAT examination for Management education.

    3)Approximately 3(1/2)years of Work Experience in the field of Marketing and Information technology.

    Presently Iam working in a software MNC in CRMG (Customer Relationship Management and Quality testing Group).

    Please comment of my getting an admission (and Financial Aid) for the P.hd program.

    With Regards,
    Tajveer Solanki

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    Hi Tejveer,

    Which field are you planning to do research in - technical or business?


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