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Thread: What is Korpal gotra in Doaba?

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    What is Korpal gotra in Doaba?

    I understand from my ancestors that I am from a farmer background in Punjab, so assuming Jat. I am Korpal gotra, what is the background of this and other "pal" gotras as there are many like that in the Doaba region of Punjab between Banga, and Makundpur.

    What does Korpal even mean?

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    Welcome Amrik ji!

    There are two villages by the name Korpal in Jagdalpur district of Chhattisgarh. This is very interior area and was ruled by Nagavanshi Kings in ancient past. Kor is in the list of Jat Gotras. Cora Naga (Coranaga) or Chora Naga (62-50 BC) was Buddhist King of Anuradhapura (Shri Lanka) in the 1st century BC, who ruled from 62 BC to 50 BC. He succeeded his cousin Mahakuli Mahatissa as King of Anuradhapura and was succeeded by Kuda Tissa. Some how your Gotra seems to be associated with Nagavanshi Jats.
    Laxman Burdak

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    Hi I heard its a subsect of jat brahmins, is this possible? Also Chhattisgarh is very far away, we are from Punjab, how is the link possible? Where are Punjabi Korpals from? What does Pal mean in Korpal

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