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Thread: sant jarnail Singh bhindrawale is a brar jatt clan

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    sant jarnail Singh bhindrawale is a brar jatt clan

    Hlo friends some Hindu are told sant jarnail Singh bhindrawale is a terrorist but he is a favor of farmers so what is your expression tel me

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    I have seen many Sikhs adulating Bhindrawala but in my opinion, even if he was not a terrorist he surely became extremist, especially during the later part of his life. We can seen different phases even in Jinah's political and personal career. From a perfect nationalist to a moderate and then by 1940's, a religious extremist. Support of Pakistan to Khalistan 'terrorists' (lets call them separatists) at that time is very well known. Even now, it is very rightly believed that Pakistan is trying to open another front via Punjab in proxy war by opening up of Kartarpur Sahib Corridor to revive Khalistan demand by having more direct contact with the gullible youth and radicals. There is no denying the fact that religion and kaum thing did took root in Punjab at that time. 1984 was a sad chapter in India's secular history, which in itself has history of regular aberrations such as 1984, 2002 and few more. But what led to 1984 and Golden Temple incident was also sad. Pakistan has got its demography changed since independence. The minority % has decreased. The islamization of Pak has happened gradually, forced by the likes of Yahya Khan, Yakub Khan etc. Similar to this is the 'sikhization' of Punjab after independence. There is no denying the fact that Punjab was in a state of militancy at that time, although many feel that what ultimately transpired between Bhindrawala and Congress was a case of Chickens coming home to roost. What was heartening to see during the entire sorry period was that people from within the community and State like KPS Gill stood up to the menace and checked it. That's what Indians want in Kashmir. Kashmiris themselves rejecting the attempt of spread of militancy in J&K which is major part of Pak's 'Bleed India to 1000 cuts' policy.
    So what I ultimately feel is that for Sikhs and punjabi language loving people , he might be a robinhood. But as an Indian, we may like to see him as a radical/extremist, atleast towards the end of life.
    Kaise kahein wardi tujhse pyaar nhi,
    Kaise kahein wardi tera intzaar nhi.
    Kuch khataa to Haryana ki maati ki bhi h,
    Ek akele hum hi gunahgaar nhi.
    Murrah Pride
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