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    The NSO surveillance - Why millions of dollars paid for surveillance of ...... As per the above news article it seems Ghana, a small country paid That 2015 contract, between the National Communication Authority of the Republic of Ghana, NSO, and a local reseller, shows the spyware company offering four levels of customer support for Pegasus. Ghana's purchase of NSO tools was previously reported by Ghana Business News.NSO offers four tiers of support. At the lower end, NSO says it will provide basic software and hardware installations and troubleshooting. For Tier 4, the contract says NSO will offer technical support by an "R&D [research and development] Engineer," including "Isolating, tracking and fixing operational issues," and "Technical evaluation and allocation of defect reports within R&D.""The Company will provide the End User with assistance in operating, managing and configuring the System as well as resolving any Software technical issues," another part of the contract reads. The "Support Period Consideration" costs 22 percent of the overall system price, which for Ghana was $8 million, according to the contract. The question, why would anyone, include the Indian government, pay millions of dollars for surveillance of "journalists" and "human right activists"? No one would, doesn't make sense for either an individual or a company. Simple, there is no money in it? Still, NSO isn't cheap and it has been used by Indian authorities? Why?Is there much ... and much more than the reports??....
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