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Thread: seminars/ symposia/ conferences....biotech???????

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    seminars/ symposia/ conferences....biotech???????


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    mugdha rao (Dec 14, 2002 09:46 a.m.):
    dear friends

    as i've seen most of the pple are either management guys or what i desperately wish to talk about now is science and research.
    i'm a research scholar working on polyketides (with in forarms of biotech & gen.engg.) and wish to know almost all jats who are members here and are in the field of research .
    i wish to know about the conferences etc. held worldover about the same as well as with the travel grants possibilities.
    with best regards,
    mugdha rao
    Hello Mugdha,
    I am not from this field but can suggest you couple of things. To find out conferences in Gen Engineering and Biotech, I would strongly suggest that you should try to join some prestegious society for biotech individuals, if possible (this might cost you a little). That is one good source for information. They definitely organize their own conferences. You should look on internet for the places which are outstanding in this area. If you are aware of some good universities in this area you can contact professors in the bio tech department requesting information about conferences, or requesting them to direct you to the concerned person. Most of the time faculty members are quite generous. Unversities in US and I guess in Europe too, also organize conferences if the department is very strong.

    To sponsor your trip, that would be a tricky part. Generally people are sponsored by the organization where they pursue the research. If you ahve your own paper and want to present it, you might stand a good chace. Some conferences also conduct best student paper award which supposedly covers the travel expenses. But again you will have to contact the conference organizers and whole bunch of other people and bug them for a while to get the information.
    It is certainly a time consuling process.
    Good luck


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