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Thread: Haryanvi Songs- The pleasant transformation

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    Not long ago, we used to discuss and agree with the issue that the haryanvi songs/music quality is not good enough. A thread by the title-"
    low quality of haryanvi music " was started in 2011. For a long time, we have been deploring the fact that we are no where close to our better cousin- Punjabi Music and can't match the size of its industry and quality of the music etc. Die hard fans used to remember mostly Ragni as the true representative of haryanvi music/song. Although the veterans may still hold on to that idea, but we need to appreciate the quality of recent songs that have come up in the non-Ragni club. From the times of 'Hat ja Tau paache ne' that used to be DJ fav to the present plenty ones that can be heard as party/weddings songs and also not solely restricted to desi area. The lyrics including raps have improved, video editing has become better. The fan following of Haryanvi songs has also increased, both within the community and outside.

    Take for eg. song "Jat Jatni"-, which shows stark improvement in our songs (complete package including lyrics, video, video editing, location etc). Now it's possible to have an entire big playlist of Haryanvi songs and that too without Ragni. Even the Ragni re-makes like- "Buggi Daatiye" have been loved and appreciated a lot by public.

    Pls share your views on the topic and the amazing transformation Haryanvi songs are undergoing.
    Kaise kahein wardi tujhse pyaar nhi,
    Kaise kahein wardi tera intzaar nhi.
    Kuch khataa to Haryana ki maati ki bhi h,
    Ek akele hum hi gunahgaar nhi.
    Murrah Pride
    - The original drink of Haryana

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    Every next Haryanvi song getting mix, reform or hip-hop. Too much of blast on dance floors even by other communities in every wedding.
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